No Words Necessary

By TheDevilsWeakness

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A lazy weekend morning makes up for a long hard week at work
She waited up for him. He was so tired after working, he nearly dropped from exhaustion.

Slipping out of bed, she made her way to him.

Undoing his tie, unbuttoning his shirt, giving him a long slow sensual kiss as she undressed him from the waist up. The kind of kiss that makes your eyes close and your heart beat a bit faster.

Pulling his shirt from the waistband til its finally free. She pulls his undershirt up over his head, she flicks her tongue over that tender spot just under his jaw near his ear.

Finally undressed from the waist up, she pushes him back onto the bed. She kneels on to the thick rug, undoing his shoes, removing them one at a time.

Now for his socks, each foot getting a massage before being pulled to his feet again.

The belt is next and finally he loses his trousers.

Standing in his boxers, she shooes him off to brush his teeth and wash his face.

Coming back to the bedroom he noticed she had folded and hung all his clothes over the back of the chair beside the bed. All neat and tidy.

She pulls back the covers, inviting him in beside her.

Running her fingers through his hair, he's lulled to sleep quickly by the feeling. The smell of clean sheets and her aroma are the last things he remembers before drifting off to sleep.

He awakens in the morning to find her sprawled on her stomach across the bed. One hand touching his arm. If she's not tucked into his side when he wakes, at least one part of their bodies need to be touching. He doesn't mind. No one wants to cuddle all of the time. But he knows she's still there by the light touch of her hand or her feet entwined with his.

Watching her sleep, listening to her breathe he feels himself getting aroused.

Taking her hand in his he slides it up under the pillow, pulling her into him and gently rolling her onto her side without waking her.

Burying his nose into her hair, the smell of her intoxicating. He can feel his member stiffen further. His boxers and her panties the only things in the way of making love to her.

Moving his hand softly up her side, he slides his hand under her lacy tank top. Strumming her nipple with his thumb til its hard, he senses her stirring. Cupping her breast in his hand he pulls her tighter to him.

She moans and stretches her legs, slowly waking. Her eyes flutter open before moving her hand to his on her breast. She can feel his hardness searching for her warmth.

He moves his hand from her breast and slowly roams down her side making his way to her panties. Sliding his hand underneath he can hear her inhale sharply when his fingers find that spot. Slipping a finger in and finding her dripping he moves his finger back to her button, alternating sliding in and out and strumming her clit.

Her hand moves to the front of his boxers feeling his arousal through the thin material. She slides her hand underneath the waistband, finding his manhood and running her fingernails up his shaft before scratching his testicles gently.

He hears her sigh as he plunges two fingers into her wetness before moving his hand back to her breast, encircling her areola with her juices, slipping and sliding her hard nipple between his fingers.

Turning in his arms til she faces him she searches for his lips with her tongue but not before nipping and licking under and along his jawline to his earlobe before kissing her way back to his lips. Both mouths meet, lips part, tongues sliding and wrestling together, driving each other wild with desire.

His hand dips back into her panties searching for that delicious warmth. His mouth lowers to her breast, tasting that sweet nectar he smeared on it just a moment before.

Her fingers still gripping his member, teasing him, sensuously stroking him to his final release. She can feel him stiffen and jerk in her hand.
He hears her gasp as his release sets off waves of pleasure for her. He can feel her most intimate muscles gripping his fingers as she floated on another wave before finally relaxing into him.

Entangled together in the most intimate embraces they drift off to sleep again.

He awoke with a small smile, with her in his arms, only to find her watching him.

She smiles and finally speaks.

"Would you like coffee now?"