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Play for me, in your office

I give you instructions to play in your office. You will obey.
I know you are at work, and that there are people around. I also know that being aroused under those circumstances is something you love. Besides, they won't know how wet I have made you, or how much you ache to cum. Read on and ache, read on, and feel the delight of arousal. You know you want it. I want it for you, Yasmin.

The people around you won't know that you are wet from thinking about me grabbing you and lifting you onto your desk, pushing apart your legs with my knee, bending down and taking your pussy lips in my mouth. Feel me now, tugging on them, on your pussy lips with the door slightly ajar so the risk enhances the sensation.

Yasmin, I know you love that, the enhanced sensations created by certain circumstances. You crave them, and you create them.

When my tongue parts your lips I feel you gasp. I love that gasp, makes my cock hard just thinking about it, the first gasp of many to come. Think about that now, about how you sound when you make that first gasp, and about how my body responds to the knowledge of what I am doing to you.

See, I know you, Yasmin. I know how to make you ache. So all you have to do to ache some more is think about what you feel when my tongue flicks over your clit, right there on your desk. Look at your desk now, and see yourself there, leaning back, your legs open, my tongue fucking you, knowing someone could walk in at any minute. Imagine how hot that would feel, how your body would be in ecstasy. My tongue is flicking back and forth over your clit, so naughty to be doing that, fucking you with my tongue right there on your desk. You want me to make you cum, but I am in control. I know how to make you feel EXACTLY what I want you to feel. You know I understand that, right? I know, but I like to hear you say it, so say it now.

Say it because I want you aching, and I want your pussy soaking wet, Yasmin, I want your eyes moist with arousal, and I want your lovely skin flushed and darkened by desire. I want your heart racing at the thought of me being right there in the office with you, I want you feeling a dull throb in your moistening loins just thinking about my tongue fucking you. Am I making it hard for you to focus on work right now? I hope so, I want you feeling something that work cannot do for you.

Well, if my tongue is going to fuck you, I need to bring my fingers into play as well. But not too soon. First, I need to move my tongue around your clit, changing the pressure, direction and speed so you do not go too fast to the edge. I want to keep you in an advanced state of pleasure, but not quite at the edge for a long time before I take you right to the edge and hold you there. I know exactly the tongue movements and pressure that will do that for you, and you know I do. You have felt me do it often, and each time it gets better.

Think about it, I am making love to you with my tongue, and I am not just fucking you with my tongue. Every movement is planned, because I love giving you pleasure, Yasmin, and love witholding it to enhance it for you. Feel that now. Feel it and squeeze it. Squeeze it, and feel your wetness the way I would. How wet are you my love? Lovely isn't it?

I know that you are wet and feeling quite delicious. You love it don't you? It is wonderful to feel like that isn't it? Tell me how it feels. I want to hear in your own words.

Imagine my tongue taking you closer and closer to the edge. See, I can do that with more pressure, and a more focused movement, small little circles with alternating pressure and release just with the tip of my tongue. Yes, just the tip of my tongue. But all planned and executed with the mastery I have of your body, your mind, and your pleasure.

Imagine that, me taking you right to the edge, knowing you, understanding your pleasure enough that every sensation you feel is calculated by me to feel like that. Utterly and totally calculated. Planned, for you.

Closer, feel me taking you to the edge, closer and closer. You know how lovely that is, don't you and you feel it now. You want to force it to be faster, but at the same time you don't, so you just let it happen. You let me have control.

Fuck, thats hot. I would love to be doing that right now. My cock is throbbing just thinking about it, about controlling you like that, controlling your every sensation totally. And it's all against the backdrop of that door, just slightly ajar, creating the added delight of risk. Feel it my lover, let your body feel it now. Feel your clit throbbing, your pussy wet and aching.

As you are getting closer to the edge, I sense the time is right. I take two fingers and start to play around your entrance, tugging on your lips and just inserting them ever so slightly into your pussy and moving them around. Then, as I feel you almost at the very edge, at that moment when I can take you over or hold you there, I push them slowly into you, moving them around and pressing against your walls. How does that feel? Do you want me to do that now?

I hold you there like that, teasing you, right on the edge in joyous agony.

You speak, sort of, “I wanna cummf.”

"Yasmin, I control your orgasm, not you!" would have to be my response.

Cumming is not a bad idea, though. So I continue, sliding my fingers slowly into you, still keeping the pressure and little circles with my tongue. I move my fingers in and out of you slowly, filling you up like a cock in you. You arch your back and fuck my fingers back.

I know I have to be careful. I cannot let you cum just yet. I need you on the edge longer, to control the intensity of your orgasm so that it is extremely explosive. I know how you love that, how you love the things that enhance both the arousal and the orgasm. I know how you crave it, don't you? You crave it.

I love that about you, it makes your sensations almost automatically replicate themselves in my body. But your pretty eyes are pleading, I can feel it, and I won't keep you in delicious agony for much longer. But you know that my controlling it is going to make it so much stronger, so you also act deliberately, fighting the temptation to just cum. Yes, feel it now, feel it with me, feel the edge. You love the edge. Be there, let me take you over it. Let your fingers be my lips and tongue, my fingers in your pussy. Touch yourself now, make your body feel what I am describing.

Feel it. Feel the intensity of me fucking you with my tongue, lips and fingers. I love it that you appreciate that great sex is not just about cock and pussy. Of course, once you have come from the way I am fucking you now, I will want my cock inside you, filling you up, and taking you to your second orgasm as I shoot my cum in your pussy and we cum together. But first things first.

Let me make you cum now, feel my finger moving faster in your wet pussy, pushing against your moist, hot walls. Feel my fingers splaying on and off so you feel the sensations inside as well as from my tongue on your clit. You love the way my tongue works your clit, it feels intelligent of its own accord. It know EXACTLY how to make you go over the edge, and thats what I want right now. Let my words and your fingers do it for you.

I want you squeezing and touching and going over the edge. Yes, feel it, the orgasm is there, I can feel it too. A few more movements with my finger, pressing against your upper pussy wall, your g-spot, and my tongue pressing hard into your clit. You can't stop it now, nor can I. I want it for you as badly as you want it yourself. Cum for me my lover, my beautiful, sexy lover. Cum for me. Cum hard, be greedy. Press into my face, fuck against my finger, against your finger pressing into your pussy there in the office. You love the naughtiness of cumming in the office. Fuck me my lover, fuck me and cum. Don't hold back, you want it. Go over the edge. Cum now. Fuck I want you cumming so much. Let it happen,Yasmin. Cum now.

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