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Rainy Day

A rainy day leads to unexpected pleasures.
As I stepped onto the street I felt a sense of freedom burst excitedly within me. I had rashly cancelled my afternoon appointments and decided to skip work for the rest of the day. I hadn’t played hookie since high school so the thrill of pulling a disappearing act for the day was exhilarating. It had been a wet and miserable day, and all morning the dark stormy clouds kept luring me away from my work. I wanted to be somewhere cosy, and warm. Curled up comfortably in a blanket ... with wine, a roaring fire, a good book …

Even now I had escaped the confines of the cold bleak office my thoughts still wandered. As I walked along the rain spattered down on me. The wet drops felt invigorating, awakening my senses. All around me people were dashing for cover, or trotting briskly along. I had always loved the rain, so I stood still, closed my eyes and faced the sky, feeling each drop land on my skin with a gentle kiss. A huge smile crossed my face, I felt more alive in that moment than I had for months.

I began strolling quietly along; feeling each rain drop trickle down and form glistening labyrinths on my skin. My drenched clothes hugged my body. As I walked along I took in my surroundings with fresh eyes, really seeing the city for the first time. The sounds and smells stirred all around me. It was exotic and alluring. The city was a mysterious Siren enticing me with her vibrant streets that hinted at new adventures and secret delights.

I spotted the old movie theatre across the street; a movie on a rainy weekday afternoon. It felt so indulgent. Why not? Smiling, I crossed the street, stepping into every puddle I could, like a child. I bought a ticket to the next movie about to show, not caring about its plot, acting, or reviews. This afternoon was going to be all about relaxation and taking pleasure in the simple things. I took a seat in near the front and looked around. I was the only soul here. Now I felt like I could indulge in my secret pleasure completely uninterrupted.

I squished my bum down into the seat and relaxed as the movie started to roll. About five minutes into it, my blissful solitude was disrupted when I heard the heavy tread of a man moving down the aisle. His steps paused behind me and I felt his presence sit down. Really, I thought, sitting down right behind me in a completely empty theatre? I felt irritated that my secret little world had been so closely intruded upon.

The movie chugged along, typical brainless Hollywood fodder. But it was absolutely perfect. I was so relaxed I barely noticed the gentle tap on my shoulder. I went to turn around, and felt the tickling sensation of warm breath grazing my neck.

A voice said “Don’t turn, just keep looking at the screen.” The voice was earthy and warm; it carried no menace, just a simple direct tone. “I want to play a game with you if I may. Without ever touching you, I am going to make you more aroused than you have ever been.”

I was stunned at being propositioned like this, but already these few simple words had me intrigued.

“There are a few rules though. I want you to close your eyes and relax. You must not speak; you can only listen. Never turn around. I will remain only a voice, whispering in your ear. At times I may request something from you, but there will be no pain, or humiliation. You are safe with me. I only want to bring you pleasure. Nod if you understand.” 

I nodded, feeling a thrilling sensation ripple through my body.

“I noticed you walking in the street. I was sheltering from the rain when I saw you standing looking to the sky. You held your arms open, embracing the gentle caress of the rain as it dropped. The city rushed around you, yet you were still; oblivious to it all. You were lost in a moment of pure bliss. You mesmerised me. When you started walking I found myself following. I noticed how you stepped into every puddle, your red heels sending little splatters of water up your ankles. The drops glistened on your black stockings, making them look like dew on a spider’s web. Your skirt clung to your body, caressing your every curve. I watched your ass jiggle playfully as you walked. Each small bouncy movement was beguiling me; seducing me. Even in the wet weather you were turning the heads of men. Perhaps it was a combination of your beauty and poise; you walked in a cloud of euphoria; as if you were delirious. It was intoxicating.

"I saw you enter the theatre, and was compelled to follow you; all plans for the day forgotten. As you purchased your ticket and turned around, you looked at me briefly. Seeing your face for the first time stopped my breath. You were stunning. The smile on your face hinted at a secret that you kept for you own private pleasure. I looked at your body as you began to turn away. Your breasts were exquisite, full and inviting. The material from your blouse caressed them like gentle hands. The cloth had become translucent and I could see your pink nipple through your lacy bra. It was hard and erect. How I wanted to kiss that nipple. To suck it, to lick it; to run my tongue over it slowly and gently bite it."

As I listened to him speak I could feel a sweet tingle rise and start to dance on my pussy. I had never been spoken to like this before. Each of his words caressed my body as he conducted me through his fantasy. I was so aroused; I could feel blood flushing my skin.

"I purchased a ticket and watched you take your seat. I desired you like I had no other woman; to know you, to feel you, to smell you; to taste you. My cock was hardening as my ache grew. I sat behind you and could smell the sweet scent of rain mingle with your perfume. It was heady and sensuous."

