Phone Fun

By Master_Jonathan

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A late night phone call makes their words come alive!
The following story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

I had been thinking about her and looking forward to this all day. I had met Julie in an Internet chatroom and we had had fun talking to each other. We found we had similar interests and soon our casual chatting had become more flirty and sexy. One day we took a step forward and cybered. It was amazing. We seemed to "click" together naturally and we enjoyed spending time with each other.

My hobby is writing erotic stories and "publishing" them on a sex story site I belong to. I had given Julie the URL link and she enjoyed reading my stories. She had told me that reading my stories always got her wet and that she had often fantasized the she was the girl in the story. We had talked about the stories and about our own sexual interests and tastes as well. We had gotten to know each other pretty well.

One day, during one of our chats I decided it was time to step things up a bit.

"Julie," I said, "we have known each other for a couple months now and it has been really great talking to you and cybering and everything."

"I have had fun too, John," she said.

"I want to ask you something and I hesitate because I don't know if I should."

"What is it?"

"Well Julie, I was just wondering...what you sound like."

"What I sound like?"

"Yeah, your voice. What your voice is like. I'll bet it is pretty."

"Well I don't know how pretty it is..." she said. "But I've wondered about you as well."

I convinced her to send me her phone number through my email before she left for the night and once I had it, I couldn't wait to call her the following evening.

"Julie? Julie Adams?"


"Hi Julie, It's John." There was a long silence.


"Yeah...I...I'm here."

"I hope it's ok to call you?"

"It's ok."

"Talk to me, Julie."

"I..I'm sorry. I just....I was surprised by your call."

"Well what do you think? Of my voice - you said you wanted to hear my voice."

"It's nice."

"Well you sound fucking hot!" I said.

Another silence.

Julie's voice grew quiet on the phone. Julie and I had been chatting and cybering through the Internet for some time. And over that time, our conversations had grown more and more intimate. I knew that she lived alone in her apartment. Julie was a medical receptionist at a local clinic. She was in her mid 20's, fair-skinned with long flaming red hair and a few faint freckles across her nose. She had sent me some cell phone pics of herself and even though they weren't of very good quality (cell phone photos rarely do the subject justice!) I could tell she was very beautiful. She had a smoking hot body with the kind of tits a man loves to suck upon. Full and firm with hard pointy nipples that stood out just begging to be loved on. She had a tight, round ass and the most beautiful clean-shaven pussy that I had ever seen. Her green eyes made you just want to dive into them and her smile sparkled bright as the brightest star in the night sky.

"Julie! What are you wearing right now?" I asked, trying to move the conversation along.

She took a second to answer me. "Well, I was already for bed when you called. Right now all I'm wearing is my panties." she said. The line was silent.

Through our chat conversations, Julie had told me about having phone sex before. In fact, that was what lead to our first cybering session. She had had phone sex before but never cybered - she said she didn't know if she could even do it...text as if she and I were having sex. But I assured her it wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. As a writer, I use my imagination and fantasies as the building blocks of my stories. So after getting her to agree to try it, we had our first cyber session and while neither of us went away from that first one satisfied, we decided to give it a fair shake and soon we both were enjoying getting off with one another regularly.

I had taken it slow at first, letting her get to know me first. And it was only when I felt she was comfortable with me that I proceeded to cybering. And that proved to be just what she needed. But I could tell from the way she talked that she wanted more than just conversation tonight.

I knew that she got turned on by the things that I would tell her during our cybering. So I decided to see just how far she was willing to go.

"What are you doing right now?" I asked.

"Thinking about you."

"Oh? Is my girl horny?"

"Yes. I have been thinking about you since you talked about calling me. Wondering what you sounded like, what you would say - what I would say."

"Well let's see what I can do to help you out then. Can't have you going to bed horny - what kind of a man let's a beautiful thing like you go to bed needing sex? Would you like me to get you off?"

Julie's breathing grew faster. I could hear it thru the phone. Then she answered me. "Yes, I would like that."

"Ok, lay back on your bed and spread your legs. Are you wet? Is your pussy wet, Julie?"

"I'm getting there." she said.

"Well you know, in my stories and in our cybering that I love to tease."

"Yes, your stories are wonderful I always love your stories."

"Well now I'm going to tease you. I want that pussy nice and wet before we continue. Now reach down and rub your pussy through your panties."

I heard a soft "yes" from the other end of the line.

My smile grew wider. "I told you that I love to slowly lick the outside lips of a woman's sex; to suck her swollen pussy lips into my mouth and softly nibble them. I want to lick your pussy...I want to taste you."

"You know Julie, I would start by licking you thru your panty. "Can you imagine what my tongue would feel like running up and down your panty crotch?" I heard Julie's soft moan. "You can feel it can't you baby? Touch it like my tongue would. Slide your finger tip up and down your panties."

Suddenly, she moaned. "I can't do that."

