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New Neighbor Part 1

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My sexy new neighbor stirs up some trouble
I’m nothing overly beautiful. Medium-length brown hair that falls in natural waves. Light brown eyes that keep all my secrets hidden from the outside world. My full lips are a sweet shade of light pink since I never wear lipstick. A few freckles sprinkle my cheekbones. My skin is the color of barely-tinted porcelain, juxtaposing purposefully with the black tank tops I love to wear. My long legs make up for my 36B breasts. Regardless of how I wished for bigger boobs or prettier eyes, I never cease to have a stream of guys vying for my affections at any one time. So, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when one of my new neighbors took quite a liking to me. . .

I’m sweating slightly in the afternoon sun as I make my seventh trip out to my car. Just one stupid box left. Of course, it’s the biggest box and has managed to wedge itself in the very back of the trunk. I’m bent almost entirely in half, trying to yank it free when a voice finds my ears.

“Having some trouble?”

I give the box one final yank, then resign to straightening up. The good Samaritan standing in front of me was nothing at all like what I expected. He stood about 6’2”, blocking the sun with his shoulders. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a gray t-shirt that showed off his toned arms. My eyes finally find their way up to his face. A crooked smile. Messy light brown hair. Gorgeous blue eyes.

I give a little laugh. “Yeah, I guess. Just one stupid box, of course.”

His smile is breath-taking. “There’s always one.”

He starts to walk towards me. I move out of his way and he reaches in and grabs the box. He pulls it away with ease. When he straightens up, there’s another grin on his lips. I fake a scowl.

“I loosened it.”
We share a short laugh and I’m surprised at myself. I was flirting with this random stranger!

“After you?” he asks, holding the box as it if weighed nothing. I close the trunk and hurriedly guide him to my new apartment. He walks in after me, setting the box on the kitchen counter.

“Thanks for your help,” I say.

“Not problem,” he replies easily. “I’m Kaleb, by the way.”


We shake hands. His grip is warm and not too tight. I’m somewhat thrown by his adorable presence in my kitchen.

“Can I, uh, get you anything to drink?” I ask. “I think I might’ve brought something over.”

I open the fridge and much to my dismay, find it to be completely empty. Damn, I’d left the boxes of groceries at my other place.

Kaleb grins. “I’m good, but thanks.”

I close the refrigerator door, embarrassed.

“Sorry,” I mumble, “I thought. . .”
He gives a little laugh. “No worries. Now I just have reason to ask you over to my place for dinner.”

My heart begins to flutter in a frenzy now as I look up into his eyes.

“Six o’clock?” he asks. I’m completely enticed with his confidence, his suave. I feel a blush rise to my cheeks.


“Want me to pick you up? It’s all the way across the building, apartment 327.”

I bite my lip. “I think I can manage.”

He raises his eyebrows, and flashes me another grin. “See you tonight, then.”

As soon as Kaleb’s gone, I’m already thinking of all the things I have to do. I jump into the shower, and try to calm my racing heart. It’s been almost seventh months since my last boyfriend and even longer than that since the last time I had sex. I wash my hair hurriedly, my mind racing the entire time. I take my time shaving, making sure everything is completely smooth. Eventually, I’m just standing there, letting the warm water pour down around me.

My mind begins to go off on a tangent as I recall Kaleb standing in my kitchen only a few minutes ago. If he were here now, right outside the door maybe, waiting to come in. I close my eyes, imagining him pulling back the shower curtain, catching me by surprise. My fingers run across my breasts, down my stomach, slipping lower and lower. My breathing hitches slightly as my fingers find my clit. I envision Kaleb stripping off his clothes to join me in the shower. My mind fills in the blanks of the body I’ve never seen. . . toned arms, a hardened six-pack, the notorious V trailing from his stomach, the happy trail of light brown hair. . .

I can feel myself grow wet at the thought, making it even easier to slip one of my fingers inside. I gasp. God, it’s been way too long. My mind wanders back to Kaleb as my fingers slowly pump in and out. His lips crush down on mine, his hands run across my breasts, gently pinching my nipples. I imagine the way he grabs my hips, pulling me towards him. My fingers rub relentlessly against my clit and I can almost feel Kaleb’s member pressed against my stomach. The way the pre-cum would be welling at the tip, the way he’d smile before he pushed me up against the shower wall and slide inside of me. My breathing is labored now as I lean against the shower wall, one hand working on my clit, the other sliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

I feel the waves of an orgasm coming over me. I imagine Kaleb thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out. The way he would fill me up, press against my G-spot, bite my neck just before I came. . .

“Oh, God,” I whisper. “Kaleb, oh, oh…”

My pussy tightens around my fingers as I cum. The warm juices spill onto my hand as I writhe in pleasure. My legs start to shake and I nearly collapse. I slide down the shower wall until I’m sitting on the floor, trying to catch my breath as pleasure persists. My heart continues to race as the orgasm finally begins to slowly fade. . .

As I turn off the shower and wrap myself in a towel, I survey myself in the mirror wondering how to fix my hair of what outfit I should wear. But if I’m being honest with myself, all I can think about is how I can’t wait until six o’clock.

To be continued.

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