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Neighbor - part II

Tags: teasing
Boy got teased by neighbor and her two friends on the bus
After my massive orgasm and ejaculation in the jeans my sexy neighbor offered me a tissue. When I reached out to take it she noticed that my hand was shaking. Therefore she suggested that she can clean my hand on her own. Of course I didn’t have any remarks on this idea. She took my hand and gently wiped up all the semen.

“There you go horny” she smiled to me. “Now that you came and you can think straight for a few seconds, without your hormones influencing your mind, it is good opportunity for us to introduce our self. I am Ms. Nelly, your neighbor from thirteenth floor.”

“Hi Ms. Nelly, I am Rob. I am really sorry you caught me jerking off. Please be so kind and do not tell anybody about this.”

“Don’t worry Roby this is between us, believe me I understand the needs of young boys.” she giggled.

After short introduction we had a little chit-chat while walking towards bus station. When we arrived there, few people were already waiting for the bus. I felt really proud, coming to the station with leggy Miss Nelly. When looking around I noticed that pretty much all the men were staring at her and undressing her with their eyes.

Because Ms. Nelly wore high heeled sandals she walked really slowly and therefore I missed the bus I had planned to catch. We waited together for the next one, but unfortunately conversation died and Ms. Nelly started to read her news paper. When the bus finally arrived I was first one to go in. I went to the back section of the buss because I wanted to make sure Ms. Nelly will be somewhere in front of me and I would be able to get few more glances at her tight body. The bus was pretty empty and I sat down on a seat for two persons.

Ms. Nelly surprised me when she came all the way to the back section of the bus and asked me if she may sit down on the seat opposite of mine. Of course, I happily nodded and few seconds later she was sitting right in front of me, looking me straight in the eyes with gorgeous smile on her face.

Now her knees were only few centimeters apart from mine. When she seat down she spread her long legs very slowly. My heart stopped beating, I didn’t hear anything, and I could feel my body sweating. Ms. Nelly didn’t wear any panties. She cheerfully laughed at me as I stared in the direction of her pussy. Then she started to read the news paper again. After seeing her soft vagina my cock started to swell again in my already sperm soaked jeans. I repositioned myself and lipped lower in my seat, so I was able to see her pussy clearly. The best part was she couldn’t see me staring at her because she was holding big newspaper in front of her.

I checked around and noticed that there wasn’t anybody near our seats. I relaxed and swallowed the saliva in my mouth. My face was less than one meter from her exposed pussy and I had the feeling that I could smell it. She had nice meaty soft lips down there. I put the hand down on my dick and pressed it slowly. I was hard and horny. I couldn’t resist not starting jerking off slowly. I was near my orgasm when the voice on the speakers announced the next stop.

It was then that I realized that today it will be a very long drive to the school for me. When the bus stopped I immediately noticed two sporty looking hot women on the bus station. The first one was wearing short tennis skirt, knickers without the socks and a T-shirt which was so short it didn’t cover even her belly and was hovering above her tight, trained stomach. The other one wore white nylons and T-shirt which was so long that also served as a skirt to hide her panties.
Both girls came in the bus and stopped in the middle section. After few minutes, one of them started to look in my direction. She whispered something on her friends’ ear and they started to walk in my direction while giggling. The girl in the tennis stepped behind Ms. Nelly, looked at me and put a finger on her lips to signal me to be quiet. Then she put her palms on Ms. Nelly eyes. “Guess who it is, hihihi” Nelly obviously recognized the voice immediately and expression of pleasure covered her face.

Nelly stood up and all three girls exchanged hugs and kisses. I was so aroused by looking at this three gorgeous girls kissing that I could feel my pre-cum droplets on my hard dick and I felt every blood vain of it.

Ms. Nelly was obviously very happy to see her friends and she invited them to seat down. I didn’t know if I could take it anymore. The girl with the short T-shirt set down next to Ms. Nelly.  When she leaned forward to sit down her tits oscillate freely under the hovering shirt. It was obvious she didn’t wear a bra. After she set down every vibration of the buss caused her tits to bounce again and again. This was driving me creasy. I was teased to the limit, especially when she lifted both hands up to make a ponytail. This position exposed the lower part of her nice firm tits, so her nipples were covered only with the edge of her short T-shirt. I gazed at her boobs like they were the only ones in the world.  It was spectacular view right in front of me.

The other girl seat down on left half of my seat.  The bench was very narrow and I had to put my legs tight together, offering my hard dick even less space to breath. Because the lack of the space, girl leaned her left leg on mine. Her firm fleshy leg was nicely rubbing my jeans and I closed my eyes for few seconds imagine groping her nice legs. I was sitting there surrounded whit three beautiful women and three pairs of attractive long firm legs. A look on these perfect legs, high heels and big round tits made me dizzy. I knew I was about to blow my load without even touching my dick. When Ms. Nelly started to give girl on her left compliments on her nice legs and gently groping her left thigh, I couldn’t held back anymore and started ejaculating. Sperm started to sprit heavily inside my jeans for the second time that morning.  It was intense orgasm which last long, as I couldn’t accelerate it with the help of my hands.  I felt the hot sperm dropping on my stomach and pouring down. I sat there ejaculating while these three cuties were laughing and having fun. After finished I glimpsed at my crotch and saw an embarrassing puddle on my jeans.
From the conversation I understand that the girl in the tennis skirt was few years earlier than Nelly. Her name was Shannon and the girl in the nylons was Meghan. After little chit chat Nelly started to tease Shannon. With a naughty smile she asked her if she is still abusing younger boys. Shannon found this question uncomfortable and she started to look at me to see my reaction. When Nelly noticed this, she quickly said “Don’t worry about him he lives in our block and he only speaks Spanish. He is a student in international school”. 

That little lie was enough for Shannon to continue: “Young boys are such studs. You should try it Nelly. They have some much energy and they are able to cum again and again. They never have enough. This year cute hot boy is taking my tennis lessons. His parents are paying me a fortune but to be honest I would trained him pro bono. He have had a crash on me right from the begging. When I noticed he had hard on during our individual lesson I stopped wearing panties. Hahah, you should see his face when he noticed it. That day after the training I went in the guys shower and caught him jerking off like creasy. I asked him if he would like to try some of my other services. With dizzy look in his eyes he approached me and begged me to help him come. I taught him everything from the beginning. I taught him how to be gentle with a woman, how to lick pussy and get women aroused slowly and nicely.”

 Please stop said Ms. Nelly “I am getting wet just listening”.

“Good for you Nelly. Sarah and I are meeting this guy tomorrow 5 pm at my place. Why don’t you come? We can have some relaxed fucking.”

Saying this buss stopped and Shannon and Meghan ran out of the bus. When they waive at Nelly, she gave them her thumb up and yield “See you tomorrow”.

When bus took of Nelly looked at me and gave me a naughty smile: “Considering the puddle on your jeans I would say you enjoined this conversation very much. It looks like tomorrow will be interesting day. Would you like to come along as my escort? It would be good for you, you look like you need a good fuck really badly and after all wouldn’t you like to lick this pussy.”

Saying this she raised her skirt with one hand and taped her pussy with the other. I will pick you up in your apartment tomorrow at 4 pm. Bee ready!” Saying this she stood up and went to the doors and off the bus on the next bus station.

Only when she left the bus I realized I was in centre of the city, far from my school. I should have gone off the bus at least then stations before. When I got off the bus I crossed the street and took the bus back to my school. I missed firs lecture but it didn’t matter because I can’t sum up one lecture from that day. All I could think about was fucking Ms. Nelly and her gorgeous friends the next day.

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