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Resolutions - Part 1 of 2

Resolutions - Part 1 of 2

Ellie's friend Beth helps her end the year with a bang.
My fingers slide through the condensation on a bottle of Corona as I stand on the deck gazing out at the activity in the backyard. A flock of cockatoos take flight against a horizon streaked with brilliant reds and oranges, the colours overlaid with strands of wispy clouds. The evening breeze carries the aroma of barbecued meat and the faint thumping of bass from another party down the street.

Beth, Lucas and I share an old four bedroom house with a large yard that overlooks the lake. The town always puts on a fireworks show above the water on New Year’s Eve. Our low-lying fence means we have an uninterrupted view of the crowd and the show itself, without actually having to go anywhere. All of our closest friends come along each year, with most of them staying over to avoid having to drive home.

Our barbecue dinner finished a while ago so now everyone’s just letting loose and enjoying themselves. It makes me smile hearing their raised voices and laughter. It’s all fairly tame right now but if the parties we’ve had in the past are anything to go by, I know it’s going to become raucous later.

The breeze and setting sun are doing their part to cool what’s been an uncomfortably hot day. I’m wearing a light blue sundress with thin straps and a stretchy bodice, the loose skirt allowing air to swirl around my legs. I’ve decided to forgo a bra and shoes in exchange for comfort, with my long blonde hair piled on top of my head for the same reason.

I lift the bottle in my hand and take a sip, feeling a presence beside me just as I swallow. I’ve become so aware of him lately that I know who it is without even having to turn my head. He must have dipped inside the house before I came up here to grab a drink.

“Ellie,” Lucas says, confirming my suspicion. “What’s going on? Why are you up here when everyone else is down there?”

Our yard slopes from the deck with most of the action taking place in the lower section on the grass. Earlier in the day we filled a couple of wading pools with the garden hose and a few of the guests are either sitting on chairs with their legs dangling over the side or actually in the water with their drinks. Some are wearing bathing suits; others have stripped down to their underwear.

“Just taking it all in,” I say, avoiding looking at him while I sip from the bottle. Once I make eye contact with him I know he’ll start turning on the sizzle because that’s all he’s been doing these past couple of weeks. No matter how much I try to ignore him my resistance weakens each time.

He stands a head taller than me, with messy brown hair and an athletic body. His eyes are the colour of espresso and his voice is smooth and deep, often sending little shivers of pleasure through me. I’m not giving in, though, regardless of how many playful, inviting looks he throws my way. He’s Beth’s boyfriend so that makes him off limits as far as I’m concerned. I just wish he felt the same about the situation because it would make living together a lot easier.

“You look hot tonight,” he says.

I feel like closing my eyes and sighing but I force myself to meet his gaze. “Lucas, don’t.”

He’s wearing a black tank top and khaki shorts, his feet bare like mine. He looks so carelessly gorgeous it inspires awe along with the desire I’ve become so familiar with these days.

He stares at me and raises one questioning brow, just that simple action causing my pulse to hammer. The usual tension hums between us, but he still manages to crack a smile as if it has no effect on him. “I mean you actually look hot. Your cheeks are pink.”

They grow even warmer at the realisation that I’ve just taken him all wrong and given the impression that I think I’m irresistible. “Oh. Sorry.”

He nudges my bare shoulder with his, the kiss of his warm skin against mine making me want to lean in to him to maintain the connection. “Maybe you should take off your dress,” he says.

Despite my discomfort, I snort at his suggestion. “You’re an idiot.”

He grins and relieves me of my beer. While I stand there glaring at him open-mouthed, he takes a long swallow of my drink then points the bottle at me. “Seriously, Ellie,” he says, licking an errant droplet from his lower lip, “when are you going to stop fighting it?”

The sight of his tongue takes my attention, and the knowledge that his mouth has now shared the same space as mine gives me a strange little thrill. “You mean the heat?”

