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Out On The Trail

While out on the bike trail for a solo ride I became entertained by a five star performance.

My husband Tom and I are always out riding the 'Rails to Trails' bike routes and have several favorite spots.  We have been on these trails in many states of which all offer a unique beauty as well as each having it's own individuality. Our favorite local trail is known as the Great Allegheny Passage.  It starts in Pittsburg, PA; runs east along the  Youghiogheny and Casselman Rivers on into Maryland where it joins onto the C & O Canal trail at Cumberland, MD.  From there the canal trail works it's way along the Potomac River and goes on into Washington D.C.  The entire trail is absolutely beautiful.  We have done the entire trail many times but more frequently have gone to favorite parts of the trail for single day outings. 

On this one particular time Tom was gone all  week on business and feeling like going for a ride I had to go by myself.  I drove up through western Maryland and on into Pennsylvania to Rockwood.  A very rural and picturesque area to go.  It was the ideal place to just get away from everything for a day.

As I pulled into the parking lot I happened to notice a guy unloading his bike and just beginning his way towards the trail.  By the time I unloaded my bike and prepared myself to ride he probably had a twenty minute jump on me heading out the trail. It was really a good day for a ride and with it being a weekday I knew it wouldn't be crowded.

I had rode several miles and after crossing the Pinkerton Bridge trestle I came to a favorite spot where Tom and I like to lock our bikes to a tree and walk down a path to the Casselman River. There is a place by the river where we like to sit on a huge rock and enjoy the sites and sounds.

After locking my bike to a tree I went down the path and came onto the bike belonging to the guy I saw in the parking lot locked against a tree. Feeling somewhat startled I  thought that maybe I should turn around and go back. But for some reason I kept quiet and proceeded on a bit. The sound of the river had gotten louder and as I neared the the spot that Tom and I always enjoyed I could see him through the bushes sitting on our favorite rock.

He was sitting in the sun with his shirt off and applying sun block to himself. While watching him I entertained ornery thoughts when suddenly he stood up and unhooked and pulled off his shorts and underwear. His back was towards me and I found myself wanting to see him turn my way. As he did I feasted my eyes on his gorgeous nakedness. He was so tan completely all over that I assumed he had done this often.

I knelt down low and looked around to see how I might get closer to him. The ground was soft with a carpet of pine needles and I easily crawled quietly to a position only about forty feet from him among many laurel bushes that were to his left. I had such a good view.

He had me under his control as I watched him apply more sun block onto his newly exposed nakedness. It was turning me on immensely especially as he grabbed his adorable cock and greased it and his tight balls with the lotion. His cock quickly hardened to his experienced touches and stood out begging to be looked at.

As he sat back down I was thrilled that his position still gave me full view of his wonderful body. I lost my breath as he spread his legs for the bright warm sun and my eyes to see his manhood standing straight out. I wanted so much to crawl out of those laurel bushes and taste him.

Then he began playing with his hard toy and teasing it's head with his fingertips. He were driving me insane and again I entertained the thought of just coming out onto the rock with him in that hot sun. As I was thinking that he began slow stroking himself. It was obvious, and pleasing to me, that he was not going to just beat it off quickly but to enjoy himself for as long as he could. I fantasized that he was thinking of me as he stroked it and wanted to slide it into my hungry love nest.

I loved how groomed and partially shaven his cock was. I admire a man that takes care of his tools and shows skill in using them. Forty-five minutes of watching him masterfully satisfy the mystery thoughts that were boiling in his mind as well as simmering the thoughts in mine.

His balls had since loosened and were hanging low. They rode up and down between his open thighs as he continued to slowly stroke and pour more oil over the throbbing head of his love muscle.

Then his stroke began to lengthen and suddenly became faster and I could hear him sighing along with the slapping sound of his balls. Both of my fists were clenched tight and wanting to grasp his fleshy pole to finish the job.

The moment that his patient love toy had been waiting for was about to occur. The lotion covering his tanned nakedness was mixed with a heavy sweat and shined so beautifully in the hot mid day sun. His sounds of gasping sighs became louder and more frequent and were echoing in my out of control mind. He leaned back on one hand as his grip and stroke intensified and his legs stiffened.

"Oh yes, yes! Here it comes !" I screamed silently in my mind as he shot and gushed load after load of boiling volcanic love juice towards the sky.

The final view that I had was watching his entire body begin to relax after a performance that will forever remain in my mind.

Becoming a little frightened I quietly made my exit and returned to my bike. I had no choice but to head straight back to the parking lot. I felt so exhausted from just watching and my mind was occupied with visions of his cock and his skillful handling.
Upon arriving back to the parking lot I quickly loaded my bike and got inside my vehicle.  My pulse was racing and I began breathing in and out deeply to calm down.  Just when I was about to pull pot a thought entered my mind.  I knew which vehicle was his.  I entertained the idea of leaving him a note.  Finding a piece of paper and pen I wrote the following:

My Name is Sue.  By accident I came onto where you were out on the trail.  I was walking down the path towards the river and saw you out on the rock.  I stayed there and watched you the entire time.

Please do not be embarrassed by this note. I mean it only to express to you how much I loved watching you. I have always loved watching a man stroke himself but you certainly took it to another dimension.

My husband Tom and I have a very good permissive and consensual relationship and we allow each other certain sexual freedom. I tell you this only to entertain your thoughts. My email address is on the back of this paper.

Thanks again from your newest admirer,


Later that evening I was checking my email and received the shock of my life. I opened an email which read:

I knew you were there.
I knew you were watching.
Glad you liked it.
Knowing you were there drove me incredibly horny.
Will be there on the rock again next Thursday at noon.
Join me ? Hope so !
Not at all embarrassed.

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