Red satin knickers and London Metro Hand Job

By rafael

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I was squashed up against her in the metro -
Metro trains are wonderful places if you like being in close proximity with heavenly young female bodies. As a friend of mine once said - "you could be squashed up against someone like Claudia Schiffer".

It was the summer of 1996 when I was living in London. I was 32 at the time and horny as heck. The young ladies were showing it all and driving me mad with desire. I had no girlfriend. I just spent days drooling over London's ladies - and I had no luck with women at that time - until one day ...

I was going from Embankment to Kings Cross on the Northern Line. If you know that line well you will understand that from that station up to about Tottenham Court road it can be quite busy on those trains. Well I was standing by the door at the top of the carriage which joins the next carriage and I was hemmed in at all sides - couldn't move. The train was damned busy with tourists, trampy new agers and city boys and girls.

At Leicester Square a load of people got off and an even bigger crowd boarded - squeezing me against the door. I was turnded towards the door and looking at a nice girl inside the other train when I became aware of something very nice, soft and warm pressing against my back. In the din I heard high pitched female voices and I turned around. Pressed up against me was a gorgeous young lady with a very short white skirt and her bottom was pressed right against my private parts. I also had a face full of shiny black hair. From what I could hear of her voice she was either Chinese or some other asian nationality. She was about my size. I could not see her face but I thought she must be very pretty - judging by her body.

The train stopped at another station and nobody got out - more got in and I felt the girl totally pressed against my whole body. Phew! I looked around to see of anyone could see my position but in that tiny space I appeared quite invisible. All I could see around were backs.

Yes, my cock was hard and it felt the beautiful skirt covered ass that kept pressing teasingly. Whether she could feel me behind her I do not know. I had a burning desire to lift her skirt and feel her knickers pressing on me - but what if I was discovered? She might feel her skirt go up and then what? Christ it was so ertotic I nearly passed out and I unconsciously undid my zip and put thumb and finger in and began to play with my cock. Then what do you think? I let it pop out erect as it was and I felt was going to come! All over her skirt! How delicious! Would I get away with it? I had to! My balls were bursting and I couldn't hold on and didn't want to. What if someone saw! My head went back against the glass and I pulled on my dick. Suddenly I heard "Oh no I've dropped some money" and the skirt went up as the Asian honey bent over to pick it up. The train was pulling into a station and I heard "Quickly Kim we're getting off here" and that was it - I looked down and saw a lovely bottom dressed in sexy red silky knickers and below perfect sexy white legs - when I saw that and felt the material on my dick I exploded - the whole gooey lot shot against her ass and I jerked my cock  while this amazing stimulus was in close proximity. I heard a bit of a shriek "what's that?" and "let's go it's our stop". I popped my satisfied dick back in my pants and she piled off with a load of my cum on her sexy little undies and dripping down her legs.  As the train pulled out I looked and saw her with her friend - she put her hand on her ass and I saw a kind of disgusted look on her face (she was asian, Japanese I think) as the penny dropped.

I looked around the train. had anyone seen? No. I just collapsed into an empty seat - a big smile on my face that stayed there all the way to Kings Cross.