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New Experiences at the Gym

After hearing her friend's dirty story Kirsty lets her mind wander while working out.
Kirsty was 25 and pretty, there was no doubt about it. Her best friend Stacy described her hair as dirty blonde and it came down over her shoulders. At 5’5” her body was slim and toned from working out and her breasts were firm. As she was moving up through school she had been flat chested and it had really bothered her but when she hit 15 her breasts started to grow and by the time she was 18 she was a firm, pert C cup.

She was single and had been for a while. Her last boyfriend, David, had been perfect in her eyes but he had cheated on her and she’d been devastated. She had always thought that she made a good girlfriend. She was kind and attentive, she liked to have fun and she didn’t mind if he went out with his friends from time to time and even when she got her period all she wanted was for him to hold her and maybe not mind if she didn’t feel like doing too much for a few days. But it seemed like it wasn’t enough and the whole experience had made her mad.

It didn’t help when Stacy had told her that she was cheating on her boyfriend, Brendan with a guy she used to work with. Stacy used to talk about Rich when they worked together and she had told her that they’d had dirty phone calls and that on more than one occasion she had masturbated while on the phone to him. Kirsty had thought it was all a little harmless fun and then when Stacy had met Brendan she figured the whole thing with Rich would be over. But then she had confided in her that while on a night out with some co-workers she had gone round to Rich’s and had sex with him. Being best friends Stacy had told her in fairly intimate detail what had happened. As much as Kirsty thought it had sounded great she was mad at her friend for cheating. Kirsty would have loved to have had a boyfriend and Stacy had one and was fucking someone else at the same time but as the friend code dictated, she held her tongue.

Kirsty had always liked to work out. While she was at school and college she had played volleyball and after college she had joined a gym to keep her figure. It hadn’t seemed to help though because David still cheated on her.

A new gym had opened up not far from Kirsty’s house and it had a pool. She had always liked to swim so it seemed like the perfect place and a good opportunity to add something new to her workouts so she had joined. That had been two weeks ago.

It was Friday afternoon and Kirsty had just arrived at the gym. She had received a phone call from Stacy while she was on her lunch break who was eager to tell her about her latest meeting with Rich. Apparently they had driven out to the country where he had asked her to get out of the car and strip for him. She had done it and they’d ended up having sex on his car and on the ground next to it. Kirsty had listened to the story and had to admit that it had turned her on a little. The thought of someone taking her in the open air, making love to her (she was a romantic so she always thought of it as making love even when it was hard and fast and dirty…she sometimes liked to be dirty), bringing her to orgasm as she held onto his body. She found herself moving in her chair and getting a little hot at the images in her mind. The thing that had shocked her about the story was that while Stacy and Rich were having sex two women had driven up and spotted them. Kirsty was sure something else had happened but she wasn’t sure what and when she pressed Stacy she had told her that she would give her all the details tonight over a couple of drinks at their favorite bar. They had set a time to meet which gave Kirsty a few hours after work to work out and get ready.

As soon as the clock hit 5 Kirsty grabbed her stuff and headed out of the office. She arrived at the gym and quickly changed into her sports thong, sports bra, tight leggings and a tank top which hugged her breasts and just reached the top of her leggings. She always felt a little on display in the top so she wore a long sleeve sweat top over it.

It had never been her intention the become buff or ripped like some of the women who attended her gym, she just wanted to be slim and toned but most of all she like the feeling of working out.

Kirsty followed her usual routine; with her iPod on she went to the weights section and did some chest, arm, back and shoulder exercises. After that she moved to her legs. While she had been working out her mind had wandered to her conversation with Stacy. The way she had described the things her and Rich had done had turned her on and now that she was getting hot and sweaty in her tight gym clothes the images were becoming more vivid, she just wished her best friend wasn’t in them.

Kirsty looked over at the hamstring machine. There was a guy using it so she would have to wait. She had seen him there before and they had exchanged the occasional nod as they passed but he really wasn’t her type.

This piece of equipment was used to work the back of the legs and to use it you laid on your front over a V shaped bench. You grabbed the handles at the front, slid the backs of your ankles under the round pads and lifted your feet, working the muscles at the backs of your legs. On more than one occasion Kirsty had thought that being on this machine would put her in the perfect position for someone to take her from behind but she always tried to push the thought from her mind as she felt the gym wasn’t an appropriate place to think about those things. She saved those images for evenings (and the occasional morning) at home with her vibrator.

