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Oh Baby Where Were You Last Night

A frustrating night alone became so sexually satisfying.
Hi Luv, It's Sue.
I was looking for you last night. Tom is out of town on business for a few days. When he is here he quenches the fires that rage in me each night. When he is gone I get so damn lonely especially when I slide in between the sheets.

I looked for you as I checked each chat site. I looked for that avatar that sends my heart racing. Needed you to chat into my hot passion of that moment. To satisfy my need as you have done every time in the past. Needed your words to guide my hands over and in my naked body. Baby! Needed you bad to satisfy my desires and spend the hours of the night with me. Oh! My Fantasy Man where are you tonight?!

Wanted your sex! To taste it! To touch it! To feel it enter into my craving pussy! Mmmmmm Fantasy Man, I miss you so much! Your absence is driving me crazy!

Not finding you online I logged off, entered my bedroom and slipped out of my nightie. After lighting a candle I slid my flesh between the sheets.

Laying on my back spread open my legs and with my hands explored my body remembering in my head your words from previous chats. How you spoke of kissing me all over and tasting my wetness and pinching my hardened nipples. Mmmmm, I began to cum mildly.

Closing my eyes and with my fingers in my slit I remembered the many ways you made love to me. How you filled my chamber with your manhood and made me cum so many times.

I opened my eyes and in the flickering candlelight imagined your silhouette. Standing naked at the foot of my bed. You were looking down between my open legs at the embers of my hot furnace as you tightly squeezed and slowly stroked your incredible tool.

Bending down you placed kisses on my ankle and worked your way up the inside of my leg with a hand keeping pace on my other leg. Crawling onto the bed your kisses reached inside my thigh while the other leg continued to enjoy the touch of your fingers. Mmmmm so warm are your kisses, how gentle your fingers.

At the same time your kisses and fingers arrived at my pussy together. Oh Baby! I couldn't resist I was cumming again as you continued attacking me with your fingers and tongue and chewing on me with your lips. Mmmmm Luv! What you do to me!

Pulling your head with my hands you kissed your way towards my chest keeping your hand playing in my nest and I was feeling the twitching of your cock against my knee as you crawled your way up.

Kissing my breasts and licking my nipples with the wetness you savored from my pit. Mmmmm Baby how wonderful you were!

Your breathing was hot and chugging like a locomotive pulling a steep hill. Pounding puffs of steam over the hills of my chest. Having no control I was cumming again, grinding myself against the hand that remained lodged in my treasure spread open for you.

Kissing your way on to my neck your cock slides up the inside of my thigh where my fingers can reach. Taking it into my hand it throbbed and kicked knowing that the beast was ready to attack it's prey.

You were nibbling on my ear as I raised my hips and pulled on your shaft so it's pre-cummed head could touch my entrance. Oh Baby! The flood of heat rushing through me then! Mmmmm yeah! Anticipating the antidote that you were about to churn up for me, the serum needed to quench my need.

As you slid into me I wrapped my legs around your waist......locked my ankles and pulled you deep...deep...and deeper into me. Mmmm Baby, how you were loving me with all your senses, with all your body! Kissing me hard and deep, holding me tight, stroking your body in mine at a perfect pace you were bringing us both closer and closer to our journey's end. Your stamina was so powerful yet cautiously gentle as your exertion produced such incredible sounds in your breathing assuring me that I was also pleasing you.

Both of us reaching our peaks.....could no longer hold back....explosively we were cumming together. Our bodies drained and exhausted yet you continued kissing me to sleep................

Slowly opening my eyes I could see the morning light filling my room. I raised my head feeling dazed and confused looking for you. You were not there, yet the evidence from the night was still on the sheets.

I got out of bed and went in for a rinse. The water awakening me more as it ran over my body. Smiling now and feeling revived and refreshed I think to myself, "Thank you Fantasy Man for stopping by last night."

I dried off and slipped on my sweats and went to make my coffee then logged in to see if you were online. Mmmmmmm Baby! There it was........the avatar that sends my heart racing! Clicked on your chat, "Good morning Doll!"

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