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Pool Shack Girl Part 1

My summer kicks into high gear with a girl that worked in the pool shack
The summer after my freshman year in college I worked at a five diamond resort. I was a pool boy, in charge of cleaning four resort pools, making sure all of the pool shacks had clean towels, and small resort chores like that. Sounds great, doesn't it? It actually really was. I had two hard hours of work to do in the morning and then the rest of my day was clear to flirt with MILFs and their daughters and my co-workers.

That was a great summer for me, I was dating four different girls. But there was one girl, Tracy, that really caught my attention. She was already working at the resort when I started and had completed her sophomore year of college. She was beautiful- about 5'4", skinny, short blonde hair, a great ass and perky C tits. We didn't really talk at first, but my two bosses, who were in their late twenties, loved to talk about Tracy. One really wanted her bad, talking about how he wanted to titty-fuck her.

One day, I was cooling off in the pool shack after cleaning the pools when we started talking. We hit it off and there was an instant connection- intellectually, emotionally and definitely physically. We continued to flirt for a few more weeks. I couldn't tell if she liked me or was just really nice. One day I was talking about going to a marina that night as there was a big fishing tournament in town and everybody parties on their boats. The way she said "that sounds like fun" made me feel like she wanted an invitation. I asked and she responded with an emphatic yes.

I picked her up that night and she was wearing short khaki shorts and a black halter top. She looked amazing. Her ass, legs, breasts. All of her. Tracy and her mom had just moved to town, so she didn't really know anybody. We met up with my friends and I introduced her around. We walked the marina and hopped on the boats of various people I knew to have drinks. That may not sound too exciting, but remember I was only 19 and couldn't go to a bar. I kept introducing her and she kept getting closer to me. At first standing by me, then leaning in to me, then holding my hand. We started to leave and she told me how much she enjoyed me introducing her to everyone, almost like I was proud to be seen with her. I assured her that I was. As I opened the door for her to get in my car, she leaned in and gave me a kiss. At the same time I put my hand on the small of her back and could feel the thong under her shorts. At that stage of my life (well, I guess they still are), thongs were about the sexiest thing. The girls I went to high school with didn't wear them too often. I had played it cool all night (being a cocky 19 year-old), but I almost lost it. She had looked so good all night and then knowing she was wearing a thong under her shorts, I wanted to jump her.

Tracy lived kind of far out, so we had to go down a desolate two lane road. As we got closer to her mom's house I started to slow down. As I did I noticed a few deer on the side of the road. I have no idea what was going through my mind, but I stopped and got out of the car. I walked over to one of the deer and started to pet it. I am not kidding, it stood right there as I gave it a few pets. When I turned to go back to the car it turned and ran off. When I got back in my car Tracy stared at me in amazement and said "who are you?" You know how there are moments when you know you have a girl? That was easily mine.

When we got back to her house she invited me inside. Of course I accepted. One thing I forgot to mention is that even though I was dating several girls, I had not gotten off in several weeks. I was dying. We sat on her living room couch and immediately started making out. I started rubbing her legs, inching my way up until I was inside her shorts. Since she didn't stop me, I assumed she wanted more. But I couldn't take my mind off her breasts. I started to rub them on the outside of her shirt, and then went up her shirt and rubbed them over her bra. I wasn't aware of the situation with her mom (would she come check on us?), so I didn't take her shirt off. I unsnapped her bar and pulled her shirt and bra high enough that I could see them. Then I bent down and started to lick and suck on them. Her tits were amazing. So soft and creamy. She moaned as I licked her nipples and then when I put as much of my mouth on them as I could she arched her back in ecstasy. As I licked and sucked I ran my hand down her stomach and unbuttoned her shorts. I put my hand down her thong and felt her landing strip. There was one trick I learned which is to tease the girl a little. I act like I will touch their pussy and then go around it. I will brush over it with my hand but not actually make good contact with it. I did this several times, and she started breathing very heavily, and then said "please." I plunged two fingers inside her, not believing how wet she was. I started off slowly fingering her, then got faster and faster. She was pulling my head hard into her breasts when she squeezed her legs together so tight on my hands. I could feel the pulsating of her orgasm. I left my fingers inside her and then after she unclenched her legs I slowly pulled them out. She sat there, breathing heavily. We started to kiss some more and then she rubbed the outside of my shorts on my hard cock. I am telling you, it was so hard I was about to explode already. I couldn't take it, so I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my shorts myself and slid her hand down my boxers. She grabbed my cock so tight and started pumping on it. I was kissing her and squeezing her tits. She stopped for a second and I was about to freak out. She wasn't stopping, was she? She then licked her hand and went back to work. For a 19 year-old, this was sexy as hell. I climaxed immediately and so strongly it must have been a 10-roper. It felt amazing- weeks of having blue balls and getting so turned on by this girl all night.

She whispered in my ear, "did that feel good?" I was breathing heavily and said "did you really have to ask?"

I didn't realize how long this story would be, so I have made it two parts. I will write part two as soon as I can.

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