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Nicki, The Naughty Nurse

Nicki had many shortcomings as a nurse, but she sure excelled with her bedside manner.
"I hope that Matron doesn't notice that I'm late again," fretted Nicki as she hurried down the hospital corridor, the rubber soles of her shoes squeaking on the polished linoleum.

"Nicki! In my office, this minute!" barked the voice she was dreading to hear.

"What time of the day do you call this, Missie?" asked Matron Sloan, with a glare that pinned Nicki to the spot much like a lepidopterist crucifying a butterfly.

"The morning?" Nicki tried, a little optimistically.

"It is exactly 9.05 A.M.," the Matron informed her, "in the five minutes for which you are being paid, but have been absent, three patients have filled their bedpans, one has vomited, and two have died."

"Two of my patients have died?" Nicki asked, grief-stricken.

"Well, no. They weren't your patients. They were Sally's patients. But that is only a matter of luck. If any of your patients had been dying, you wouldn't have been here to stop it happening," the Matron pointed out.

"Yes, Matron," Nicki replied, looking contrite.

"Now get about your work, girl. And don't let it happen again."

As she made her way to her ward, Nicki passed Sally in the hall. She was talking to that handsome Doctor Kilmore.

"How was I to know that that was a saline drip and not an insulin drip?" she was saying. "They all look the same to me."

Although not popular with the Matron, Nicki was very popular with the patients, especially the male ones. With her sweet, rosy-cheeked smile and her full bosom, which constantly threatened to burst the buttons of her starched white uniform, she won their hearts and raised more than their temperatures. Yes, that's right, she raised their spirits, as well. Hospitals can be depressing places, but Nicki helped many a seriously ill patient to keep his pecker up.

Whether she was emptying bedpans, lancing boils or inserting rectal thermometers, Nicki went about her duties with a cheery smile, and a kind word for all.

"How are you feeling today, Mr. Whipsnade?" she asked, taking an elderly man's wrist between her fingers and consulting the watch that was pinned to her uniform over her right breast.

"I can't complain," the old man replied, with a twinkle in his eye, "but I don't feel as nice as you do, that's for sure."

Nicki felt the old man's hand run up the back of her leg beneath her skirt.

"Now, now. Be a good boy," she scolded him, dropping his wrist and slapping his hand away from her leg. Normally she would have let him have a quick feel of her panties, but this morning she had been in such a hurry that she hadn't had time to put any on. She didn't want to over excite the old man. After all he had a heart condition.

The highlight of Nicki's morning was when Dr. Kilmore did his rounds. With his pale blue eyes, his light reddish brown hair swept over his brow at a dashing angle, his rugged chin and golden tan, he looked like he might have just stepped out of a TV soap opera. In fact he had. After a malpractice suite had temporarily forced him out of medical practise, he had tried his hand at acting. It was a disaster. Not because he lacked acting talent. In a day-time soapy none was required of him. It was his consistent complaints about medical inaccuracies in the scripts that had finally led the producers to arrange for his character to contract beriberi from one of his patients and die a hideous death. By this time, however, he had earned enough money to hire a good lawyer and challenge the malpractice charge in a higher court. Now he was back in action and leaving in his wake a swathe of broken hearts and festering sutures.

Nicki's eyes lit up with adoration as she watched him examining patients, and all the while explaining their conditions to a crowd of medical students, who hung on his every word. She didn't now if it was his boyish charm, the compassion that he showed towards his patients, or the way his butt looked when he bent over in those tight white trousers, but whenever he was around her heart skipped a beat. Of course, it could have been a simple case of associative cardiovascular arrhythmia, but since she was at heart a romantic, she didn't look for scientific explanations.

The joy of Dr. Kilmore's rounds was not unmixed with sadness however, for she could not help but notice that his attentions were always directed at Tanya, her fellow ward nurse and never towards herself. Oh, sure, he smiled at Nicki, and greeted her warmly each morning. But it was Tanya, with her long slim legs, jet black hair and taut buttocks with whom he flirted, whispering things in her ear that would make her call him a "naughty boy" but with a look on her face that just encouraged him. Tanya made Nicki feel dumpy and plain. How would she ever win the love of a dashing romantic hero like Dr. Kilmore.

After a hard day at work, Nicki liked to relax in a nice warm shower. It was here that she allowed herself to indulge her fantasies about Dr. Kilmore. That evening, as she removed her white towelling robe and stepped into the shower, relishing the feel of the warm jets of water on her skin, she found herself more preoccupied than ever with thoughts of the good doctor.

"I wonder what he looks like naked," she thought, absent-mindedly running her right hand up and down the long hard cylinder of her shampoo container. "I bet he has an all over tan."