“Yeah, the heat—between us,” he adds. His gaze sweeps over me just once, but it has enough of an impact that it leaves me feeling naked.

The conversation feels all wrong to be having out here in the open, but there isn’t really anywhere appropriate to talk about whatever it is the two of us have going on. Up until now we’ve only shared glances and lingering touches; neither of us has brought the subject up in conversation. Now it’s out there, we’ll never be able to pretend the attraction doesn’t exist again.

My attention flits about the yard, and I briefly wonder if anyone has noticed us standing here together. I shift my blue eyes back to Lucas, keeping them on him while I try to figure out what to say. His mouth twitches at one corner while he watches me. It gives me the impression he finds my awkwardness amusing, which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

“Tell you what,” he finally says, leaning over to deposit the empty bottle on the trestle table we had the food set out on earlier. “I’ll just lay it all out there, okay?”

My heart pounds and my stomach lurches. The look in his eyes tells me that once he’s voiced whatever thoughts are going through his mind right now, there won’t be any turning back. I don’t know if I want to run away or beg him to tell me, but my feet remain rooted to the spot regardless.

“Okay,” I say. My voice comes out like a squeak, which only further increases his amusement.

He reaches out to me. I force myself not to flinch as his warm hand slides over my collarbone and curves around the back of my neck. He smiles as he leans in close, his thumb rubbing softly against the pulse in my throat.

“I want you,” he says, “and I know you want me, so... tonight’s the night.”

“What?” I ask, swallowing against the excitement rising inside me. I should be pushing him away, telling him to leave me alone and stop being such an ass, but the slightest of smiles crosses his face and it makes my knees tremble. “Tonight? What do you mean?“

He flicks a glance over my shoulder then gazes directly into my eyes. “When the fireworks are taking everyone’s attention later, I’m going to take you.”

A feeling of recklessness tears through me, rendering me speechless. The look on his face sends a bolt of heat rushing straight between my legs. I want him. God, I want him so much. The intensity in his dark eyes, the confidence in his words… it would be cocky and annoying coming from anyone else. From him, it leaves me filled with desperation and aching for more.

“You can’t,” I say, feeling like I’m just putting up token resistance at this point, which then makes me feel terrible for being such a poor excuse for a friend. “Beth. She’ll—“

His fingertips stroke the nape of my neck as he leans in and presses his mouth to my temple. His lips are warm and soft, lingering there while his scent, his nearness and the promise of things to come make me want to moan and fall into him.

“I can, Ells, and I will. Later,” he says, his deep voice tinged with humour.

I want to ask him how he’s able to find this situation so entertaining when I’m just barely stopping myself from tearing off my dress and throwing myself at him, but his closeness overloads my senses and I can’t string two words together. I open my mouth and stare at him, unsure if I’m inviting him to kiss me or hoping a coherent sentence might accidentally fall out.

He slides his fingertip along my jawline, causing me to let out a shuddering sigh. Our gazes mesh. He gives me one long look then smiles and walks away without a backward glance, leaving me standing there with a thundering heart and damp panties.


I can’t keep my eyes off him. What used to be an attraction mostly kept under control with avoidance has now taken on a life of its own. It pushes me to seek him out among the guests and watch his every move in the hope that the next one will bring him closer to me.

Whenever he sends me one of those barely-there smiles, I feel like agreeing to anything he suggests regardless of how much it might hurt my friend. The thought of him actually following through on his promise leaves me feeling on edge and unable to focus. I need to snap out of it or people are going to start wondering what’s wrong with me.


“Hmm?” I shift my gaze from Lucas to Beth, experiencing the now familiar stab of guilt every time I make eye contact with her.

“I said what’s going on? It’s like you’re off somewhere else at the moment.” She grabs my hands and links her fingers with mine, pulling me against her as we dance a little way off from the main action of the party.

We’re standing beneath the cover of a towering eucalyptus tree with the sound of birds stirring in the leaves overhead. It’s around nine o’clock now but the sun is still shining. Our bodies are so close that her breasts press to mine and her warmth radiates through the thin fabric of her yellow dress. It feels nice.