I let her go silent for a few seconds. Then I began to talk to her. "Listen to me Julie! You got hot thinking about my tongue sliding up and down your wet slit. You love the idea of me licking and sucking your wet pussy. So touch it like I told you to and tell me how it feels."

Suddenly, Julie moaned.

"That's right, Julie. Slide your finger up and down real slow. Just the way I would slide my tongue up and down. Can you feel it pressing between your pussy lips? Press it in, Julie."

I smiled as she moaned. "Oh, I can feel your tongue licking me thru my panties."

"Is your pussy wet now?"

I heard her soft gasp. "Yes! It's wet."

"Tell me. Tell me your pussy is wet. Use the words, just like if we were cybering."

" wet..." she moaned over the phone.

"Good girl. Now slip off those wet panties and we'll get down to business."

Hearing her heavy breathing and soft mewling, I felt my cock begin to grow hard. "I don't want ignore your beautiful tits either Julie. Are your nipples growing hard?"

Julie's breath grew more ragged.

"Reach up and squeeze your nipples, and tell me if they're hard, Julie." I waited while she complied.

"Oh, god..." she moaned. " hard..."

"Pinch one between your thumb and forefinger. Pull it slowly Julie. That's the way I would suck it into my mouth."

I heard her soft, "Oh".

I closed my eyes and imagined her doing what I told her to. "Do you want more, Julie? Do you want me to continue talking to you?"

Julie's breathing had grown a bit faster. "Don't stop talking. Please, John, don't stop."

I smiled. "And will you do what I tell you to do?"

This time her yes was barely above a whisper.

"That's more like it. Now as I talk to you, I will tell you to do certain things. I want you to follow my orders without question. Will you do it for me?"

"Uhuh!" I could hear her ragged breathing. I knew that she was hot and I decided to find out if she had reached her submissive turning point.

"You like me talking about that juicy pussy, don't you? You want to hear about how I will eat your sweet juicy pussy. Then when I have had my fill, I will fuck it. I will fuck your pussy and make you cry out for more. I will fuck you until you scream for mercy! That's what you want isn't it, slut? Admit it to me!"

Julie gave a soft sob into the phone. "Yes John! Please! Tell me all those things. Make me feel it!"

I smiled as I adjusted my hard-on to a more comfortable position in my pants. "Take your finger and slowly fuck that wet pussy. And while you're doing it, take those fingers out and taste it!"

"Oh, John, I wish it was your fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy."

"Well if I was there, I would start by just teasing your fat, swollen pussy pips, tracing my finger around the outside and being careful not to touch your clit or enter you. I would tease your pussy while I watch you spread your legs and push your hips up, begging me to slip a finger inside. You want my fingers inside your juicy, hungry pussy don't you, Julie?"


"Well I would trace my finger slowly up and down your wet slit. Trace small circles around your throbbing clit. You like that?"

"Oh yesss...oh god!"

"Tell me Julie, do you like your pussy eaten? Do you want me to lick and tongue that wet bald pussy? Do you want me to fuck you with my tongue?"

"Please John! Oh please lick me! Please eat my pussy! I want you..." she cried.

"I am going to lick your swollen pussy lips in my mouth and lap at them with my hot tongue. Then I will stick my tongue into your pussy and lap up all your sweet pussy juice. And I don't care how wet your pussy gets; I won't stop until I want to. Now! Use the thumb and finger of one hand to pinch and twist one nipple. And with the other hand, stroke the lips of your pussy. But don't you dare touch the inside. Do you understand me?"

Julie whimpered. "Yes! I won't touch the inside." I heard her gasp. "My nipples are so hard. And my pussy lips are so big."

I stroked my dick slowly. "Squeeze and mold your tits. Just like that slut did in my story. You want to be a slut like that don't you?"

I heard her soft moaning.

"Ah yes, you are my little slut! How filthy my little slut is - you are practically begging me to fuck you, aren't you, slut? Now pinch both nipples. Do it! And pull them, too!"

I could hear Julie as she played with her tits. "Close your eyes, slut! Slide your fingers down to your pussy. Play with it the way you would imagine my tongue sliding up and down your slit. First play with just the outside. And don't slide it in until I tell you to. Understand?"

Julie's breathing had grown even faster. She was close to cumming and I knew it. "Yes. Oh I'm so hot. My pussy is throbbing so hard. Can I touch it? Please let me put my finger in?"

I smiled, as the head of my dick grew fatter. "If you put it in, I'll hang up. Is that what you want?"

Julie groaned in frustration. "No! Please don't hang up! I'll do it like you tell me. Oh my lips are so swollen."

I could feel her passion thru the phone lines. "Now Julie, do you have a dildo?"

"I have a vibrator," she panted.

"Good. I want you to get it now."

I heard her bed squeak, as she got up. Then squeak again, as she got back on it. She was breathing hard.

"I have it!"

