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Phone Call

"Hello there and how are you doing? I’m Jason it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for giving me the chance chatting with you in this instant message. I know this can be a bother for you depending who’s on the other end but I assure you I’m not here to make your evening bad. So where from Ericka?"

She tells me California and I reply, "Oh that’s awesome I have visited a few times I myself. I’m from Georgia."

"Well I’m 5’ 9’’, medium build, a little muscular, small, dark brown eyes." As she describes herself and time continues to pass we chat about different subjects. We get to know each other then we seem to end up on the subject of sex and things we like. I tell her that I'm like just about always horny and turned on and always find myself rubbing myself with out notice.

"As I’m doing now. I'm laying back relaxing talking to you. I'm wearing just my silk boxers and I have my hand over it just slowly gripping and rubbing my cock. The harder it gets the harder I grip. Softly teasing the head of my cock. Can you just imagine me like this? Mmmm so hot. Just thinking about what you might be doing on the other end of this conversation has my cock getting harder."

You tell me you want to get more comfortable as we chat. We exchange numbers and take things to the phone. I log off my computer as you have done. We are both now laying down relaxing. I'm listening to the sound of your voice, very sexy, turning me on even more. I tell you the sound of your voice is driving me crazy. I grip my cock harder and begin stroking it slowly up and down for you. Releasing my moans and groans I hear you letting out a whimper like you're hiding it from me. I ask for you to slowly take your hands and guide them over your breast softly and gently. Without touching your nipples as you draw circles around them, I continue moaning into your ear.

I give you instructions: "Sweetheart, now run your finger from between your lovely breast and down your tummy and around your navel as if it was my tongue sliding down your body."

Your moans escapes softly. You're now listening to the sounds of my cock and moans. I continue saying for you to trace down and over your clit softly, barely touching it, rubbing it in circles as you become wetter and wetter. From there I say rub your finger down your lovely wet smooth pussy for me. Slowly over your lips then move over your slit and guide your finger up and down your slit slowly.

"Mmmm, just like that," I say as you moan in my ear telling me I’m such a tease but how good it feels at the same time. I’m gripping my cock harder and still stroking, telling you to slowly slide your finger inside your pussy as if it was my cock stretching you open and filling you up with every inch. My groans and moans become louder in your ear and your moans become louder as if I was taking you by the waist and pushing my cock deep in and out of you. With each motion of you fingering, your breathing becomes harder and you moan louder. I'm now stroking my cock faster for you, telling you how much I want to feel your pussy all over my cock dripping and soaking me. I stroke myself faster and harder as I instruct you to do the same.

"Finger your pussy for me baby a little faster! Come on babe just as if was my cock fucking your tight pussy! Harder!" I moan. "Mmmm yes baby give it to me faster and faster!" I stroke as my pre cum leaks over my head. I take my finger and rub it as you tell me how much you want me to fuck your pussy. You tell me how you're ready to cum, but I tell you oh no not yet! I tell you to slow down just a bit and slowly trace your lips of your mouth with your soaking fingers and taste. "Mmm tell me how sweet it tastes. Now trace it back over your clit and tap on it for me and rub it in circles and up and down." I continue telling you to flick your clit back and forth!

"Ooh yes I love how you sound so hot! Mmmm damn baby you're going to make me cum!" You tell me that’s what you want. I tell you to make yourself cum for me. We cum together stroking and fingering in sync with one another, our pace racing, our breathing heavier and moans louder.

"Yes yes yes, oh my god, oh my god, I’m going to cum right there right there, faster, faster, harder, harder, oh shit I’m cummming!" You scream out from your orgasm as our breathing is still racing. As we calm down from our orgasms I hear you giggle and laugh as you say it was great. I say to you how hot you were and how sexy your moans were and how I loved every moment of it. We both state that we will clean up before going to bed and hope to hear from one another once again.

We say our good nights as we fall asleep thinking and dreaming of one another ….

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