The breeze ruffles her short, dark hair. I watch her mouth move and focus on her vibrant red lipstick, trying hard to come up with a valid reason for being so spaced out without actually telling her the truth. “Too much to drink?” I suggest, even though I’ve barely touched a drop since Lucas helped himself to my beer.

She smiles and lifts our joined hands above her head, doing a little shimmy move which I’m sure is designed to distract me from the fact that she’s now wedging her thigh between mine. “Cool. You know that means I’m going to start putting moves on you, right?”

I laugh and pull our linked hands down. Beth and I have often ended up kissing after we’ve had a few drinks. It’s never happened any other time and it’s always initiated by her, but I think it’s mostly designed just to stir Lucas up than out of any real attraction to me. Whatever the reason behind it, I’ve always been a willing participant.

Sending a glance over her shoulder, I notice Lucas is standing with some of the other guys, tipping his beer bottle and taking a long drink as he listens to the conversation going on around him. I watch him while I dance with Beth, willing him to look my way. It’s as if he feels my gaze on him because his dark eyes shift to me and his lips form a smile around the mouth of the bottle.

He continues to stare, the sight of him making my pulse flutter. My attention returns to Beth, my eyes dropping to her lips momentarily. I lean in closer so our mouths are only a breath apart. Adding this intimate contact to the memory of my earlier conversation with Lucas has me more turned on than I’ve been in a while. “I’m going to kiss you,” I say, only just making up my mind now.

Her mouth tilts at one corner. “I figured that.”

“Like, right now.”

She lets out a laughing breath, the challenging look in her eyes making me forget all about Lucas for a moment. “So… do it.”

This is new for me. Even though Beth’s not the first girl I’ve kissed I’ve never actually initiated the contact before. I bite my lip to keep my smile under control, wiggling my fingers free from hers so I can slide them up her arms. I feel her shiver against me.

My hands stroke her skin. I sweep them over her shoulders and up to her neck, curling my fingers around her nape. Her pale skin is smooth and fragrant, scented with the coconut body wash she keeps in the shower. My gaze drops to her mouth and I take in her plump, red lips. I brush my mouth over hers then draw her lower lip between mine, tugging on it gently. She sighs and presses closer to me.

I release her lip and glance over her shoulder once again, discovering that Lucas is now staring openly. His jaw appears tense and the look in his eyes sends a flurry of butterflies free in my stomach. “He’s watching,” I whisper.

I know she realises who I’m talking about because she moans and touches her lips to the corner of my mouth. Her hands skim down my spine then curve over my ass. “Why don’t we give him something to look at then?”

The idea of putting on a show for Lucas fills me with excitement. Beth’s told me about his previous reactions to seeing us together like this; it apparently makes him go harder on her in the bedroom when they’re alone. Thinking about that, and the way he spoke to me before, almost makes me lose my hold on control. Rather than answer her with words, I catch her mouth with mine and fall into the kiss.

She shifts her thigh from between mine and our mouths begin moving together. We tease each other slowly at first, exploring and arousing. One of her hands remains on my ass while the other comes up to clasp the back of my neck. She pulls me even closer, until it’s like I can feel her breaths moving through her body. Her scent surrounds me, her softness enveloping me. The sensations almost make me forget about Lucas.

Our tongues tangle and our touches become more intimate. Beth’s soft moans mingle with my urgent whimpers, and we strain against each other. I wonder if the idea of kissing in the middle of the party with all of these people around us turns her on as much as it does me. It reaches the point where I desperately want more and feel the need to go somewhere private with her.

My eyes drift open and I once again seek out Lucas. Our gazes lock and I keep watching him, tilting my head to the side while Beth nibbles her way down my throat. His friend John nudges him with an elbow while they watch us, and although Lucas manages to laugh it off I can see the tension in his features.

“I’m so horny,” Beth says, her voice husky and breathless against my skin.