She imagined him nude, sunbathing in his backyard. His cock was stiff, as it always was in her fantasies, and fully eight inches long, making him look for all the world like a fleshy sundial.

She wriggled with sensuous delight as she ran her soapy hands over her nude body. It was only a matter of time before the finger tips of her left hand began to gently tease and stroke her large pink nipples one after the other, and her right hand slid over her belly and through her pubes to find the slippery warmth of her pussy.

Nicki loved to masturbate. She had had her share of lovers and liked the feeling of a stiff cock inside her, but no man that she had ever been with could give her the same pleasure that she was able to give herself.

"Tanya's just an anorexic, uptight, self-opinionated bitch," Dr. Kilmore told her in her fantasy. "You're the one I really love, with your big soft boobs and your generous womanly bottom. I must see you naked. Strip for me."

Slowly and seductively she stripped out of her nurses uniform, dancing in the permanent sunshine of Dr. Kilmore's backyard. All the while his eyes roamed over her emerging nakedness as he slowly stroked his stiff cock.

By the time the fantasy Nicki was giving Dr. Kilmore an open-mouthed kiss and rubbing her stiff-nippled boobs against his chest as she impaled her sopping wet pussy on his rock hard sex, the real Nicki was crouched on the floor of the shower with her shampoo container jammed half-way up her vagina.

Later that night she cried herself to sleep cuddling her teddy bear to which she had sown a stethoscope and an eight inch dildo in a vain attempt to convince herself that she was sharing her bed with her true love.

Nicki had always dreamt of being a theatre nurse. Emptying bedpans was all well and good. Someone had to do it. But Nicki dreamt of the glamour of the operating theatre. In her dreams she and Dr. Kilmore where a team working together like clockwork to save the lives of their patients.

The following day, a freak accident brought Nicki's dream to life. Sort of.

Uri Geller, the famous psychic, was making a TV appearance. While transmitting his psychokinetic energies to a million viewers all over the United States, who were hoping that their clocks would start working or that their unwanted keys would bend, he suffered an unexpected attack of appendicitis. Suddenly the hospitals of America were flooded with people whose appendixes had burst in sympathy with his own.

This was Nicki's chance at the big time. All nurses were called into theatre duty, and Nicki was to work with Dr. Kilmore. Her heart pounded in her well-padded chest as she washed her hands and donned her surgical gloves.

"Retractor," said Dr. Kilmore, and Nicki handed it to him.

"Clamp," he said, and it was in his hand.

"Sponge." She wiped the sweat from his forehead.

It was just like in her dreams. She looked at him, his whole being concentrated on the task in hand. He had never looked so handsome, so debonair. She marvelled once more at the crystal blue of his eyes, the reddish tint in his hair as it glinted under the glaring theatre lights. She knew that she loved him, and she knew that come what may she would one day make him hers.

"Scalpel," he said.

She handed him the scalpel.

"Oh, fuck, Nicki!" he screamed. "You're supposed to hand them to me handle first."

"I'm sorry," she whimpered, and wished that she could just sink into the floor and disappear.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," cried Dr. Kilmore, shaking his sliced finger and splattering blood all over the patient.

The other nurses took him over to sit on a chair in the corner of the theatre, stripped the rubber glove from his right hand and began bandaging his finger.

The anaesthetist looked up from his machine to see what was happening and accidentally let the dial drop back to zero.

Nicki was wiping the tears from her eyes and blowing her nose, when the patient sat up and asked her if he was going to be all right. He then looked down at the open hole in his lower belly and fainted.

All in all, it had been a disaster and it seemed that her dreams of winning the handsome doctor's heart had been dashed forever.

If the day had ended there, Nicki might never have been able to drag herself in to work the next day. But that afternoon, something happened that brought a song back into her heart. Her favourite racing driver, Todd Thunder, crashed his formula one vehicle and broke both his arms.

When he was brought into the ward, Nicki couldn't believe her eyes. She recognised that unshaven face and those deep brown eyes from a hundred television broadcasts. He even gave her a weary smile as he was lifted into his bed by two orderlies, who then attached the casts on each of his arms to overhead pulleys.

Nicki felt dizzy with excitement when she realised that she would be looking after the most intimate needs of one of the sexiest men alive.

At five o'clock that afternoon it was time for Todd's sponge bath. Nicki pulled down his sheets. He wasn't wearing a pyjama top or surgical gown because, with his arms trussed up, it would be too difficult to put on and take off. The site of his broad chest with its covering of wiry black hair, caused a warm wetness to form in Nicki's panties. This was much better than emptying bedpans.