As she stood waiting for the guy to finish his workout she noticed a woman walk through the doors. She was about the same age as Kirsty but seemed to have made a little too much of an effort in her appearance to be in the gym. She wore skin tight, knee length running shorts and a cropped tank top over her large breasts which exposed her flat stomach but it was the fact that she was wearing a little too much make up and her long brown hair was a little too perfect which made Kirsty judge her a little. She watched as the woman walked across the floor, obviously enjoying the fact that most of the men were checking her out. Kirsty looked away, concentrating on her music but the thoughts of sex outdoors brought about by her friend’s adventures popped back into her head. She shifted her stance, aware that although standing around was causing her to cool down, the temperature was rising between her legs.

Movement in front of her brought her back and she realized the guy on the machine she wanted was finishing. She walked over and they exchanged their usual nods. She adjusted the weight and climbed onto the bench, placing the backs of her ankles under the pads. As she lay forward and her body pressed onto the padded bench she shuddered as a shock of pleasure swirled around her navel and hips. She hadn’t realized just how turned on she was but the feeling around her vagina as her clitoris pressed against the pad made her freeze and, combined with the sensation of her nipples being pressed beneath her, almost caused her to let out a moan. Kirsty lay still for a moment, collecting her thoughts, feeling a little weird that she was having these thoughts and sensations in a crowded gym. She tried to clear her mind of the thoughts that had been racing through it and prepared to re-start her workout. She began to bring her feet up to take the strain of the weights resting on her ankles but the increased weight only pressed her clit harder onto the firm pad causing another jolt of pleasure around her vagina which she could feel was becoming wet . She gripped the handles of the machine and after a moment of indecision she began to lift with her legs, her clit sliding against the pad with each raise and lower. Kirsty looked around to see if anyone was watching her but it seemed as though everyone was concentrating on their own workouts so she continued the repetitions, allowing her clit to be massaged forcefully by the bench beneath her. Kirsty felt her nipples stiffen under her top and she closed her eyes, picturing herself bent over the front of a car, a firm, anonymous body behind her, a hardness sliding into her, each thrust pushing her clit against the warm metal of the car hood. In her mind she was naked, the summer air was warm on her body, and she could hear her lover moan with each thrust of his hard penis into her soft folds. She could imagine him filling her, his large shaft probing the depths of her until he was as deep as her small body allowed. She felt nervous, worried that she might be caught or that the crotch of her tight leggings might show a dark damp patch when she got up but she couldn’t stop, the sensation around her clitoris was building and she knew she was close. She quickly opened her eyes to make sure no-one was watching her but everyone seemed to be concentrating on their own workouts or talking. She closed her eyes again, the image of being taken forcefully but gently from behind engulfing her. She could feel the weight on her legs and knew she wouldn’t be able to continue lifting much longer. She quickly moved the pin in the stack of weights next to her head, lowering the weight so that her legs could continue to move but so that the pressure still kept her clit pushed against the bench. Everyone was still concentrating on their workouts so she closed her eyes again, images of being taken by the strong stranger rushed back into her mind as her nipples began to ache and the heat between her legs increased. Her hips started to tremble as the sensation on her clit began to radiate outwards as her orgasm swept through her. Her legs stopped at the top of her repetition her calves at right angles to her thighs, keeping the pressure on her clit. Her mouth was open, her breaths were shallow and the sounds she made were similar to those she made when she was actually working out. As she lowered her legs she felt another wave of orgasm wash over her and she managed a couple more reps, keeping it going, riding it out.

Kirsty’s body relaxed and her head fell forward onto the bench, her breathing slowing.

She opened her eyes and looked around still no-one was watching her so she began to slowly sit up.

“Well, that wasn’t included in the induction,” she whispered to herself as she checked to see if her juices had soaked through her underwear and leggings. She was relieved to see that the darkness of the material hid the small stain well enough for her to be able to walk.

She could feel the wetness between her legs and her nipples were still hard beneath her top. She sat on the edge of the bench for a few moments, giving her legs a chance to stop shaking. She had planned on moving to the elliptical or treadmill but she decided that her legs couldn’t take it.

Despite the intense orgasm she had just had Kirsty was still aroused, memories of her friend’s stories crowding her mind as she walked back to the locker room; the image of Stacy lowering herself onto Rich’s hard penis came to her and she began to imagine what it was like, remembering that feeling of a man’s hardness entering her and filling her. She walked to her locker still in a daze, excited by the fact that she had brought herself off on a piece of gym equipment and that she could have easily been caught. She opened her locker and reached for her toiletry bag and towel. As she lifted the rolled up towel something dropped out. It was her two piece swimsuit. She never wore it in the pool because she thought it too revealing but she had brought it to wear in the tanning salon which was attached to the gym and had forgotten all about it. She liked to tan naked and she could slip in and out of the bikini quickly once she was in the sun bed. She looked at the two small items in her hand, still feeling the ache in her nipples and the heat around her vagina and she decided that perhaps today was going to be about being daring.

