Rainy Day - Part I

By flashover

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Lovers meet for a long overdue session.

Rainy Day – part I


Bill hurried to the side door, and let a small smirk escape his mouth, as he opened the door to reveal a luscious woman standing before him.


“Well…..Hello Susan…..what are you collecting for today?” he asked.


The woman, clad in a long black overcoat, only exposed a small amount of sheer nylon stocking and nice set of black 4 inch pumps.   Her brunette hair was pinned back into a perfect bun, which allowed her beautiful face to detail the meticulously applied cosmetics.


“Hello…Bill” she stated. “I’m soliciting the neighborhood for donations today”


“Come on inside out of the cold” he replied and with that Susan shook off the fine pebbles of rain that beaded on her overcoat and stepped inside past Bill. He took a quick scan at the neighbors houses to see who was nosey, but nothing was apparent.


“Why thank you Bill!” Susan said, but really of no use as Bill was oblivious for a few fleeting seconds as her generously applied perfume essentially smacked him across the face. He inhaled this sensational aroma for a few more seconds till he shut the solid wooden door to the elements. He turned to face her.


“And what are we collecting today?” Bill asked.


Susan removed her red silk gloves then turned to face Bill. She took two purposeful steps towards him, and slid her hand gently up his cheek, then around to the nape of his neck. Her fingers spread thru his sandy blond hair, Her face essentially beside his.

 S he whispered in his ear, “A HOT, passionate kiss for starters!”


And with that, two eager set of lips met. For her…..the sense of strength of Bills masculine jaws and cheeks, but oooh, so gentle of a kisser.   For Him…. her lipstick provided a hint of needed lubrication as their two mouths ground together , her lips, so…so…. soft.


Bill’s knees actually buckled and he wasn’t sure if it was her weight of her perfect 118 lbs, or her mesmerizing perfume that allowed them to fall back the few inches till they slammed into the heavy door with a thud.


“Well,, that’s the way I love to start collecting “ Susan giggled as she leaned into Bills muscular mass. Her arms wrapped around his neck. They gazed deeply into each others eyes,,, for it had been some time since they had been together.


Now, you see…. this is a little charade that Bill and Susan concocted to divert nosey neighbors attention from any strange vehicles in the driveway . Susan parked her vehicle a mere 2 blocks away in the local mall shopping park lot , then walked to Bills. Usually she wore a fake I.D. tag and carried a clipboard, portraying a canvasser,,,, but today was raining and was of no use. Most people hide in their houses anyways, when it rains.


Bill slipped his hands between their two bodies and untied the coats belt and few buttons.

His powerful hands slipped inside to Susan's shoulders and eased her overcoat off. His eyes transfixed on the revealing black dress. Susan’s breasts heaved as she too inhaled Bills masculine scent.   Bill took Susan’s red silk gloves and attempted to place them in her coat, but she interrupted his actions.


“I’ll look after those” she said. with that gently took her coat from him and laid it across the banister. She reached back and took Bills hand, and with a jolt she lead him up the ½ flight of stairs where it opened up into the generous sized living room.


Bill took full advantage of the opportunity to work his eyes over her stunning figure while walking up the stairs. Her muscular calves leading up to her obviously well toned ass. The back of her dress, open, showing smooth skin all the way down to mere inches above her ass. Those 2 perfect dimples screaming to be kissed.


The distinct sound of high heel against the oak floor, followed them over to the oversized daybed. It faced the outside picture window, she observed a small table beside the chair,   the   bottle of red wine, the two tall wine glasses, the single red rose. and now, the pair of red silk gloves nestled on the table.


“Expecting someone?” she asked……Bill just grinned!


Susan sat on the edge of the daybed and drew Bill close, still standing. She purposefully tugged at his belt, looked up at him with her sultry eyes , opened her mouth and bite his hard erection thru his jeans., and all the time never taking her eyes off his. Her hands slid up his torso and unbuttoned his white designer dress shirt. Bill shrugged a little, and his shirt floated to the floor.


  Next Susan immediately placed her soft hands on Bills muscular pecs and then trailed her fingernails down his stomach back to his belt. Another direct bite on his ever more prominent cock through the fabric, followed by the sensation of hot air been blown thru caused Bill to lean his head back on his shoulders and sigh a huge gasp.


“Oh babe…….what you do to me! “, he managed to stammer.


Susan undid Bills leather belt , popped his top button   off, and rolled his zipper down. Her hands, Grasped the waistline of the jeans, and yanked them down to his ankles.


What Susan was not prepared for was Bills hard cock, suddenly smacked her on the side of her head. Startled…. she jolted back,,,,finally realizing that Bill neglected to put on any briefs .   Now released from its confines, mere inches from Susan’s’ lush red lips, Bills’ cock pulsed every few seconds, seeking needed attention.


