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Opening the wrong door

Opening the wrong door leads to an unexpected thrill
Opening The Wrong Door.

My nipples were rock hard from rubbing against the cool wall above the headboard. I had to use my arms to stop my head banging against the wall as he pounded my pussy from behind.

I was kneeling up on the bed as his thick cock rapidly slid in and out of me as I tried to remember how I got here….

I had finished work at lunch on this Friday and got on a train to see one of my old school friends in Bournemouth. I had taken a year out before going to Uni and was doing an office job to make some cash before traveling for a few months. I had done this for 5 months without a break and this weekend was my first chance to let my hair down as I was saving so hard.

I was still in my work clothes, grey jacket and pencil skirt, white blouse and strappy heels. As it was a warm spring day I was showing off my long tanned legs and had already had some admiring glances on the train from more than few other passengers.

I was going to visit Lucy, one of the party girls from school and had gone straight to the station from work, onto the train, read a book for an hour, off the train, into a cab and straight to her place. She was staying in a boarding house, which is let out to holiday makers in the summer and to students the rest of the year, and would not finish her lectures for another hour or so, but had told me to find her room and make myself comfortable.

The house was basically a privately run student hall, with first years and everything that goes with them everywhere. A hot guys let me into the house and I went to her room to get changed.

Before I even opened the door, I could hear loud rock music coming from the room, which was odd as Lucy wasn't supposed to be in. I knocked, but the music was too loud for anyone to hear it.

I pushed open the door anyway and was pinned to the spot when I walked in.

In front of me was stunning sight, one that gripped me to the floor. There, lying back on the bed was a tanned, toned, naked, dark haired guy gripping his engorged cock and furiously stroking himself. He looked so focussed and taut, his muscles tense as he pleasured himself. His eyes were fixed to the image of a girl being fucked from behind whilst a second girl was licking the first's clit. This was being shown 6 feet wide on the wall from a video projector, with the moans of the porn only just audible above the music.

He must have felt the door close behind me as he turned towards me.

He looked me straight in the eyes, gritted his teeth, smiled, and still pulling on his cock, and shot a stream of white cum over his six pack, before collapsing back on the bed.

I still couldn't move.

He grabbed a couple of remotes and turned down the music and muted the porn, though the three actors where still going at it hammer and tongues.

"You know when you've reached the point of no return," he said, breathing heavily. "There was no way that I could have stopped, so I made the most of it. I’m glad you watched"

"I'm here to see Lucy," I told him, the words coming out slowly.

"She's on the next floor up," he said. "But wouldn't you rather stay here for a while?" he then asked with a cheeky wink.

"I can tell you liked what you saw. You've not taken your eyes off my cock. Why don't you help me clean up?" and he pointed to the box of tissues next to me.

I'd never seen someone so open about their body, or even had a guy masturbating in front of me. I’ve had a couple of serious boyfriends, but this was the moment when I realised I was not as experienced in the bedroom as I had thought. I passed him the box.

"No you do it," he told me.

I timidly took some tissues, and moved towards him. I stood by the bed and went to start to wipe up the warm cum.

I felt his hand slide up my leg, under my skirt and grab my bum.

"I think you'd like to lick it up, wouldn’t you? I think you want to taste my hot cum, to lick it off my stomach and to suck my cock clean, don’t you? And then you’d like me to fuck you, wouldn't you?"

"Mmmmmmm," I gasped, as his hand slid between my thighs and started to rub the outside of my knickers. I realised at that moment exactly how turned on I was and how wet I had become.

I leant forward and started licking and sucking his love juice off his tanned six pack. It tasted so good, so sweet I hungrily grabbed his semi hard cock and started to lick and suck at it eagerly.

He had slipped his fingers inside my knickers now and was rubbing the full length of my slit, working my juice all over my lips.

I looked up and saw the two girls taking it in turns to suck guys length in their mouths on the screen and did my best to copy them, getting his large manhood as far into my mouth as I could.

He reached for the controls and the rock music started again, as did the moans from the porn.

He sat up and took my suit jacket off, then ripped my blouse open, buttons flying everywhere before reaching behind me and flicking my bra undone with one hand in a single smooth movement.

He stood up and unzipped my skirt and pulled it down off me, making sure that he pulled my knickers down too, I stepped out of the skirt and stood in front of him, naked apart from my black heels.

He stood there naked too, and we drank in the sight of each others naked bodies, taking the image of each other in, making a mental photograph to be viewed at a later date. Then he looked me straight in the eye and the wicked smile he had just before he came returned.

To be continued....

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