Paint Job

By HannahVanderbyl

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Karly asks Nicole to help paint her room, but yeah we all know where these things go....
{ i'm taking the feedback from my previous story and applying it to this one..hope its better. Laptops annoy i end up having grammar/spelling issues. }

Karly stared at the paint then glanced up at her bedroom wall. Two cans. It seemed as if it wouldn't cover the whole room, but Karly may by surprised. She had called up her pretty good work friend Nicole to help her out, she was a very "do it yourself" kind of girl. She loved working with her hands and doing a bunch of artsy fartsy stuff. Karly thought it would be a great idea to have Nicole come by and help her with this, plus she knew absolutely nothing about anything. The second reason why Karly asked Nicole to come by was because she secretly had the biggest crush on her. Though Nicole had a boyfriend and seemed totally straight, Karly could not help to be extremely attracted to her. Nicole was a charmer; charismatic, humorous, beautiful, athletic, slender, smooth skin, great shape. Nicole was almost perfect. She couldn't be completely perfect, since no one ever is.

Karly walked out of her room and down the stairs passing by a full-length mirror. She stopped to check herself out, she wanted to look attractive to Nicole, but in a casual way. So that Nicole doesn't know that Karly is trying to get her attention. She was wearing a black tank-top and light-brown short-shorts from levis. They were quite comfy and fit around her hips in a snug sort of way. It also shaped her bum nice and perfectly. Her golden tanned legs were waxed before, but she shaved them in the shower earlier just to be sure. The thought of Nicole even brushing her hands against her legs was getting Karly quite worked up. Taking a deep breath she walked away from the mirror and sat on the couch. At first, she was just starring at the clock, soon after she was starting to imagine all the things she could do with Nicole. It was making her wet but she refused to go as far as masturbate, not when Nicole was on her way, and may be here any minute.

But that just made it more exciting.

Karly laid across the couch and let her hand gently slip into her panties. She was just imagining the way Nicole's face would look while they were intimate. How would she sound during an orgasm? What will she say? Or will she scream? Will she want more? Would she be up for it? Would she break up with her boyfriend and become a lesbian and stay with Karly? All the thoughts were pacing around in her skull as she pressed down on her clit, rubbing slowly at first. As it was getting harder she went faster, and faster, and pressed harder. Just as the orgasm was coming along she heard three hard knocks on the door.

Karly jumped out of her fantasies and ran to the door. Hesitating for awhile, so that she didn't seem eager, she opened the door and there Nicole was."Hey Karly, sorry I'm late. You know how the buses are around here, not so reliable." she said walking into the house. Karly stared at Nicole in awe. She had never seen her outside of work, so she always saw her in the work uniform. Nicole was wearing a navy blue tank-top and black short-shorts. Her hair was tied up, in the curly messy-purposely kind of way. Her light brown skin looked softer than ever before, her cleavage was noticeable, which it rarely is. Her double D breasts were quite noticeable today. She usually wears minimizers, she hates the size of her breasts. But Karly loved them, and loved her. "It's no problem Nikki, lets get to work..." she sais hurrying to the bedroom to get straight to the stuff.

Nicole tagged along behind her, not quite in a rush. "you have such a beautiful home, and its in a very peaceful area. I like areas like these. Tranquil and stuff." she said once the entered the room. Karly smiled, "Why thank you." she said in a british accent, which made Nicole laugh. "Hey. when i see something great, I like to announce it." She laughed. Nicole crouched down and opened the tine of paint, she poured it in the trays and covered the tin again. After about forty minutes of painting Karly got thirsty, seeing Nicole like this was also making her get a dry throat. "You want some water?" she asked as she started towards the door. "Yeah, please.." Nicole answered working hard on her side of the wall. Karly went to the kitchen and came back up stairs with two glasses of water, as she came in she realized how hot and stuffy it was. "Wow, these fumes are going to kill us!" she said passing Nicole her water. Nicole smiled and shrugged sipping the water, "Meh, I opened the window a bit, so we should be fine.

They were sitting on the floor, since there was no furnitiure at the moment. As they rested there, Karly thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask Nicole about her feelings, or try to seduce her. Nicole was now laid across the floor , they had been silent for awhile. "Um, Nicole. I've been thinking about some stuff and..well. I need to say something to you. Cause if we're going to be friends, I'd prefer to have no secrets." she began. Nicole turned to face Karly, her face was contented. "Sure, okay. You go first cause your brought it up. haha." she laughed the poked Karly in the leg. Her heart jumped.

"Alright well, Nicole... I'm a lesbian, and I am very much attracted to you. You don't get it, I think about you all the time." She said as she moved her head to face the wall away from Nicole.

(to be continued, cause i'm getting sleepy)