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Rachels Revenge

How Rachel gets revenge on her porn loving boss

Rachel's Revenge

"...And hurry up with that coffee, Rachel".

"Yes, Mr Allcock.

I closed the door, seething. That man was going to get his comeuppance one day. He treated me like a servant rather than a pretty good secretary, and he was always worse when he had meetings with other male members of staff. It was like a power thing, he could say and do as he liked, knowing I wouldn't say anything in front of his colleagues. I needed my job, and he knew it. He was just a bully.

I made the coffee and took it back into the office. I placed the tray on the desk and made to leave.

"Hang on Rachel, aren't you going to pour it out for us, we need a good woman sometimes you know. We're all handless when it comes to pouring drinks and things, and you do it so daintily"

Guffaws all round. The male animal at his worst. The herd instinct, 5 men, all smirking as I poured the coffee and handed out the cups. Not one said thank you, all of them were lost in thought about some big business decision. Either that or trying to look down my blouse.

I left again. Demeaning, that's what it was, demeaning and degrading. I'd get my own back one-day.

I sat at my desk in the outer office. I had a stack of typing and filing to do, without making the flight and hotel reservations for him the following week in Las Vegas . I dreamed a little, it must be lovely to just float off from England in a cold January to a love warm exciting place like Vegas.

Mentally shrugging my shoulders I got down to some work. Shortly afterward the meeting broke up. There were handshakes all round and the usual sort of bullshit business talk as the men left. His red light went out. I ask you! He had to have a little red "Do not Disturb" light outside his office. I'd often wondered about that. How come the red light would come on at lunchtime when he was alone in there?

Sighing, I went on with my work. The morning drifted by as most of them do, in a mental haze. I worked nowadays like an automaton, mechanically sifting and sorting papers, filing and answering the phone, while that slug seemed to just revel in making me feel small. Lunch break came and I met my friend Jackie for our lunch together. We wandered through the park, idly chatting of this and that, before sitting in our usual place by the pond. Ducks waddled hopefully toward us as we opened our lunch boxes. I always gave them a few crumbs and they seemed to recognise us now.

I sighed, "You know that Richard Allcock is an absolute pain to work for, I'm getting to loathe coming to work".

Jackie looked at me, "Why?"

"Well, he's always throwing his weight around, almost like showing off in front of some of the other guys. He always seems to want to make me look small – he usually succeeds too. But I'd love to know what he does in his lunch hour. He always shuts his door and puts on the red light. I know he isn't working because his papers are always the same when lunch is over. It's a bit of a mystery."

Jackie laughed, "He's got internet access, hasn't he?"


"Well, that's it then. He's surfing for porn!"



"Well I'd love to catch him at it, I'd really make the bastard squirm!"

"We can check you know, we log all access calls"

"Really, and we can tell where he's been?

"Oh sure, but not many people know about it, there's a special program built in to the phone system, do you want me to have a look?"

"What if you get caught?"

"It won't matter, I'll be just checking everything is working." Jackie grinned, "It would prove it one way or the other, and if he is, then my dear, you have him by the balls. You could name your price for keeping quiet."

I was intrigued. If I could just catch him I could show him who was boss. I giggled a bit. "It's a thought isn't it!"

"Look this is so easy, just let me know next time he's in there alone, and I'll look him up – it's up to you then. What do you think?"

I pondered for a little while. "Well, I'd have to be able to make it stick...

"No prob, I'll print off where he's been, plus if they investigate his comp they'll find out anyway."

A plan was forming in my head, a way to really get even. I could see him crawl if I played my cards right. It all depended on him doing something wrong though, if he wasn't I was back to square one.

"Let's do it, lets get the bastard, I really want him to suffer. I'll ring you when we get back if the light's on and you can check where he is. All I need then is a cast iron excuse for interrupting him"

"Oh come on! Your part of the girl mafia, and a fire warden – we'll just get Sylvia to test the fire alarm and you will HAVE to go into the office to make sure it's clear. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he's getting up to something naughty!

We were giggling like school kids as we got back to work. I looked at the clock, we were 20 minutes early.

"We have time for another coffee"

"Not a chance, go and see if he's in and if the light's on – then let me know"

I went back to the office. I went into my outer part; there sure enough was the red light. Now I was sure I was onto something. I picked up the phone and rang Jackie.

"It's on" I whispered, "can you check?"

"Sure, I'll ring you back shortly"

"NO don't ring back, he'll hear, I'll come down. Anyway, I'd like to see what goes on."

I made my down to the computer department, and just arrived to see Jackie with a triumphant smile on her face.