"Good, girl. Now I want you to just rub it up and down your wet slit. I want the whole shaft wet with your pussy juice. Just like my dick would be. Don't put it in yet, just get it wet between your fat pussy lips."

I listened as I heard Julie move around. I heard her panting and the wet sound of her vibrator sliding between her juicy pussy lips. Then I heard her breathing back into the phone. "'s all wet. Oh god I am so hot! Oh please John...please make me cum! I can't take it!"

I smiled. "Listen to me, Julie. Suck it just like you would suck my dick. You did tell me that you love to have a hard fat dick in your mouth didn't you? Pretend that vibrator is My hard fat cock. You want to suck my cock don't you?"

Julie didn't answer me. Instead I heard the sound of sucking. She was moaning as she sucked.

"That's it baby! I'm gonna push all my sweet dick down your throat. Then I'm gonna suck your pussy so hard all your hot, thick, juice will run down my throat."

Julie sucked even louder.

"I wish there was a mirror so you could watch the way you're acting. Just like that slut Louise in the story. Now bitch! I want you to fuck that pussy slowly. Work that dildo as deep in your sweet fuckbox as you can. I want to hear you fuckin it, slut! And when you get that pussy dripping wet, I'm gonna make you squat over my face and I'm gonna lick you till you cry."

"Oh god! Oh, please John! Please stick your hard cock inside...Oh I need you so much! I want to feel you inside me, please!" she whimpered.

"Take that vibrator and put the tip at your hole. Now slide it in real slow...I want you to feel every inch of me. That's how I would do it if I was there. If that was my cock sliding into you."

"Oh John I wish it was. I wish it was you sliding into me. I want to feel you so much," she sobbed.

"Me too baby. I can feel your pussy warm, so wet...God you feel so good..."

"Oh yes! Enter me! Please! Give it to me! I want your hard dick pushing deep inside!" Julie couldn't hold back any longer and shoved that vibrator fully into her with one quick thrust. "Oh yes!"

"That's it baby! Pound that pussy! Fuck that sweet wet pussy like I would do to you! Feel me fucking you hard and deep? Feel my cock splitting you in two?"

"Uh! Uh! Uuuuhh! Yes! Faster! Fill me with your cock!"

"That's it, slut! Take it! Take it all, whore! Do you like my cock in your tight pussy?"

"Yes! Oh God yes! My tight pussy loves your cock! Do it harder! Pound me sore, John! Fuck your slut!"

Julie was moaning loudly.

"Now I want you to do something real special for me. Are you ready to do it Julie?" I said.

I heard her moan. "Anything John! Please, tell me what you want me to do."

"Julie, you are making me so fuckin hot. My cock is so hard. I wish you were here to suck it. I want you to spread your juice down in the crack of your ass. Get your tight tiny hole wet for my tongue."

Julie groaned. "Oh god! Would you do that to me? Would you lick me back there too?"

"Baby, I would put you on your hands and knees. Then I would spread your cheeks and slowly shove my tongue in and out of your hot asshole if you would let me. Would you want me to do that? Would you let me tonguefuck your sweet asshole?"

"Oh, John!" Julie was sobbing now. "Please! Oh god please tongue my ass! Oh I can't take it! Please let me cum! Please...I need to cuuuummmm!"

"Finger your tight asshole Julie! Finger your asshole and imagine it's my tongue back there!"

Julie was moaning steady now. "I'm working my finger in and out. Would you eat me back there the way you would eat my pussy?"

"Oh my sweet babygirl. I would love to tongue fuck your ass as much as I would love to tongue fuck your pussy. Don't push your finger in deep until I tell you to, OK?"

Julie grunted. "Oh, I'm so wet. My pussy is dripping so bad."

"Just use the tip of your finger until I tell you. Think about your finger being my tongue. You would like to feel that wouldn't you?"

Julie moaned again. "Please! Oh please! I'm gonna cum. I can't stop it this time. I'm gonna cum!"

I could tell she was right there. "Hold it baby. Don't you dare cum until I tell you. Do you hear me?"

Her breathing was rapid gasps. "Please John! Oh please!"

I worked my fist to match her moans. "I'm gonna cum with you Julie. Are you ready, baby?"

"Yes! Now! Please now!"

"Shove your finger deep in your ass. Do it now Julie! Do it! I'm cumming! I'm shooting my hot cum all over."

I heard her grunt. I could only imagine her finger sinking deep inside her ass. Then her short cry! "Oh my god! My cum is pumping out of my pussy! I'm cumming so hard! My pussy is so wet! I'm cumming! Oh John! I'm cumming."

"Let me taste it! Please baby! Let me slurp it from your hot tender pussy. Oh you young sweet slut! I'm gonna drink all the juice from your hot pussy. Then I'm gonna pump all my cum down the back of your throat."

I heard her cry out her orgasm. There was a long pause

Then a soft "Thank you," and the phone went click!