“You Devil…..” She stated….and with that they both snickered,,,, that was until she grasped his throbbing cock and jerked it upwards. Her one hand insufficient to control it, two hands needed. She leaned forward and sucked in one of Bills huge balls,,,then tried to suck in the other ,,, only to falter because they were too big for her to manage at the same time. Susan expertly rotated back and forth. Excruciating slow strokes of his swollen cock coincided the sensation of saliva running down his sack.


  She then employed her tongue to place a wet trail of saliva from the base of Bills (Well above average) cock to the very tip…pausing just a few seconds   at the underside of his circum sized head..   She flicked this erogenous area with the very tip if her wet tongue……Bill thought he wasn’t gonna make it to the count of three..


Susan, still grasping Bills throbbing cock , stood swiftly and leaned against Bills now totally nude physic. She gave his massive hard-on a couple of twisting thrusts before She swung him around and pushed him down on the love seat. She bent over and removed the remainder of pants and socks, and motioned him to move back to the deepest part of the sofa.


“Watch me Stud!” Susan quipped. And with that she spun around and took the few remaining strides to the backyard picture window. Streaks of water streaming down the window was a tell-tale sign that it was now pouring outside.


  In the light of this grey day… a halo almost enshrined her perfect body . Bill watched from his relaxed position, as Susan reached out to balance forward against the window. Her hips swayed back and forth, grinding erotically to the beat of a song playing only in her mind. She lowered her ass right down, resting on her calves, then slowly twisted and turned her way back up.


“Who’s the lil Devil now?” Bill voiced. Susan glanced over her shoulder and smiled. She crossed her arms, hooking the opposite straps of her dress, and gently pulled them off her shoulders. She paused, dropped her arms, allowing her dress to fall to the floor.


Immediately Bill focused on her hot ass. Susan leaned forward against the window, exposing the sight of her now apparent crotchless nylons. Bill Gazed at her now exposed pussy. He could see her two glistening lips just protruding from her mound, no pubic hair though, but he knew that because Susan always likes to keep a clean   house, just a neat , tidy triangle on most occasions.


  His though process was interrupted by a movement.

Susan, still bent over, now started rubbing her swollen lips. She glanced back, first focusing on Bills handsome face,,, then his masculine frame,,, and finally   locking onto his hard   cock. A hint of purple she thought as she licked her lips for him,, she then again looked forward…


“Watch!” she commanded….. Susan glided her fingers over her pussy once again, then buried first her index finger inside,, then another   inside,,,, her head arched back..moaning,,,,plowing her fingers deep into her   moist cavern. Bill could see her fingers working frantically, glistening wet.


Susan straightened up, and walked over to the daybed, placed her knees up on and the shimmied over next to Bill.


Just kneeling before him…Bill‘s   strong hands electrified Susan’s body when he touched her torso. He wasted no time sliding them up and cupping her breasts….her nipples jumped at the touch,,,erect…hard tips pressing into his hands.


She dropped her head, Bill removed the hair clip that held Susan’s Hair bun so taunt. With that, Susan shook her long silky hair free, and it cascaded over the top of her breasts.


Susan pushed his hands away. In a few minor movements she adjusted herself right over Bills torso. Most of her weight on her left knee beside his hip, her other leg straddled his hip and resting on her right foot for balance.


“Watch!” …  


Her hands cupped her own breasts, massaging them, pinching her nipples till they responded with little bumps aching to be sucked. Bill was in a trance, focused on these manipulative tools. Susan slid her hands down her toned chest , then waist, and finally down to her pussy.   Indeed she had prepared for today, a perfect manicured mound of pubic hair shaped like an arrowhead.   As if he needed sight directions at all……Her sweet aroma of wet juices captured his attention.


She tossed her hair back with a sideways sway of the head and looked into his eyes. Then that mischievous smile, she dropped her eyes, forcing him to look down to where her hands now resided. Susan stretched her mound up with her left hand, exposing her pink lips and inner folds to Bills sight. Her right hand slid down and caressed her pussy.   A few circle motions around her clit began the ritual, then followed by full coverage of her folds right down to her anus. after several of these motions, she withdrew her hand laden with her juices.


“Taste me!” She commanded, and with that she thrust her drenched fingers into Bills eager mouth. “   Bill grasped her hand and held it in place while he devoured her delectable flavor.


“Ok…Stud” Susan stated.. ”Just lie back and relax…your lil devil is gonna take care of everything!”


Bill Relaxed deep into the cushion on the couch. Susan reached over and picked up the red silk gloves that she brought over to the table. She flicked her long hair back behind her shoulders, and made a performance of just pulling the gloves on. They fit snug on her dainty hands…just the right size.