“Maybe a swim will cool me off,” she thought to herself knowing all the while that she wouldn’t be doing it to cool off; it would be more about continuing what had started in the gym.

She looked around, the locker room was empty so she quickly stepped out of her gym clothes, stripping naked in front of her locker. She looked to her side and saw the full length mirror on the wall. Stepping in front of it she raised her hand to her breast and stroked her nipple, a soft sigh coming from her mouth at the touch of her fingers. She looked herself over in the mirror. She wasn’t a conceited person but she had to admit she was in good shape. Her breasts were a nice size and shape, her nipples were a slightly darker shade of pink, her stomach was flat and her vagina was smooth and freshly shaved. She had never been sure about shaving it completely until one day Stacy had told her that that’s how hers was and how good it looked and felt. So she decided to give it a try, figuring she could always let it grow back and return to having her narrow “landing strip” as she’d heard it referred to.

Kirsty took a few more moments to look at herself, turning and looking over her shoulder at her small, round butt and slim legs. Not wishing to get caught standing around naked in the locker room she began to put on her bathing suit.

The main door opened just as she was tying the top, covering her breasts. The brunette who had come into the gym earlier walked through. She was a little sweatier now but still her make-up and hair were near perfect. Kirsty nodded at her and smiled noticing that as she walked by the brunette looked her up and down, not in a threatening way but more as if she were admiring her body. Kirsty felt a little awkward and quickly looked away, turning back to her locker. Suddenly she was unsure if going for a swim was a good idea. The thought of walking around in the skimpy bikini was hot but the way the other woman had been looking at her made her feel a little uncomfortable. She was torn, she couldn’t suddenly change her mind and take it off again without looking weird and with the other girl at the row of lockers behind her she didn’t have much choice but to head towards the pool.

She grabbed her towel and draped it as casually as possible over one shoulder before following the signs to the pool. Once she was alone in the corridor she began to feel horny again and she looked forward to the cool water on her hot skin.

Kirsty reached the side of the pool. There were only two other people in there; two women who were treading water in the opposite corner and talking. Hanging her towel on a hook on the wall Kirsty walked to the steps and climbed in. Instantly the cool water gave her goose bumps all over her body and she felt her nipples stiffen again, pressing through the material of her bikini. She quickly dipped her shoulders beneath the water, hiding the small but obvious shapes under her top. Getting used to the water Kirsty began to swim slow, leisurely laps, her thoughts drifting back to the orgasm she’d had in the gym and the scenarios which had helped her. As she swam she imagined having a man at her beck and call, someone who would come to her apartment when she wanted him, who would shower her with kisses, who’s hands would explore her body and who would take her to that point where she lost control, where her nipples were a source of pleasure and where her wetness would allow him to part her lips and slide into her while her legs wrapped around his body.

As she reached the shallow end of the pool again she looked up and saw the hot tub. It was empty, jets below the surface causing the water to bubble. Looking around she could see the two women at the deep end were climbing out and heading towards the locker room. Just as she thought she would be alone the woman from the gym entered the pool, also wearing a two piece swimsuit and Kirsty had to admit, her large breasts did fill it very well. She watched her from the corner of her eye, hoping that she wouldn’t go towards the hot tub but instead she walked to the steps halfway down the pool and climbed slowly into the water.

Kirsty quickly climbed the steps and walked towards the hot tub, stepping over the edge and down two steps before sitting on the submerged seat that went all the way around. Looking over her shoulder she saw the brunette was still in the pool and had started to swim, also doing slow laps.