"Got him!"


"Sure have, look at this log"

I looked there were many different numbers on the sheet that meant nothing to me, but were apparently the IP addresses of the sites he had been visiting. Most of them were known to the computer department as "prohibited sites".

"So he's been surfing around has he", I said thoughtfully. "Mmmm there's always a price to pay for that isn't there Jackie.

She smiled agreement "Oh yes"

I started working on my plan straight away. I spent the rest of the afternoon honing and polishing it until I was satisfied that there was no way he could escape. His day of reckoning was approaching fast.

The following day I got up extra early. I had to prepare myself. Normally I dress conservatively for work, but today I wanted to plant a seed, a seed that would germinate at lunchtime.

I showered and went through my wardrobe. I selected a shorter skirt than normal, about 2 inches above the knee. I looked for something that was sexy, yet not over the top. I found my "seduction blouse". It was white, but quite sheer. I always s wore a slip under it, but today decided against that and just popped it over my bra. I looked in the mirror. Not bad, you could see my bra, and just about make out the dark shape of my nipples. They were not obvious, but if you really looked you could see them. I knew from experience that he'd really look. The last thing I put on were some stockings. Black ones. I checked myself again and was satisfied with the result. I looked sexy, but not "available". My midriff was visible through the blouse. But the bra hid my breasts, apart from just the hint of the darkness of my nipples.

The last thing I did was grab a dowdy cardigan and slip it on. I wanted my appearance to look as normal as possible until I was ready.

I was already busy when he arrived.

'Morning Rachel, coffee please"

"Good morning Mr Allcock, I'll get some for you straight away.

I made the coffee, and hung my cardigan over the back of my chair, before taking it into the office. He looked a little surprised at my appearance and his eyes dropped to my breasts immediately. He obviously liked what he saw.

"You look er nice today, Rachel"

"Thank you, I'm going out for lunch so I thought I'd make an effort.

"Yes, very nice"

I went back to the outer office and got on with some work. I didn't have long to wait.

"Rachel, can you come through and take a letter?"

"Sure, on my way"

I sat opposite his desk where he would be sure to see my legs. I crossed my legs letting the skirt ride up a little. He watched every move. He stared at my breasts. I took the letter, crossing and re – crossing my legs, making sure he go an eyeful each time. I wanted him hot and horny by lunchtime. All morning I stretched and bent in a most unladylike manner, giving him a little flash every now and then. Once I had to pick up my pen that had "dropped" out of my hand, and I bent over from the waist, knowing he was looking at my stocking tops and thighs. I loved it. I loved it because I knew what was coming. So the morning passed, with me teasing and tempting him and him trying not to look interested, but never missing a move.

Lunchtime came and I went into his office to tell him I was going out and ask if he wanted anything, yet another "duty".

"No, I'm ok today"

"Ok, see you later then"

I returned to my office and made a lot of noise closing drawers, filing cabinets and finally the door, before making my way down to see Jackie. She looked at me "Wow, what are you trying to do – seduce him or fix him?"

"Both" I smiled. "I want him to have one thing on his mind"

"Well, let's see where he is. Oh boy look at this, he's at it already. You must have had quite an effect!"

I smiled grimly. Today was the day. I picked up the phone and dialled Sylvia.

"We're on, just give me a couple of minutes to sneak back into the outer office, then ring the fire alarm, just don't forget to broadcast the apology for the false alarm"


I went back upstairs and sat at my desk waiting.

Bang on cue the alarm went off. I dashed out of my chair and into his office.

"Come on we have to get out"

He was frantically trying to close some windows down; I went over to his desk.

"What are you doing that's so important, we have to go NOW"

I looked at the screen. There was a girl lying naked, legs spread with a finger tickling her clit. I looked at him as he tried to slouch under the desk.

"What's going on here then?"

"Nothing, it just appeared and I can't get rid of it", he was blushing, uncomfortable and embarrassed, in other words just as I wanted him.

I looked at his trousers. The fly was undone and his cock was out.

The alarm stopped and Sylvia came over the public address apologising for the false alarm. I sat on the corner of the desk "Well, well, well – we were having a nice time weren't we. Do you wank over these girls every day?"

"No – I – no it's just..." his voice petered out.

"Well don't let me stop your enjoyment, carry on I'd love to see you have a nice long lazy wank.

"I – can't"

I looked at his cock, it was small and soft.

"No I can believe you looking at that, but you will – indeed you must – unless you want me to go to see the boss, so go on, have a nice play with it, get it hard and masturbate for me. You know you want to, you know how nice it feels, so do it" I put an air of command in my voice.

