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New Sensations

Feeling you there is all I need, whether it's real or just a dream...

Dear readers,

This is my first poem. Please don't be too harsh in judging :) Thanks!


I'm sitting on my bed, completely undressed I'm waiting for you to come near

My fingers reach down

And I pretend it's you

And I hear a soft whisper in my ear

I stick one in

And suddenly I'm taken

The pleasure is hard to bear

I pretend it's you

Licking, Sucking, Fucking

And then, I'm suddenly there

Thriving, twisting, moaning, screaming

If only it were really you

That could stick your fingers in between my walls

And finally make me feel true


It feels so good

Your fingers running along flesh

I pretend your mouth is on me now

Tasting my juices, my sex

No one could make me feel the same way

And it's not even you that's there

I lick my lips

Look at my fingertips

And I see that you seem scared

I whisper "it's OK, we should go all the way"

And I slip my fingers around my tongue

I pretend it's your member, sliding inside

Oh, I've wanted this for so long!

I can hear your moans clearly in my head

Even though I know they're not real

As you're about to reach your end

I pull you down to a kneel

You whisper sweet nothings in my ear

And I stick my fingers inside me

I pretend it's you dick

Long and thick

And I just can't stop thriving

I moan, groan, and kiss you

Even though I'm kissing the air

For even as much as I moan and I blush

You'll never really be there

But I can't give up this fantasy

I'm too far to turn back, and yet

And I've never felt so connected you see

To someone who I could never get

You see, I've loved you for a long time

I've always wanted you inside me

And now as I sit here, touching myself

I pretend your in me, driving

The wonder of your face

The love, the grace

The pleasure I can feel now

Can't even compare

To what I would fare

If you were to be here somehow

But although I know

You barely love me

I have hope that one day this can be true

And I think to myself

How good this has felt

And how much I could pleasure you

Always stuck in my own fantasies

Maybe I should just try

But I don't have much time for thinking

I'm about to run myself dry

My fingers pound harder

No, I mean you

You go harder and faster and yet

I can truly feel you filling me up

Even though we've never truly met

You don't know me, but I sure know you

I go through this pleasure every night

I'm hoping you're out there, doing the same

I hope that this is alright

Would this strike you as odd

The things I do

When in my bedroom alone,

Or would you join me

So possibly

We could start a family of our own?

Now I'm shaking the bed

The board banging against my head

As I fill myself up

No, it's you

Just wondering, hoping, praying

That one day it will really be you

I can clearly see

Though my eyes are closed

You staring into my face

You planting kisses on my nose

And pounding in my "special place"

It feels so good

Even though it's really me

I know you could do much better

And I can imagine more than you'd think

And that gets me even wetter

I wish you were here,

But this will have to do

And I've almost reached the end

As my juices flow out

And I moan and shout

You disappear, and I'm alone again

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