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News Lady Ann

....what a friggen head rush!...
I finished my report and signed off. I then handed the microphone to the crew as they loaded the news van with cameras, and cables. They drove off but I decided to stay in this wonderful field and enjoy nature for a while.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon; the sun was out, just a very light pleasant breeze. I enjoyed the sounds of a few birds chirping in the distance. When I got to my car, I turned so that my back leaned a bit against the door. Smiling and breathing in this marvelous scent of nature.

This was a very sensual place right now, no one else around, looking slowly to the left and to the right, just to make sure. It was safe, my right hand slowly caressing my neck, the back, side, front as I tilt my head back. I was bra-less this day, and feeling a bit naughty, bringing both hands to my breasts, cupping them through this pinstriped blouse. Oh how I love the feel of cotton against my nipples. Teasing them gently, feeling a trace of moisture happening 'down there' as the thumbs made small circles around my now aroused .

Stopping, I opened the doors to my Jag, leaving them wide open sitting now surrounded by leather, I pressed the button to open up the sun roof. I wanted nature to see me slowly undo the buttons of this blouse, and take it off.

There I was, sitting topless, my hand caressing my flat stomach, fingers teasing the belly button, running that hand slowly up to my mouth, licking a finger and placing it on an areola and feeling it's little bumps, then to an erect nipple, flicking it. All the while my other hand was kneading the crotch of my jeans, causing more flow into my panties. Turning my head I smell the side of the passenger backrest, the smell of leather, such a turn on and I softly kissed it.

Both hands now at my jeans working quickly on the button, then the zipper, they are open. I slide them off allowing me to be free of this garment. I felt so incredibly sexual. Removing the freshly spotted panties off me, I bring it to my nose and inhale my exotic odor, inhale it again, and let it fall to the carpet.

My hands now on my inner thighs, slowly massaging and letting them ride up higher on my smooth soft warm skin. Lots of sexual thoughts run through my mind... a guy, his wife, his girl friend, a boy, a solo touch reader... watching me... on TV in my conservative executive power suit... do you ever wonder if I do myself? If they can see me now, what a head rush! Such a turn on!

I look out of the open roof, blue skies not a single cloud, feeling that zephyr coming into my car and across my skin. I bring a hand down, let it wander a bit against my soft trimmed curls, then I bring that hand down a bit, a finger playing with my labia, then I insert the middle one inside the spot it sought. Pushing back the hood of my inflamed reddish pink clit. My hips begin to slowly rotate. It's quiet outside that I can hear that familiar squishy sound as my fingers explores the warmth and an occasional jingle from my bracelets.

My free hand reaches for the rear view mirror and positions it downward. Pushing the seat slightly back, I recline and see in the mirror the wet finger gliding in and out of me. I pretend it's not my eyes, but a viewer of mine seeing me like this. God I'm nasty. Hips rotating more, Another finger enters, staring at the images in the mirror, now my other hand cups one of my breasts and squeezes it. My thumb and index finger massaging the hard nipple, and toys with it. After awhile I let go of the breast and let that hand wander up and down one of my legs as my other hand stays busy with my very needy pussy. My left hand softly caresses my leg as my right hand gets more playful with its furry excited friend, oh god my hips are bucking....

Watching those soaked fingers sliding in and out, making love to myself. Here I am, a so called "hot" news anchor masturbating inside her Jag. Completely naked with the doors wide open, roof open, smooth sexy legs spread open, I hope a cop doesn't come by. I smile; actually I do want one to come by... catch me... what a news story that would be. Feeling the breeze a bit stronger now coming through the open doors teasing my nipples, draping my body, I'm moaning now, breathing harder, deeper, and humping my fingers faster, so close, this will be an intense cum. I smell the leather around me and lick the side of the passenger chair, my tongue moving on it as if it were cock. Rocking in this leather chair, watching again the reflection in the mirror of my juiced fingers dashing in and out. Gently biting my lower lip, thinking of cock, your cock spurting.... My face squints as I look away from the mirror and into that magnificent blue sky and then... I'm ready.... I explode, and explode again and again. Wow!

Resting now, exhaling deeply, closed blue eyes open, withdrawing the drenched fingers and bringing them to my lips, to taste myself. Licking the fingers and smearing the wetness on my lips. I lay back in the car to relax, to enjoy the sun warm my body. I think of what I've done and how much I loved doing this.

Thanks for reading - LadyAnnWest

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