"There is no need to be embarrassed," Nicki assured him, as she pulled down his pyjama bottoms and tried not to lick her lips at the sight of his cock, which lay like a fat sausage on a bed of jet-black pubes. "I'm a nurse, I've seen plenty of these things."

"Did anyone ever tell you you had lovely eyes?" he asked, in a soft but manly voice.

"Not when they had their pants down they didn't," she smiled. "Now don't let Matron hear you talking like that. Flattering the nursing staff is a punishable offence."

"I would suffer any punishment for you, my princess," he vowed as she wiped his face and began to sponge down his chest.

"You're incorrigible," she laughed, accidentally spilling some water from the basin down the front of her uniform. "Now look what you made me do."

"You'd better take it off," he suggested. "Anyway I can't see why I should have to be nude when you're not."

"That's because I'm the nurse and you're the patient. Nude nurses giving sponge baths to patients!," she exclaimed. "The very idea! Just think of what that would lead to!"

"I am. I am," he assured her, and when she looked down at his cock she could see that it was true. It was standing up as stiff as a flagpole.

"Oh, my God!" she cried, covering her mouth to hide her smile, and turning a lovely shade of red.

"I thought you said you'd seen hundreds of them," he laughed, not at all troubled by this state of affairs.

"Not like that, I haven't," she said.

"He's waiting for you to wash him," Todd explained. "I can't very well do it for myself."

"Well, you have a point there," she admitted, taking a long hard look at his stiffy. "Quite a point in fact." She broke down giggling, and then covered her mouth when she realised that this might arouse suspicion about just what was going on behind those screens.

Gingerly she wrapped the soapy cloth around his stiff cock and ran her hand up its length from base to tip. Then she carefully washed his balls.

"Oh, God. That's wonderful," sighed Todd. "You don't think you could finish me off, if you know what I mean. I know it's a lot to ask, but with my arms up like this, it's going to be a very frustrating time for me."

"Oh, all right," she agreed. "But just remember, if anyone ever found out about this I'd probably lose my job."

Dropping the cloth into the basin she grasped his stiff cock with her bare hand and began to wank him off.

"Feel nice?" she asked, as her cool wet hand tugged the loose skin of his cock over the rock hard stiffness beneath.

"Will you marry me?" he asked.

"You don't want to marry a tubby, plain little nurse like me," she objected. "You're only saying that because you were so desperate for a wank. Normally you wouldn't look at me twice."

"Oh, no. Your wrong," he insisted. "You have the sweetest smile of any girl I have ever seen, and the way that sexy body of yours fills your uniform to bursting just makes me want to tear all of your clothes off and have my wicked way with you."

"Oh, dear," Nicki replied. "You'll have to wait until your arms are better to do that."

"Couldn't you just give me a little sneak preview?" he pleaded.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Couldn't you let me have a little look at your boobs?" he explained. "No-one will see with the screen around us."

Nicki knew that it was a tremendous risk, but nobody had ever expressed such admiration for her body before and she couldn't resist the opportunity to bask in Todd's lustful adoration.

"All right," she agreed. She let go of his dick and unbuttoned the front of her uniform. Pulling it open she lifted her bra to let her soft full breasts spill out from underneath. Smiling at him, she ran a finger softly around her large pink nipples. Todd groaned and she bent forward and rubbed her soft boobs against his stiff cock.

"What about your bottom? Can I see your bottom, too?" he asked, overcome with lust.

Nicki couldn't believe that any guy could find her big, fat bum sexy, but she was delighted to show it to him. She turned her back and pulled down her panties. She then grabbed the hem of her uniform and lifted it up, wagging her fleshy bottom at him so that it wiggled deliciously.

"Now I'd better finish wanking you off, before we get caught," she whispered, sitting back down and grasping his stiffy once more.

"How long does it take to give a patient a sponge bath?" a harsh voice complained from behind her as the screen was pulled back. And that was how Matron Sloan discovered her. With her panties around her ankles, her tits hanging out and Todd's stiff cock shooting wads of hot cum all over her hyperactively jerking fist.

"I really did enjoy being a nurse," Nicki told Todd, as she felt his strong hands rubbing sunscreen into the nude bottom that was the centre of his erotic universe. They were sunning themselves on their own private beach. "If old Mr. Whipsnade hadn't died and left me all that money in his will, I really would have tried to get another job, although it would have been difficult without any references."

"You wouldn't have been content for me to support you?" he asked, giving her bum a playful slap to indicate that it was now fully protected against UV radiation.

"The only way I want you to support me is on that big stiff cock of yours," she laughed, rolling him over and jumping on top of him. "Come on, let's fuck!"

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