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Net Gains (1)

She beands over for him
When we discovered Horny Amateurs - Post Your Own we never dreamt itmight suddenly disappear. But it did. There one day, gone the next. No explanation. Never returned.

Sad, because it really was one of the best, reserved for genuine amateurs to post their clips. No expertly lit twenty-something blondes with silicone tits and fake money shots. On HA the camera work was not always the best but that was compensated by knowing you were seeing real people fucking for real.

It was basically a free site but there was a VIP section (twenty dollars a year) which meant you could watch without ads or annoying links to other sites. New postings went in the VIP area for a month and then were free to anyone.

We particularly enjoyed someone calling himself Sparrow who posted his own collection under unambiguous titles: Good B-J, Jerk-off on tits, Doggy with cum shot, Spread - in deep. We wish now we had saved them all instead of just the one that isour favourite.

Arse and Knickers is a real turn-on and still does the trick for us. This is how it goes"

It starts with a blank screen and then the words The White Ones, suggesting a series in different coloured knickers, though none ever appeared. Still, white silk was good.

Next we see a woman of about fifty, attractive enough but not stunning. Is this his wife? A next-door neighbour? His boss's wife even? No way of knowing. Who is operating the camera? No way to know that, either. There is sound but very few words are spoken.

We are in her sitting room. A cream blouse is promisingly stretched but we never see her tits. Instead, she removes her skirt and places a cushion on the arm of the sofa for comfort, then bends herself across it, face down. The camera zooms in for us to see the white silk knickers stretched across an arse that has been looked after - not fat but nicely rounded.

The man moves into the picture, opening his trousers and extracting his cock with his right hand. It is only semi-erect and he is stroking it. He stands slightly to one side of the woman so that we can see him as he fondles the woman's arse through the knickers. He takes his time, enjoying the sensation. At one point the woman says, "Yes," but the reason is unclear.

Now his cock is hard. He moves into position and points the knob at where the fabric covers her crack, pushes gently. Then he moves closer, lets the full length of his prick lie against the material, allows her to be aware of its hardness before slowly beginning to let it ride up and down, savouring the gentle friction.

His trousers are now round his ankles so he steps out of them and removes his y-fronts. His cock sticks out proudly. He continues stroking with his right hand and feeling the woman;s arse with his left. Faintly, the woman is heard to say "Yes."

In time he needs to progress. The left hand carefully moves to one side the gusset and his fingers probe. The camera changes angle slightly and zooms in. We seen his fingers have dipped their tips into her cunt. This is confirmed when he removes them and sucks them into his mouth.

After several repetitions and a wriggling motion by the woman that may be a hint to continue or may be a sign of her arousal, it is time to fuck. Now his right hand holds the guesset to one side while the left steers his member into her. It is done very carefully and slowly. Once penetration is complete, he rests, again letting the woman enjoy the sensation of being filled.

When he starts to fuck her properly it remains gentle and controlled. There is no aggression. Once or twice she seems to approve with a soft-breathed "Yes." Even when he gradually increases the tempo there is no sense of domination. These are two people who have fucked before and know what they are doing.

Of course, the impending climax cannot be delayed for ever. But this is for the camera so after we have enjoyed the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as his need has begun to undermine his control, he withdraws.

Immediately, the woman reaches behind her with both hands to ensure the white silk is taut across her buttocks. He is working his cock hard to give her what she wants. It takes a number of strokes, the purple head engorged as the spunk rises from his balls. At last, he starts to shoot.

He must have abstained for several days because he offers her a huge load. One big spurt, a second, a third - it is only with the fifth ejaculation that a stream becomes a dribble.

The camera zooms in. Wet stains pattern the white silk. Arse and knickers. The end.

Sally said, "Do you want to do it now? Or shall we watch it again first?"

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