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photographing the sister in law

unexpected fun from a fairly innocent photoshoot
Hi, this is a short story about what happened when my sister in law asked me to take some pictures of her for a calender for her husband. I am a photography enthusiast and love taking portrait pictures. A couple of years ago, my sister in law was asking for ideas about what to get her husband for Christmas that was a bit different. She didnt have much money and they had had a tough year so she wanted something special. SO I suggested a calender of her. I said I could either take the pictures or if she wanted something a little more exciting I would give her the ideas and let her borrow my camera if needed.

Anyway, she liked the idea and said she'd have a think and get back to me. Sure enough she rang a few days later and asked if we could meet up for a chat. We arranged a couple of nights later to go for a drink and talk about her ideas. When the night came I wasn't sure what she'd decided, whether I would be taking pics of her doing normal stuff or if she was going to be daring. I thought at least I'd get was to see the finished product. That said, she was always quite shy and reserved so I didn't think she would do much!.

Anyway, the night came and we met up. After a few drinks and some normal catching up chat we finally got onto the ideas. It turned out she wanted to do some sexy pics but needed a few drinks to admit it to me! Now we had a direction, I was able to give her lots and lots of ideas, some with underwear, some naked but not showing anything and some ideas if she wanted one for a treat that might show more than she planned. The next thing was to arrange a day that I would come and show her how to use the camera and then she could do thiongs when ready.

As it happened a couple of weeks later her husband was due to be away for the weekend so I popped round after he'd left with all my kit for a quick lesson. I showed her the settings she'd need and how to use the remote. We worked out all her poses and how best to run from setting the timer to being in position, etc. It was never going to be perfect doing it that way but there was no other way as far as I could tell. After a few hours she was happy with what she need to do and what pictures she was going to take. etc., so I left my stuff and went home.

The next morning she rang me up all frustrated. She'd tried doing some pics the night before but they weren't coming out very well. So she asked if I'd come and do them and she'd just tone them down a bit. I wasn't about to turn down the chance to see her in her underwear so I said I'd be round later than evening as I had lots to during the day. I then spent the next few hours rushing around so that I had as much time to do the photos as possible.

By 5 pm I'd done all that was needed and went round. Turns out she'd drunk half a bottle of wine as some dutch courage for being in her underwear in front of me! She was always shy as I said and apparently only ever went topless on holiday on VERY quiet beaches. Thing is she had a SUPERB body. So off we went for the first few shots. She started in different underwear and my God was she sexy. Her curves were even better with very few clothes on than I ever could have imagined. and the underwear she wore was the sexiest I'd seen. We started with a few tame shots and between each change of clothes she drank more wine. Eventually I thought we'd finished. She'd dome more than enough outfit changes to cover what was needed but she hadn't got everything she wanted. Eventually she owned up to wanting something REALLY risque.

I wasn't sure what to say to this. Obviously I would have been happy doing it but it didn't seem right somehow. But ultimately it was her decision. We came up with the idea that she would remover her bra and keep her nipples away from view. Some shots with her hand covering her breasts, others with her facing away from me or lying on the bed. Obviously (and not that I told her) everytime she moved I would catch a little glimpse. It was at this point I finally realied that my cock was twitching. I'd kept myself professional until now. I turned round and adjusted myself to try and hide the obvious. More and more pictures were taken, with her really getting into it. And as more wine was going down her inhibitions dissapeared too.

She then announced that it was getting hard trying to move without being seen. I could have said I'd seen everything already but didn't want to embarress her. I just suggested that if she just moved her hand and closed her eyes and counted to ten it would be done, I'd have seen her topless and she could relax. She thought about it and then said she had a better idea. She was feeling a little self concious that she was almost naked. and asked if I'd strip to my boxers to make it more even. I had no problem with this and started to undress. It was then I realised my little problem down below. There was no way of hiding my hard on in just my pants. But I'd made the promise so just hoped for the best.

I started to undress and although she wasn't staring I did notice her looking. This only turned me on more. So there was no hiding it. I dropped my trousers and stood there in my pants with a small tent. She looked down, blushed a little and looked me in the eye grinning. "Did I do that?" she asked. There was no denying it so I had to own up. She grinned and said it was a compliment. the only problem was she said she couldn't concentrate. I had to point out that while she was standing there looking so sexy and topless there was no way it was going to go down on its own.

It was at this point she stunned me, my sweet and innoncent sister in law, and said well why don't you have a wank and get rid. I obviously blushed myself at this point and was left speechless. The wine had obviously kicked in good and proper for her because she lost all inhibitions. "I won't tell anyone," she insisted.

I thought about it and realised she was right. So I said I'd pop to the bathroom and sort myself out. Then she dropped the bombshell on me. "Can't you do it here?" she asked. I was shocked. And totally taken aback. "Please," she begged. She'd never seen anyone masturbate in front of her and said this was probably her only chance. Especially someone other than her husband. I thought about it and she kept going on. When I pointed out that it was a very intimate and personnel thing she hit me with the next bombshell.... "I will if you will," she said. No touching each other. Just watching.

I was in a daze. With that, she grinned, put her thumbs inside her knickers and lowered them to the floor. OMG, a perfectly smooth and clean shaved pussy. There was no hiding now and my cock sprung up like never before. She lay on the bed and told me to drop them. With that, I lowered my pants and there we were. Both totally naked in front of each other.

She opened her legs and slowly slid a finger inside. That was it. I had to sort myself out now. So lowered my hand and started stroking. I coldnt take my eyes off her body nor she off my cock. I was obviously so turned on it was never gonna take me long. turned out the whole being naked in front of me had turned her on no end too.

Within a couple of minutes I was ready to shoot. I warned her and she told me to go for it. I let myself go and shot a load of hot cum over my body. As I did so, she let out a scream and had an orgasm of her own. I collapsed onto the bed next to her and we just looked at each other grinning. I was desperate to kiss her and told her so. She felt the same but pointed out we'd already done way too much as it was. However, she did lean over and give me a big hug. Feeling her breasts on my chest was the most incredible feeling. We then got up and went to clean up.

We finished the photo shoot naked, then decided I had better get cleaned up and go. We got dressed, and I gave her the memroy card with all the pictures on. and made my way home.

For weeks after I was wanking on a daily basis thinking about her and the shoot. My only real regret was that she had deleted all the pictures when I got the card back. I did eventually see the calender. Her other half was chuffed to bits, and apparently she'd convinced him that all the shots were done on a timer. Ha ha. Still it was tasteful enough that the calender was on display and I was able to see it every time I went round. a subtle reminder of a great night.

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