Susan then made her way right up beside Bill and laid down next to him. She casually nestled in close… her head on his chest,,,, a hap-hazard right leg capped off with the high heel shoe still on…tossed over his muscular right leg. He could feel one of her nipples ..erect against his side.. he could feel her hot breath on his chest…he sensed the nylons on his leg


Bill said nothing,,,he just basked in the moment…..He wondered about the red gloves….but then soon found out why…. Susan Grasped his still raging cock and began to stroke his manhood. His cock was as hard as a iron pipe.. His cock head receiving a massive amount of blood… it expanded and was getting real red.


Susan gently swirled her tongue around Bills nipple,,, then she gently bite it. Bill liked this.


“ Stud “   Susan whispered   “   I want you to fuck me……I want your hard cock to slam into my cunt…. I’ve missed you so bad….I need you…i need your hard cock deep inside me…i need your cumm   in my pussy ….in my ass….. and i really need your cum in my hot mouth”


Bill’s cock   turned a deeper shade of purple at this.   Her masterful strokes of his hard cock with the silk gloves was an amazing sensation. She twisted,,, and turned … she knew exactly how to make it respond to her touch. She could feel the rigid walls of his hard-on underneath her grasp……a huge secretion of clear   pre-cum emerged out of Bills member….


Susan stopped briefly and used her thumb and index finger to pull it off. A long clear string followed her motion from his massive head. She immediately put some in her   mouth,,,, then leaned up to kiss Bill directly in the mouth,,,,   their tongues mingled,   exchanging the hot cum, and saliva…


“Good…isn’t it….” Susan Stated.   Their faces a mere inch apart. Susan's’ lusting eyes focusing on Bills. Her Hand stroking the full length of his manhood, slightly twisting motions, then every few seconds a burst of short rapid jerks. She knew how to get exactly what she wanted.


Bill ….in his state of maximum arousal…responded

“ Oooooh… Babe…… I Love you… I love all you Do to me…. You are so fucking   hot… I want you so bad…Do you Feel how hard you have made me?….I have ached for your body to touch mine ….I want to feel your hot cunt on my face….   I want to feel your tight ass swallow my cock,,,,,   … ….Babe…..I love you”


Susan persisted ””” ….. you are the only one that can fuck my ass the way I need it.…. I love your hard cock slamming me from behind…. your balls banging my wet cunt…. can you picture that,,stud…..and just when your ready to cum,   Don’t you Dare blow it where I can’t taste it….i want you to cum on my face…..i am yours…..i am your dirty lil’ whore…. cum for me….cummmmmmmmm for me” Susan panted.


Susan slid back down a little, nestled close to his chest… leaned back over, and really took a good bite on Bills hard nipple.. She could tell Bill…..Her lover for so long,,, was close to exploding.. She laid her head back on his chest and was really stroking his hard cock with great passion. More pre-cum oozed out   and she knew it was now….. her man was gonna cum…


the sign…Bills legs gave a little quiver and his head flew back as he gasped for a breath of air. He moaned…..he screamed and jerked. she slammed her hand right down to the base of bills cock…..she stretched her little finger down and applied a very direct pressure on the   main discharge vein from his balls….denying him release…release of   his yummy seed from his balls…… she slowly counted to herself to the count   8.


Susan let go…and so did Bill.


Instantaneous spurts of glistening white cum exploded from Bills massive purple head… the first ….the farthest landed just above Bills chest, a little in Susan's hair. another less substantial spasm just onto his stomach and   the rest…perfectly extracted out onto Susan’s red silk glove…..as it oozed all over her hand.. A huge load of sticky…white ..delicious cum….months in the making for his dirty whore lover. Susan kept stroking his cock,,,,making sure every single drop came out.


Bill…lay..gasping…..what a wonderful handjob…..


Susan….who found she was incredibly turned on by such a massive release of cum, wasted little time in slurping, licking, sucking,, or whatever it took to get her lovers cum into her mouth.. Once satisfied all had been recovered,, she immediately straddled Bills torso, leaned over    and shared her newfound nectar with her lover.  


Bill and Susan kissed .. swirled tongues ,,,, and   shared Bills glorious sweet cum.


Bill…although having ejaculated a huge load of cum, showed no signs of being satisfied with just a handjob today. He expertly touched Susan,,, like he has many times before,, and Susan was responding with equal intent.


Bill.. said to Susan as he ran his fingers thru her hair…..” Babe….. That was amazing….you know exactly what i need …..I love you.”


And how they did know each other, for they have been together since they were born first cousins, only days apart, the product of two very close knit sisters.