God. How is it possible to go from pining for one person to craving another? “I am too, now.” I try to laugh but it comes out more like a choking sound.

“Wanna make each other come?” she asks, touching her tongue to the hollow at the base of my throat.

Pleasure rushes through me and my fingers glide up to clasp her temples. I tilt her head back, sending her a questioning glance because we’ve never gone there before. “Here?”

Beth places a peck on my lips and smiles. “Yeah.” She glances over her shoulder before facing me again. “No one cares. Take a look around.”

I do as she says, discovering Lucas taking another sip of his beer. He raises his brows and gives me a look I can’t quite decipher. It takes an effort to tear my gaze away from him, but when I do I find a few other couples engrossed in each other in the same way Beth and I have been. Only Lucas and his friend are actually watching us, and to John it seems to be more of a passing amusement than anything else.

My attention returns to Beth and I let out a slow breath.

A couple of weeks ago we were having drinks together when the topic of New Year’s resolutions came up. We were both in silly moods at the time and decided we should spend the next year checking items off our sexual bucket lists. Depending on which one I confessed to her, mine either raised her brows or made her eyes narrow, but I remember mentioning one about wanting to get more… intimate with a woman. I guess she’s taken it on herself to help me out with that one.

“Okay,” I say, smiling.

She lets out a breathy laugh and clasps my cheeks, planting a kiss on my mouth. “That’s what I like about you, Ellie. Always up for anything.”

“Well, I don’t know about any—“

Beth cuts off my reply with her lips, smiling against my mouth as she kisses me. I take one last look at Lucas before I close my eyes and pour myself into the kiss. She’s feels so soft and smells so good that it makes me sigh against her mouth.

One of my hands sinks into her hair, clutching the silky strands while the other slides down to her shoulder. I slip my thumb under the thin strap on her dress, rubbing her soft skin.

Her hands go on a wandering mission, dipping beneath the hem of my dress. Her palms smooths over my upper thighs and her fingers sink into my flesh. I’m wearing a white thong and the sensation of her cupping my bare ass has me moaning.

I use my thumb to slip the strap of her dress down her arm, needing to feel her, to touch her without the barrier of clothing. My tongue thrusts into her mouth as my fingers tug on her bodice and bare one of her breasts. She presses against me and lets out a little whimper.

Her breasts are smaller than mine but they’re so pretty and perfect. I saw them for the first time last summer when Lucas was messing around with her here in the backyard. He had her pinned beneath him after her bikini top had come off while they were wrestling. I remember being mesmerised by the scene and unable to look away, watching as Lucas smiled at me just before he dipped his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth.

That image spurs me on now. My palm covers her bared breast and I rub her nipple with my thumb. She moans against my lips, causing a rush of affection to swell inside me. Her fingers begin working on the side of my thong, dragging the fabric down to the top of my thighs. Her tongue meets mine and one of her hands clutches my ass while the other glides around to the front of my body.

I brace myself for the sensation of her fingers slipping between my thighs for the first time. She tentatively seeks out my pussy and I push closer, encouraging the contact. When she finally touches me I let out a muffled exclamation against her lips. She delves into my damp folds, her strokes becoming firmer as she arouses and excites me.

I trail my palm down her forearm and follow her lead. My tongue moves with hers as I lift the hem of her dress. The yellow fabric settles against my wrist and I sweep my hand over her thigh. My fingers slip beneath the waistband of her panties, stretching the elastic as I work toward my goal. I can feel her heat before I even reach her.

Beth pushes closer and lets out a soft, urgent sound as I touch her pussy.

She’s wet. That’s the first thing that hits me. So wet. Her inner lips feel slippery against my fingertips, the warmth of her overwhelming. Touching her is different yet so familiar to me, and I suddenly wonder why we’ve waited so long to do this together.

I slide my fingers back and forth a couple of times, taking in the sensations as she does the same to me. It’s hard for me to concentrate on her with everything that’s going on inside my own body.

