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New In Town pt 1

Chloe finds herself in a new country, and with a possible new lover
Chloe sat at the bar around the corner from her new apartment. She had only been in Dublin a day and felt like she had just made a huge mistake. No, she thought, this is good, I need a new life.

The bar tender walked over and asked what he could get for her.

"Surprise me!" she said with a smile.

The bar tender smiled back and handed her a pint of Guinness.

"New in town?" he asked.

"How did you know?" replied Chloe.

"Your accent." The bar tender chuckled.

"Oh." Chloe blushed. "Guess I'm the odd one out now, huh? But yeah, I just arrived yesterday...I live down the street."

"Welcome to Dublin, dear. The pint is on in anytime," said the bar tender.

Chloe smiled at him and thanked him for the drink. She took a sip, having never tried a dark beer before. She hated the light stuff, but this was a little different...maybe it was the change of atmosphere.

She looked around the pub, not very busy, but that had to be because it was only two in the afternoon. She was still on U.S. time and starting to feel the effects of jet lag. She did notice one guy around her age sitting by himself. He noticed her looking and gave her a smirk and waved.

Feeling embarrassed, Chloe smiled back and looked down. Oh God, she thought, I'm not ready to meet a guy yet, I'm not over Chris yet, but she pushed that name out of her head as fast as it had entered. Chloe looked up and noticed that the guy was staring. Not wanting to send any mixed signals, Chloe decided it was time to leave.

The day seemed to be a little chillier than she remembered. She really wanted a cup of tea and a sandwich but she was so lost, she couldn't even remember how to get back to the apartment. Suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulder. Startled, she turned around to see the man from the pub with her purse.

"You forgot this, miss," stated the guy.

"Oh my gosh, thank you! I'd be in so much trouble if I would have lost this!"

The guy studied her face for a moment. It gave Chloe a weird feeling in her stomach. She looked back at the guy and realized how extremely handsome he was.

“Anything for a lady in distress," the man replied. "I'm Galleon by the way."

"It's nice to meet you, Galleon. I'm Chloe. Do you mind showing me to a good restaurant? I haven't had much to eat since the plane and would like to get a taste of some good Irish food."

Galleon couldn't take his eyes off Chloe, It kind of unnerved her. She thought of herself as a plain jane but in actuality she was quite stunning. Chloe was fair skinned, 5'9'', with long legs and a voluptuous body, she had just the right amount of fat on her to keep her soft and full, she wore a 36 D and had delicious pink nipples anyone could suck on for hours.

Her almond shaped eyes were a soft hunter green with long eyelashes, making them very cat like. Her full lips created the perfect pout and her smile could turn your day around in a second. Her honey brown hair was usually up in a ponytail or swept to the side and her wardrobe usually consisted of a t-shirt with shorts or jeans, or a nursing uniform. She almost always wore flip flops to show off the tattoos on her feet.

"What a coincidence, I'm actually on my way to lunch now if you would like to join me," said Galleon.

Chloe was a little nervous, but he seemed like a nice guy, so she accepted the invitation. They ate in a little cafe, and Galleon took Chloe on a little tour of the area and walked her back to her apartment.

“Thanks for the tour; it helped me out a lot,” said Chloe.

“Anytime!” said Galleon. “Here’s my number if you ever need anything.”

Chloe thanked him and went inside. She watched Galleon walk away through the window and thought to herself, damn that boy is hot. And he was.

Galleon was about 6’1’’ and had a muscular build. Her had jet black hair with a bit of shag to it. His eyes were a gorgeous sea green that were framed by his black eyebrows. He almost had an air of Mr. Big from Sex and the City to him. He had a salt and pepper goatee that Chloe thought was very cute. And of course his Irish accent was very enticing.

It was only four p.m. and Chloe needed a nap. The unpacking could wait until later, maybe she would call Galleon to help with the heavy stuff. She stripped out of her clothes and headed to her bed for a short nap.

Chloe climbed under the sheets, loving the feeling of the soft jersey cotton on her bare ass and nipples. She could feel a bit of wetness below and it made her think of Galleon.

She gently grabbed her boobs and rubbed her ass against the sheet below. Chloe grazed the top of her nipples, giving them a small pinch. The sudden arousal made Chloe moan and slowly move one of her hands down her stomach to her V. Chloe closed her eyes and envisioned Galleon kissing his way down her body, stopping at her nipples and teasing them with his mouth.

She wanted him to suck and bite her nipples until she reached orgasm. She had never had an orgasm from just nipple play. Chloe spread her pussy lips apart and tweaked her hardening clit. A sudden rush of juice ran down her ass to the bed. She needed this release so bad. It had been almost a year since any kind of sexual play had taken place, even masturbation.

Still playing with her left breast, Chloe stuck her middle finger into her pussy, rubbing against her “G” spot, causing her to cum almost instantly. I want more, she thought. She imagined Galleon’s face between her legs, sticking his tongue into her pussy and sucking on her clit. She wanted him to play with her ass as she grinded against his face.

“Oh Galleon!” she yelled out as she rubbed her hard clit bringing herself to climax again.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door, startling her from her orgasmic trance.
“Who the hell is that?”

Chloe grabbed her robe and went to the open the door. Galleon stood on the step with a mischievous look on his face. A look of “I know what you were doing.” Chloe turned bright red, thinking back to how she was just thinking of this man eating her pussy. She could feel the cum dripping down her leg as she stood there. Looking slightly uncomfortable Galleon explained how Chloe didn’t give him her number.

“Oh let me grab a pen." Chloe went searching through her purse.

“I didn’t interrupt anything, did I”? Galleon said slyly.

Does he know what I was doing? thought Chloe. “No, I was just about to take a nap before I finished unpacking. I could use some help, if you’d like to volunteer.”

Galleon moved beside Chloe to help her search for a pen. He smelled a hint of female arousal on her and could feel his dick harden in his pants.

“Umm,” Galleon said nervously hoping she wouldn’t turn around and see his hard on. “I can’t tonight I have to work, but I can come by tomorrow if you’d like.”

“Sounds like a date!” Chloe smiled. “I’ll make breakfast for you then.”

Chloe wrote her number down and Galleon stepped onto the porch. He could see the swell of her breasts under her robe and he wanted nothing more than to run his tongue across the top of them.

No, he thought, don’t think about sex with her now, you just met her, She’ll be nothing more than a friend.

Galleon grabbed Chloe’s hand and kissed it goodbye. “Until tomorrow then?”

“Until tomorrow,” said Chloe, and she shut the door.

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