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News Lady Ann, Story 3

Had to do what needed to be done!
Another crisis in the Mid East, Iraq has disintegrated. Little is exchanged between its three communities – except gunfire.

On the home front, protests turn to violence. Another killing.

The twitter feed is non-stop, more news alerts on the phone, what happened to the previous one? I thought the previous one was the most recent one. Damn I can't keep up!

Office phone blinks, What??? The interview I had scheduled for this afternoon has cancelled? How the fuck do I fill the now idle gap of twenty minutes? I press the 'speaker off' button, and hang up.

Suddenly my boss enters throws the latest ratings sheet on my desk and yells, ‘It’s abysmal.’

God, this is a maddening job, and the pressures of getting a report prepared, the rewrites, the deadlines, and relying on others to do their part is at times very frustrating.

And the clock keeps going tick... tick... tick...

On this very day when nothing seemed to be going right and everything is rushed, I thought of the ladies room, my sometimes hideaway to relieve stress. I went there, locked the door, my back against it, breath escapes, I had to do what needed to be done and in a hurry.

I went to the wash basin, looking at the mirror, I hoisted up a leg and placed it on the edge of this sink. My hand and fingers were running over the nylons to my panties. Ever so slowly, the leg looks sexy, feels smooth.

Looking into the mirror… I'm smiling now... eyes slowly close... I need this...

But in the back of my mind, that goddamn clock.... tick... tick... tick...

Breathing a bit harder…

Watching… I pushed the cotton black panties aside, and seeing my slightly hairy pussy. I grinned, should’ve shaved a bit this past weekend. I rub it, using the touch of three familiar fingers. So fucking nice.

Looking at the mirror, lick tasting my lipstick. Eyes look down, pushing back the hood I could see my hardening clit. Craving attention.

A thumb toyed with it as my middle finger made its entrance.

I was wet, very wet.

I knew this was going to be a quick cum, which is exactly what I needed. A good, strong, quick release.

I looked in that mirror, thinking such a proper... but horny news lady, in her business attire, with cute little station logo on the lapel, masturbating so often, if the viewers only knew this side of me. How good it makes me feel. I need this to happen, and especially now.

I'm watching that wet finger jetting in and out of me. It glistens with wetness. I slow down then speed up, slow then fast. The fingers curl, feeling my upper walls. My other hand clenches the mirror, I brace… middle finger teasing me, biting softly on my lower lip. Suddenly, I explode, very hard.

I love to see my facial expressions when I cum. So intense! My head jolts, the hair shakes, the finger slowly eases out of my pussy and immediately to my nose to smell my scent, then to my mouth for a taste.

After a minute, I tided up, let go a few deep breaths, and left the bathroom to get ready to be on the air.
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