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On My Own, Pretending He's Beside Me

After aching for pleasure all day, I finally let loose.

** Thanks to all the wonderful authors on Lush who have given me such pleasure. Now, here's a bit of my own...****

The door clicked shut. The lock turned. Footsteps down the front steps. Car motor starting up, the car driving down the street. Gone.

Finally. I was alone.

I'd been horny all day, so horny. I'd been making excuse to put something in my lap and pushing down, just to feel the pressure of something against my pussy. My fingers had been just itching to sneak down the waistband of my skirt and fondly fondle my clit. But I am not a quiet masturbater, and if I wanted to remain unnoticed, I had to wait.

And now, finally, I had time. I sat down in front of my computer and pulled up a sex story. As I began to read, I finally, finally, slipped hand into my skirt. I didn't let myself touch my clit, not yet. But I squeezed my pussy's lips, softly, gently. A few short hairs tickled my fingers, and a slight wetness already sliding against my fingers.  A soft longing began lower down in my vagina, but I wasn't going anywhere near there yet.

The man in the story got an errection, long and hard. I pictured my own man, a fantasy guy, hardening up from the mere sight of me. Unrealistic, yes. But pleasurable? Of course.

One hand still massaging my entire mound, I unzipped my skirt and stood up, letting it fall smoothly  down my legs. My simple shirt was next, easy to pull off. I sat back down in only my panties and bra, looked briefly back at the story I was reading, and decided to stop. My own mind was plenty to fuel me now.

In my imagination, I rubbed my hand around my man's long, hard, cock, luxuriating in the feeling of its firmness beneath my fingers. As I began to move up and down his shaft, I at last allowed my fingers to slip between the lips of my pussy. In one long, forceful stroke, I ran my hand from above my clit down past my hole. The longing within me grew fiercer.

I started one of my favorite moves, picking a bit of skin around my clit and pinching it, rubbing it, wiggling it around. The slow fire burning within me grew hotter, fiercer. The tingling began, and I let out a soft moan. I knew I could bring myself to an orgasm right now, but despite my deep longing, I didn't want to. Not yet.

Reluctantly, I withdrew my fingers from my pussy, letting the feeling fade. I left my chair and practically threw myself onto my bed, feeling the sharp friction of my bare legs running against my rough flannel sheets. I reached back and unclasped my bra, giving my nipples each a quick pinch, all it took to make them stiff and errect. I gave a soft gasp at this new kind of pleasure, but it my pussy was still screaming for attention.

I turned my mind back to my fantasy, thinking of my man's hard dick, ready for a pussy to enter. I pulled down my underwear, kicking it off my ankles. I lay on my back, spreading my legs wide.

My fingers returned to my clit, rubbing it harder, kneading the skin in circles. My hips began to buck uncontrollably, wanting to rib harder against my hand.

I stopped and took a breath, holding off an orgasm. Not yet.

In my mind, I rubbed my hand against my man's dick again, making sure it was as hard as it could be. I briefly fondled his balls, feeling them firm under my touch. But I didn't want him to fuck my hand.

I reached down and massaged the area around my hole, picturing his dick pushing against me, trying to find a way in. I began to rub my clit again, slowly. My insides were aching. I needed more pleasure. I need it now.

My rubbing in both areas increased in speed, and the hot longing inside me increased with it. My whole pussy was wet and slippery. I pictured my man's cock shimmering with my juices and his precum.

Finally, I slipped to fingers inside my pussy, luxuriating in the warm wetness. I wanted more in there, but it was the best I could do. To satisfy myself, I pictured that huge, gorgeous cock entering me, stretching me to my limit. I wiggled around inside myself, pushing against the walls, satisfying some of the longing inside me. I began to finger-fuck myself, going in and out as hard as I could. My hips ground against my hand, wanting pressure on my pussy, more pressure. A groan of ecstasy escaped my lips.

I returned my other hand to my clit, swirling it around the skin, bringing as much pleasure as possible.

But I wanted this to go on. My orgasm was so close, nearly there. The raging inferno in my body wanted sweet release. But I couldn’t not yet.

My hand left my clit, my fingers left my pussy. Dripping wet, I brought them to my nose as I relaxed. The aroma was so tantalizing. I licked off the juices.

But my pussy was still hot, red and pulsing. It wanted satisfaction. I wanted satisfaction.

Twice more, I was able to bring myself to the point of an orgasm and then stop. But finally, I could stand it no longer. It was easy, oh-so-easy, to bring the tingling back to my pussy. My fingers pinched and stroked my clit. My other hand eagerly explored deep into my vagina. It felt good, so good.

A hotter fire than before grew with in me. I slowed, but it refused to away. I decided to welcome it. My speed increased. I twisted my clit, I prodded my pussy, I did my very best to get that fire as hot as possible. My hips bucked wildy, grinding in the air. My moans were low and gravelly, filled with passion.

And finally it began. My fantastic orgasm. The fire consumed me, the hot rush filling my body. Every muscle in me tightened and contracted, my pussy squeezing in against my finger. That wonderful feeling filled my existence, my longing finally satisfied. Warm juices flowed out of me, coating my hand.


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