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Naughty Nerd Lust: Sarah and Charles Part 1

Sarah meets Charles in class and he soon becomes her night time fantasy...
Those annoying college classes at 9 a.m. nearly killed Sarah. She was a night owl, but she didn't stay up till 2 a.m. just studying if you know what I mean. Late nights were one of her favorite things. Early classes weren't ideal, but college had its perks. She shared a four person deluxe suite dorm room with three other girls she couldn't care less about. They didn't bother her and she didn't bother them. Unlike traditional dorms, these came with their own personal bedrooms, and Sarah was quite the interior designer. She wasn't a broke college girl by any means, she had pretty much won the scholarship lottery and was overrun by refunds, so she got to decorate with whatever she wanted. The first and most important thing was a gold satin comforter with matching gold satin sheets. Over the luxury bed, hung a white flowing canopy and behind it, hung Moroccan themed gold and turquoise wallpaper. She made her bedroom the best in the hall, and she made sure others knew it too.

She enjoyed what free time she had, because being a female in engineering was rough, inside and outside the bedroom. Usually she would consider skipping this stupid computer class, considering the boring old professor just read the notes out loud. But today was different, today she had a reason for getting up early and putting on her best. Last Tuesday, her computer class had its first exam; Sarah had studied with her friend Jeanie and wasn't worried, she went into the exam with her head held high. Her newly found confidence wasn't only beneficial to the exam, it was also helping her in another way she hadn't even realized yet. 

Charles had seen Sarah on the first day of class. There weren't many beautiful women in this field, but every once in a while, one would slip through. She was about 5'5", shoulder length black silky hair, olive skin, curves, and the most unique eyes. He was astounded and almost stuttered the first time he tried to hold a conversation. He knew he didn't have a chance with her, she was a goddess compared to him. He was average height, slim, with blonde hair, pale skin, and brown eyes, and he didn't consider himself prince charming in any sense, considering he missed all three elements of tall, dark, and handsome. He was a computer nerd and couldn't say he was a body builder, however, he didn't know Sarah had a thing for his "type" yet...

Before their exam started, he saw his chance to finally talk to her again, considering she was sitting alone, as was the norm on test day. "Hey, did you look over the past exams?" he said.

"Sure I did. I actually have them right here."

Sarah couldn't believe it, the only cute guy in the whole lecture hall was finally speaking to her. She had seen him set his bag down across the room, and then migrate her way for no apparent reason. She knew if he really had a question about the exam he could have asked any of the other "computer geniuses" in the room. Therefore, there had to be a reason he was over here. 

For about ten minutes they just exchanged small talk until...

"Sarah, why don't we study together next time? I live over at the Reserve and..."

"The Reserve! My friends and I have been looking into off campus housing and the Reserve was the top one on our list! I'm so glad I found someone who actually lives there. How is living there, is it good?"

"Yeah, it's pretty great. I know they only show you the demo, would you like to see the real thing? I know it's only a one room and you are looking at a four person place, but I thought maybe it could help."

"Oh my gosh, Yes! I would love to look at it sometime." 

"Haha, sounds good. Who knows, you might even end up being the girl next door..."

Sarah was beyond belief at what had just happened. She was actually going to go to his apartment. Not in her wildest dreams had this scenario been thought through. Little did she know, he was just as excited as her. 

Later that night, after all the homework had been put away, she actually got to relax. But not the kind of relaxing that most girls would consider. 

The image of Charles kept popping into her mind, she couldn't shake it. Their eyes had locked earlier that day and she couldn't break his gaze once he had her. She kept imagining his face when all of a sudden she felt something building within her. It started in her core and slowly made its way down to her pussy. She knew this feeling, and she knew what she had to do. She had done it countless times before, but this was the first time that her body was in control and she wasn't playing with herself. She felt the wetness creep down onto her Victoria's Secret panties and she slowly stripped them off.

She squeezed her breasts for a few moments before she slowly slid her left hand down to her aching sex. It throbbed and begged for her to caress it. She slowly massaged her swollen clit with her middle finger until she could feel her juices started to seep. The wetness was starting to drip down her legs, so she scooped it into her hand and poured it onto her tender clit. Then she started to rub. First in small circles slowly. She would speed up later. As time progressed the rubbing became faster and faster, with her clit becoming stiff and irritated. But she didn't stop. Not until she got what she wanted. 

Her pussy begged for a dick, but she knew she would never be satisfied without it being Charles's dick. She wanted his 8 inch cock to pump in and out of her repeatedly until he came. She imagined stroking his shaft gently and using her own pussy juice as lube. When he hardened, she stroked faster and faster until he couldn't take it. But she wouldn't let him just cum anywhere. She wanted his hot, thick, wet cum inside her seeping pussy. She made him empty his load into her greedy wet hole. But she wouldn't leave him a mess. No, she would lick up her juices from his cock and any remaining cum she would suck dry. Then he would do the same for her. He would lick her pussy and flick his tongue at her clit until she came for him again, and then he would slowly and sensually lick her pussy clean.

The next morning, she woke up bright and early, even though her wild night should have left her exhausted. But Sarah was ready to meet the day, and to meet Charles at his place.

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