His masculine voice spoke slowly and deliberately. He delivered each word provocatively. I felt him move closer, bending into my ear …

"I lean forward and blow delicately onto your neck. You move your shoulder slightly and incline your head. I blow again, gently moving up to your ear. You tilt your head and whimper softly. I tenderly brush my lips against your neck, my breath warming your skin. I kiss you; slowly at first, small and tender kisses. Then as I work my way up your neck, my kisses become more intense and passionate. As I continue kissing you I start to caress your shoulders. I gradually work my hands down your chest until I am holding your breasts. I cup each one in my hands and fondle them gently, feeling them swell with each breath. You lean your head back and moan."

He edges closer to me ear.

"I want you to unbutton your shirt. Slowly.

I submitted, undoing each button delicately. My nipples were throbbing gently, craving to be touched. I opened my shirt wide and waited.

"Now undo your bra."

 I unclasped the front of my bra and freed my breasts. They sat pertly pointing at the screen, illuminated by the light. I felt him inhale shallowly beside me as he watched me firmly squeeze my breasts. I stroked them, pinching my nipples. I heard the sound of his zipper open. I groaned as he continued to whisper …

"I take each breast in my hand and clasp them tight. I take a nipple in my mouth and suck hard. I feel it pressing against my tongue; hard like a bullet. You groan. I massage your other nipple as I begin to suck harder. I pinch and bite you gently, tantalising your body as my mouth envelops your breast. You feel my saliva trickle down skin, goosebumps rising on your flesh. I look into your eyes and tell you I need to taste you. I run my hands up your thighs, raising your skirt. I trace my fingers along the top of your lacy stockings; I stretch the suspender straps tight and release them with a snap. They slap against your creamy thighs. I rub your pussy and I can feel your wetness through your underwear. You groan. Softly, I kiss your inner thighs as I continue to rub along your swollen lips, teasing your pussy. I pull down your panties."

I am completely wet now. I hear the tension in his voice as he masturbates. I pull my skirt up then slip my underwear down and lower myself deeper into the seat. Raising my legs, I place my feet on the chairs in front of me, my knees bent and spread wide, giving him a good view of my pussy over my shoulder. I can feel the heat from his eyes as he watches me; his breath quickens. I hear his hand pump harder on his cock. I want you to touch yourself. I start to stroke my smooth pussy and my fingers get instantly wet. My hips start to grind against my hand, willing my fingers deeper and deeper as he continues …

"I take my tongue and plunge it deep into your cunt. I lick you all over, tasting your sweetness. Your juices cover my face as I bury myself in deeper and deeper. You groan in pleasure as you push my head down harder. Your hips grind into my face. I’m engulfed by your pussy. I lick, suck and flick my tongue on your swollen clit. I can feel it throbbing. I take my fingers and slide them down inside your lips before plunging them deep into your cunt. I work them in and out, fast and deep. You writhe in pleasure. With my other hand I rub your asshole before inserting my finger in slowly. I lick your clit as my fingers thrust into your pussy and ass. You are dripping wet; the smell of your sex consumes me.

"I feel your body tense as I fuck you with my fingers, going faster and faster. A moan escapes from your lips. You buck your hips in pleasure and beg for more. I shove my fingers in deep and you gasp as you let out a cry. Your body contracts as you cum. I lick your pussy clean and kiss it tenderly, before lifting your ankles up and hold them suspended beside my head. I look at your beautifully drenched pussy, then I take my cock and drive it straight into your cunt. I thrust hard feeling my cock fill you up. Your pussy is tight and warm. My balls slap hard against you. I thrust my cock deep inside you. Your tits jiggle with each movement and I can see you squirm.

"You squeeze your muscles so with each plunge your cunt grips my cock harder. You raise your hands and gently pinch my nipples sending me over the edge and I fuck you faster. I grip your ankles tight as I pound your cunt as deep as I can. I slam my cock hard into your pussy, and your body writhes in ecstasy. You stop breathing as the orgasm takes hold sending spasms trembling through your body. I withdraw my cock from your cunt and shoot my load over your breasts. Smiling, you rub the cum all over your tits, then sitting up, you take my cock in your mouth and lick it clean."

I can feel his breathing become shorter and I know he is close to cumming. I fuck myself faster, feeling my fingers delve deeper. I’m so wet the juices from my cunt have pooled into a slick patch beneath me. I moan, as I rub my clit rapidly. I feel my body constrict and jerk as I orgasm. I let out a loud sigh and feel my soaking pussy. Behind me I hear the hard gasp, and feel his body relax back into his chair.

I start to cover myself and get repositioned properly in my chair. When I am settled I hear his whisper once again.

"Thanks for playing. You were wonderful."

 I heard him stand and walk up the aisle …

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