The jets in the hot tub were situated on the side and on the seat. Before she could lose her nerve Kirsty moved to where she could see if anyone was watching her from the entrance and in the pool. She could see one of the jets that was pushing water up from the seat and positioned herself over it, making small adjustments until it was concentrated onto her clitoris. She leaned back, keeping her eyes open just a little to make sure no-one snuck up on her, and waited for the sensation to begin. However, she found that the material of her bathing suit was just a little too thick for the jet to put enough pressure on her clit. Opening her eyes, she dipped her hands below the surface of the water, pulling her bikini bottoms to one side, exposing her vagina and allowing the jet to fire onto her clit. She gasped at the intensity, having not realized just how sensitive her clitoris still was from the earlier orgasm. She moved a little to adjust the pressure and leaned back again. Once again her mind wandered. This time she was on her bed, naked, her lover positioned between her legs, his tongue circling and stroking her clit. Her hips moved involuntarily below the water as she imagined looking down at the figure between her thighs whose mouth encased her vagina and whose tongue was sliding down over her clit and into her soft opening before being drawn back up. Her breasts were just visible about the water and she knew her nipples were pressing through the material of her top but she couldn’t move and risk losing the sensation on her clit. She pulled at her swimsuit bottoms, pulling the material further to the side. She desperately wanted to play with her nipples but she daren’t in-case someone came in from the locker rooms and saw her. But denying herself that pleasure seemed to be adding to the intensity of the situation and she settled for imagining that her lover’s hands were stroking her breasts, cupping them and gently squeezing her nipples. As the jet of water pounded her swollen clitoris Kirsty felt her orgasm begin. She wanted to move her legs in time with the image of her lover’s tongue but she knew it would move her away from the jet of water which was about to tip her over the edge. She tried to relax but the sensation had reached the point where all she could do was focus on the feeling on her clit and imagine it was the hot tongue of the guy she wished was between her legs. For the second time that evening her legs began to shake and her stomach tensed as she tried to remain calm from the shoulders up to avoid drawing attention to herself. As she came she let out several soft moans before relaxing and sinking lower into the water so that the jet was no longer focused on her clit.

Kirsty caught her breath and looked around. The pool was still empty save for the brunette who was swimming away from her towards the deep end. Kirsty reached below the water to adjust her bikini bottoms but realized that the ties on the sides had come undone when she had pulled them. She was about to reach down with both hands to tie them when there was a splash from the pool and she saw the brunette climbing out of the shallow end and walking towards the hot tub. Not wishing to look like she was touching herself under the water Kirsty casually removed her hands and placed them on the back of the tub either side of her body.

The brunette walked over and climbed into the water. She smiled and nodded at Kirsty before slipping below the water and sitting on the seat opposite her. Kirsty smiled back and tried to relax. She would have liked to get out but she knew that if she stood up she risked treating the brunette to a good view of her shaved vagina as her untied bikini bottoms fell down and if she tried to tie them under the water it would obvious what she had been doing. So instead she chose to sit there, hoping the brunette would leave first.

The brunette smiled at her, “How was your workout?” She asked.

Kirsty looked at her.

“It was pretty good,” she replied smiling politely.

“Hmm, I’m glad,” the brunette said, closing her eyes and leaning her head back. “Your leg exercises looked as if they were the best part,” she purred.

Kirsty’s heart skipped a beat.

“Had she been watching her?” She thought. “How much had she seen? Did she see her cum?”

Kirsty chose not to say anything.

“But I’m guessing being in the hot tub was just as…rewarding,” the brunette said, her eyes still closed, her head still leaning back.

Kirsty looked around nervously.

“I…I’m not sure what you mean,” she said, her heart beginning to pound in her chest, feeling like a teenager who had been caught doing something she shouldn’t.

The brunette spoke again.

“Well, just that after an intense…workout it’s nice to sit here and let your muscles relax.”

Kirsty relaxed a little.

“Maybe she hadn’t seen anything. Maybe I’m just being paranoid,” she thought to herself.

She closed her eyes. After a few moments she heard to water move. When she opened her eyes she saw that the brunette now had her hands below the water, her head still leaning back, her eyes still closed. For a second Kirsty thought it was her imagination but as she watched she realized that the brunette’s right shoulder was moving in a slow, steady rhythm and her breathing was becoming faster. Kirsty wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t want to move in-case the brunette looked up and saw her looking and she couldn’t leave because her bikini bottoms were un-tied and she didn’t want to try to tie them in-case she thought she was joining in with her masturbation session.

“Does she know I can see what she’s doing?” Kirsty thought.

She didn’t know what to do but as she sat there brunette’s arm began to speed up, her nipples pushing through her bikini top as her mouth opened and she let out a low, quiet moan as her body went rigid, her legs stretched out and her foot knocked gently into Kirsty’s leg. Kirsty froze suddenly aware that she had just touched another woman who was in the middle of having an orgasm.

Kirsty watched as the brunette’s body relaxed and her head came forward. The brunette sat there for a few seconds, her eyes closed. Her hands came out from under the water and she ran her fingers through her long wet hair. She opened her eyes and smiled politely at Kirsty as she stood up to leave the hot tub. As she reached the steps and placed her hands on the rails she looked back at Kirsty.

“I was right,” she said, “Being in here does relax you”.

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