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One Hand In My Knickers

One Hand In My Knickers

This is a transcript of a message from a lass to her lover, when she needs a quick fiddle at work.
This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.

Message begins:

"Where are you? I need you to answer.


Pick up?



Oh, come on! I need you. I'm so hot, and I've got one hand in my knickers right now. I'm in the toilets, and I'll have to be quiet if anybody comes in. Pick up, dammit!


Oh, lad, where the fuck are you? Why can't you be there? My hand is all wet and sticky, and I'm smearing my juice on my fingers, and rubbing my clit. Oh yeah...

Sliding, feeling my hard nub... Circling with my fingertip like you circle with your tongue. I want your face between my legs right now, and I'm all open wide for you, and you aren't fucking there, you useless wanker. Oh, lad, I need your tongue flicking over me, licking up my lips and lapping up my wetness. My knickers have been wet all day, and I can't wait.

Oh god, I'm shivering. I'm sat on the toilet like a dirty slut and fingering my pussy because I can't have you. I want your tongue plunging into my hole, and your finger up my ass whilst you rub your nose over my clit and taste me deep. I'm grinding on my hand like I grind on your face, and if I had a hand free, I'd be pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits.

Where the fuck are you? This juicy cunt needs you inside... Mmm... Oh, to have you walk in right now, fling the door open and catch me with my hand in my soaking knickers. Slap me round the face like I deserve, your impatient little whore, and pull me under your arm so you can spank my ass until I'm blushing red through the wet, white cotton. And if I take your punishment without moaning, I know you'll sweep them aside and drive your fingers into me deep, fucking hard and fast.

Oh, my legs are so weak at the thought of me bent over your leg with blazing cheeks, and you finger-fucking this naughty cunt with your thumb stuck up my tight hole. My thick juices are smeared all over your hand as you wipe it on my face and make me suck your fingers, tasting myself. Oh, pull me back up and rip my knickers off with your strong, wet hands, and push me against the wall.

I'll put my arms around your neck and pull myself up with my legs wrapped around you. And you can fuck this nasty little bitch as hard and fast as you want. I'll slide up and down your huge, throbbing cock until you split me in half and get balls deep. Slam me against the sides and bite my lips to stop me making any noise, and I'll come on your cock and squirt down your thighs.

Then drop me to the floor when I can't stand, and make me lick your legs and cock clean, sucking up all my juices and taking you so deep in my throat that I gag against you, and still come back for more. I'll grasp your ass cheeks and dig in my nails, so desperate to please you and love you and take you as far in as I can. I'll wriggle my tongue up your shaft and fill up my throat with your length, so fucking big and wide... Mmm...

And before you spurt, haul me up and bend me over the toilet, your nasty little slut, and take me up the bum whilst I grab the porcelain and hold on for dear life. Big, fat, fucking cock in my tight, wet, tiny hole, and my cunt can feel your balls smooshing against it, and it's too fucking much to take...






I fucking love you.

Call me back?"

End of message.

This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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