Slowly, nervously he started to play with his cock. Nothing was happening, it just stayed soft and floppy.

"Let's look at some of the pictures you were looking at. I want to see you get hard for me and then come for me." I started going back through the history file and found a thing called slide show.

"What's this?"


"Huh – let's have a look, I think it maybe more than nothing – don't you?

I started the show. A pretty girl was stood at the sofa looking down at a boy.

Click, the picture changed. He had stood up now and was kissing her.

Click, now his hands were on her breasts through her blouse, her legs were slightly parted and her head thrown back.

Click. Now he had undone her blouse and was fondling her breasts through her bra.

I looked at down. That was more like it he was hardening up a little now.

"You like this?" I asked.


"It's a simple question, do you like this? Would you like to be feeling her breasts like he is? I bet you would. I bet you'd like to just get inside her blouse and suck away like crazy, yes?"


He was getting really hard now.

"Go on now. Get stroking for me, time's getting on"

Click. Now her blouse was off, she had lovely breasts, even I could see that, and he was sucking on a nipple, while fondling the other one, tweaking and nipping it into erection.

Click. Now her skirt was off. Her legs were apart you could see a little damp patch forming in her panties. He was kissing his way up her thigh, while she was stroking his hair. Her nipples were hard and erect.

Richard was stroking seriously now, long slow strokes that got him harder and harder. I watched as his hand slid down to the root, then up to the tip. It was obvious that he was getting carried away, His hips were starting the thrusting motion and his hand was increasing speed.

"That's better – your enjoying that aren't you?


"Good, now remember I want to see you come really hard." I repositioned myself on the corner of his desk, letting my legs fall open a bit more so he could see up my skirt. His eyes widened as he tore his gaze away from the screen.

"Oh God Rachel...

"Just keep stroking, Richard – or shall I call you Dick. I think I will. Yes from now on you'll be Dick, don't you think that's kind of appropriate – Dick wanking his dick", I giggled "Come on Dick love your cock, don't stop."

Click. Now the girl had her panties off and the guy was naked. His cock was hard and long she had a hand around it, pulling him towards her pussy, which was open and wet. It was obvious that they were going to fuck.

"Just think Dick, how it would feel to slide into her, so warm, so wet, I bet you'd just love it wouldn't you. Would you play around the entrance for a while or would you go straight in and fuck her rigid. If you were really nice to her you could drag that hard cock of yours over her clitty for a while, I bet she'd love that – I know I do"

In spite of myself I was getting a bit carried away by the atmosphere. As I watched he started producing some silky smooth precum. I watched as he smeared it down his length.

"That's right Dick, get it nice and slippery, just as though you were sliding into her cunt.

Click. Now they were fucking, he was driving into her and she was loving it. The shot was taken from under the couple and showed his prick up to the hilt inside her, her legs were wrapped around his back and her fingers were playing with her clitty and both were having a wonderful time.

Dicks hips were starting to move more urgently now, thrusting forwards as his hand slid up and down his cock. More and more precum was oozing from the end and he was smoothing it down that lovely, hard cock for all he was worth.

"Getting close Dick?"

"Mmmm yes"

"Good. Lets see what they're doing now eh?"

The last shot in the series showed him coming, he had withdrawn and was close to her mouth. Her mouth was open and you could see the creamy white cum around her lips. The boys hand was wanking his cock into her mouth. God this was so sexy!

"Come for me Dick – let it all go. I want to watch you COME"

It was too much for him and with one final heave forward he started to come. I was a little disappointed at first, just a little trickle came, but then he came properly and jet after jet shot from his cock. He covered his shirt and tie with spunk and still kept stroking.

"That's right Dickie boy get every last drop out"

Slowly he relaxed. He was in a real mess. Spunk had shot all over his shirt tie and was dribbling down his chest. He even shot as far as his chin.

"I er I need a tissue, pass me one – please."

"Not a chance love, your just going to have to manage. Have you got any spare clothes here?, no, well you'll just have to use your hands then." I slid down from the desk corner letting my skirt slide up my thighs. "I'd better book the other tickets hadn't I"?

"Other tickets?"

"To Las Vegas , you're going to need me to keep an eye on you out there. There's lots of temptations and now I know what your like – well let's just say you may need some secretarial support"

"You can't come, there'll be hell on about that"

"Your problem – Dick." I sneered "There will be more trouble if the powers that be know what goes on here over lunch"


I closed the door behind me. GOT HIM!


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