We continue massaging each other for long moments, slowly building the intensity until neither of us seems likely to hold on much longer. Beth ends the kiss and rests her forehead against mine, drawing a shaky breath as her fingers work over my pussy.

“God, Ellie.” She presses a soft kiss on the tip of my nose then lets out a laugh. I’m so wrapped up in her that I haven’t even thought about Lucas for a while. I want to look over her shoulder now to find out how he’s handling the situation and to see if anyone else is watching us, but I can’t tear my attention away from Beth.

I feel her shudder against my hand, her hips beginning a gentle rocking motion that pushes her closer to the slick glide of my fingers. My body reacts the same way, moving without me having to think about it, trying to deepen the sensations she’s creating inside me.

I return my free hand to her breast, my palm cupping her flesh while my fingers tease and massage her clit. She cries out and leans heavily against me, tucking her face against my neck. Her new position leaves my line of sight clear, and I can’t stop myself from opening my half-closed eyes to find Lucas.

He’s still watching but he looks like he’s suffering from a kind of physical torture. He’s trying to stay involved in the conversation with John while sending fleeting looks our way. The expression on his face leaves me torn between wanting to moan and smile; I feel bizarrely proud of myself for playing a part in putting it there.

He lowers his hand to the crotch of his shorts and discreetly adjusts his cock. Thinking about how hard it must be by now has desire filling me, and I touch Beth’s pussy with feather light strokes, teasing her clit in slow circles. She moans and her mouth moves on my neck, her tongue leaving gentle caresses as her breaths warm my skin. She gives my throat a soft, sucking kiss as she continues manipulating my pussy with her slippery fingers.

“This is so hot,” she says. “You feel so good, Ells.”

Her voice sounds breathless, her words panting from her. I’ve heard her coming before while she’s with Lucas but I suddenly want to experience it myself, to be the reason behind her making those sounds. I release her breast and wrap my arm around her, gripping her bare shoulder and pulling her tightly against me. It leaves little room for the movements of my hand, but the restriction intensifies both her touch and mine.

I feel it building inside me, my climax just within reach. She grabs the back of my neck and encourages my head to turn, the movement resulting in an urgent meeting of mouths. While her tongue thrusts against mine her fingers rub my clit in a fast back-and-forth motion that finally sends me flying.

We lean against each other, a strangled moan leaving me just as her body trembles with her release. It all happens so quickly. The sensations, the feeling of her losing it… God, I can’t breathe.

I pull my mouth free from hers and stare in Lucas’s direction. The tremors begin beneath her hand, spreading through my body while I watch him. Our gazes clash and I take in his features in a dazed kind of wonder as his girlfriend makes me come. A final, guttural sigh then tears from me and my thighs tighten around her fingers.

Lucas’s eyes drift closed. I’m not sure if he’s committing the image to memory or just trying to shut it out so he can remain in control. Either way, it mesmerises me, making me feel a strong urge to be close to him and touch him.

It's in that moment that I hear Beth whisper I love you against my neck, and my stomach drops as I suddenly realise I can’t do it to her. We've been friends for years and have never let a man come between us. No matter how much I want to, no matter how many times Lucas presses the issue, I have to keep my hands to myself.

Beth and I finally pull back from each other to right our clothing, both of us still trying to catch our breaths. We don’t make eye contact at first but once she’s tugged the bodice of her dress into place she lifts her gaze to meet mine. There's a little awkwardness between us but also a deep feeling of closeness that wasn't there before.

“Well, I guess that’s one item checked off your list,” she says, giving me an almost shy smile. “And it’s not even technically the new year yet, so you're off to a good start.”

I smile and use my thumb to rub a smudge of red lipstick from the corner of her mouth. I cast another glance in Lucas’s direction, then immediately wish I hadn’t. The look of resolve in his features gives the impression that his vision of the night ahead has a much different ending to mine.

One of us is going to be in for a surprise when those fireworks start up later.

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