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Reading A Story

My roomie is gone and the door is shut, I know that at any time someone could walk in, not caring if the door is shut or not. I cannot ignore the need that's been growing inside me all day. The thoughts of running my dainty manicured fingers over my throbbing clit has drove me to the brink of insanity. I grab my netbook, the one I reserve for solely internet play. My hands slowly slide over my body, for a brief moment I close my eyes and allow myself to feel as if it is a man treasuring my body for the first time.

My fingers graze over my bra and I can feel my hard nipples poking out from under the soft cup. I gasp quietly and decide that I can no longer wait. Rapidly I slide my panties and jeans off my body and wiggle my way under the covers. I am shaking in anticipation as I type in the web address. Immediately the welcome page is filling my screen, and I can feel my pink folds becoming more wet.

I slowly scan the stories, debating over which one to choose. Finally selecting one I see fit for my current mood I click on it. My white teeth sink into the soft pink of my lip as I lay back, spreading my legs slightly underneath the blanket. The soft material feels so comforting against my bare pussy that I already want to touch. But I refuse.

I read the story in great depth, allowing myself to get lost in the story line. I get wet as the characters in the story become aroused, and as her pussy is stretched in the story, I swear I can feel mine stretch around a large cock as well. By the time I get to the end of the story I can no longer take it. My breathing is deep and ragged, my nipples are hard as rocks beneath my tshirt, and I am completely wet.

I open another, and let my hand slide down my body. I read this one more urgently, desperately searching for the sexual scenes. When I finally find them I read each line over twice, gasping quietly as my finger finally makes contact with my clit. Shocks flow through my body, and a fire is growing deep within my body.

The urge to orgasm is more than I can take as I continually read the story. I spread my legs farther and dip my finger lower, slowly sliding one finger in. It is tight, but just perfectly so. I moan quietly, praying that the person in the next dorm cannot hear me. I slide my finger slowly in and out of myself, whimpering as the pleasure increases. I attempt at putting another finger in, but it is too painful and draws away from the pleasure.

Whining internally I pull it back out and focus on my clit. I begin drawing lazy circles around it, silently enjoying the light waves of pleasure it causes. I need more intensity, and I cannot hold myself back. I press harder and gasp in shock, it surprises me every time as the pleasure overfills me. Closing the laptop I lay flat on my back and close my eyes.

I imagine every scene of the story repeatedly as I slide my other hand down my body. Filling my tight virginal pussy with just one finger. I thrust onto it repeatedly, just wishing it was some strong man taking me. Taking my virginity, taking all I have with his thick cock. My left hand becomes more vigorous on my clit as I can feel myself tightening.

My body is shaking, and I moan repeatedly. I try to be quiet, but as always I fail. Faster and harder I rub. I can tell the moment is coming, and it's as if I am a little girl again. Anxiously waiting to open presents on Christmas. Although, what I am waiting for is much more of an adult gift. My hands are a blur below the sheets, I notice the time and realize my roommate will be back soon.

Closing my eyes and taking one last breath I give up and let the orgasm overtake me. My pussy tightens repeatedly around my finger, so much so that my finger feels actual pain. I can't stop rubbing, and I wish the moment would never end as I ride wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

As always, it has to end. And when it does I lay there, breathing silently, feeling my body slowly return to normalcy. One at a time I pull my hands away and suck them clean. I giggle quietly, knowing that what I had just done seems so naughty.

I stash the laptop away and return to my panties and jeans. I slide back to my desk and begin typing the paper I had to do. My roommate walks in and smiles at me, telling me about the day she had with her boyfriend. I'm sure she can smell the scent of sex, but is probably worried that it's her, rather than knowing it's me. I just smirk knowingly, still feeling my pussy dripping with the leftover wetness from my activities just moments before.

I live for those moments alone.

Just me, my fingers, and lush.

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