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Sweet innocent Sammie's curiosity gets the better of her...
I suppose the strangest thing about my current predicament was that I had always been something of a “good girl.” I knew from a fairly young age that with my long dark hair, bright hazel eyes, and clear complexion, I could have nearly any guy I wanted wrapped around my finger. I didn’t take advantage of this. Instead, I did everything I could to melt in, unnoticeable, with the rest of my classmates. I wore glasses instead of contacts, and a sharp, ballerina bun in my hair instead of letting it fall down in thick waves to meet my still developing ass. I turned down the boys who had eyes only for my blooming bosom, limiting my romantic experiences only to a rather grandiose imagination. I dreamed of white knights, clean of blood and sweatless even after hours of battle, embracing me for secret kisses on full moons. I dreamed of saving myself for marriage. 

But here I was, lying exhausted and hot on the floor, covered in the cum of three different men, and just barely nineteen years old. I was pumping my fingers in and out of my still aching honeypot, moaning and eager as I looked back into the lens of the camera filming my every move. I fucked myself harder and harder, listening to the squishing noises of my pussy juices as I pressed against my swollen g-spot. I felt myself climaxing once again, and I lifted up my shaking hips, spreading my pussy lips wide open with my other hand before finally rocking into a screaming orgasm. As I collapsed, my cameraman took out a handkerchief to wipe off the girl cum I had squirted on the lens in my ecstasy, smiling at my delirious form. 

“So, I guess you liked that?” 

“Oh god, yes,” I panted without hesitation to this man, already standing hard in front of me once again. I was a slut, a squirting slut, and I loved it. 

“Have you checked her number yet, Alex?” 

“Yeah, it’s an eight, higher than ever,” snickered the brown-haired man towering above me, “she’s turning out to be an even better subject than we could have possibly imagined.” 

A towel was tossed at my bare form, along with a simple silk slip and panties. I groaned, disappointed by my dismissal from the lab, which earned me a swift slap across my face from the man who had presented me the garments. 

“Remember your place or it will be even longer before your next test. Now clean up and go back to the dorm.” 

Knowing that his warning was genuine, I quickly followed his orders. My obedience earned a smile and wink from Nick, the rookie cameraman, before the more seasoned pair of Alex and Rob pulled me away. After a brisk walk through the corridor, I was quickly shoved in to my already open room, lucky enough to fall into the cot on which I slept instead of the hard wooden flooring. Just as quickly, I heard the door shut behind me, trapping me there with my thoughts until further notice. It was then, just as I did so many nights before, that I began to reflect on just how I came here, and how I had transformed.


I was in my final class that day, counting down the minutes until I could leave the sweltering classroom and go home. No matter how many times I adjusted myself on my seat, the sweat coming off my calves still left a darkened outline on the plastic and my chafed skin found little relief. I regretted not wearing longer shorts. My glasses wouldn’t stop slipping off my nose, and I finally became so irritated that I simply took them off. I had always been a good student, and I was sure I could go without taking notes at least this once.

Instead, I turned my focus to the slightly blurry head of the girl in front of me, a foreign exchange student from Brazil who, judging from the way that her head tilted, had already fallen asleep. The boy on her right had begun drawing what looked like a penis on her leg, earning a few barely restrained smiles from the other equally bored students surrounding us. 

I felt slightly sorry for the girl, who had the reputation of being both stupid and easy, a bad combination. I’d even heard that she’d given her current tormentor a blowjob earlier that year when she first arrived, but I knew from experience that a lot of guys in our school would exaggerate or outright lie about their sexual conquests to earn respect. It was sad, but I resigned myself to watch silently; making any effort to stand up for her would only make me a target. 

And so I watched, hoping the teacher would turn around or that the girl, Maria, would wake up and give the boy a good kick in the balls. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw him move back into his seat, but my bystander’s guilt was soon to return. Only minutes later, the boy leaned forward to whisper something through the beautiful girl’s veil of long brunette hair. 

Still asleep, the girl began moving her right hand underneath her denim skirt, spreading her legs slightly wider. I didn’t have any view of what she was doing – I was sitting behind her – but it didn’t take much intelligence to figure it out. She began rocking slightly forward against her hand, and her skirt started hiking upwards towards her stomach. My heart began beating faster, out of guilt and embarrassment, as I watched that skirt come up further and further until I finally had a perfect, albeit blurry, view of her gorgeous ass. The red panties she wore were already stained dark with her love juice on the crotch, flowing freely like a gentle stream onto her seat as she bounced up and down on the two fingers she had shoved deep inside her pussy. 

I all but jumped out of my seat when that horrible boy tapped me on the shoulder, passing me a note. 

{ Enjoying the show? } 

I breathed out in shock, trying desperately to hide my own building arousal before flashing him my middle finger. I put my glasses on and took out my pencil. 

{ You’re sick. What the hell did you do to her? } 

I paused before passing him back my note, holding my hand to my rapid heartbeat as I heard Maria’s breath become slightly more ragged. Everyone in the last two rows of the classroom, all guys except for myself, was staring at her. A few began trying to make subtle adjustments, others blatantly reached inside their pants, pulling their erect cocks up to hide in their waistbands. I hated to admit that I was in a similar predicament, proud of my untarnished, sexless reputation. Not even a tampon had graced the inside of my pussy walls, let alone the girth of a man. Despite moments of sexual frustration, I had never touched myself in any way.

I felt the touch of paper against my arm, and looked down to read the note. 

{ Not telling. ;)

I rolled my eyes, turning towards him with a smirking look as I began making a show of raising my hand. He quickly grabbed at my wrist to stop me before scratching out another note.

{ After school, go into the library. I’ll meet you there and tell you, but you’ve better keep quiet. }

As I looked up, he twisted back my arm just enough to cause a slight pain. It was enough to make me wince, but not enough to make me cry out. Just then, the bell began to ring out, and Maria gasped in shock, quickly pulling her hand away and yanking down her skirt in horror. She looked around, her face falling farther and farther as she realized that nearly half of the boys in the class had their eyes on her. She got up, shaking, tears running gray with mascara down her face, and muttering in Portuguese. As she left, our teacher, noticing that something was wrong, tapped her on the shoulder. 

“Are you alright?” 

“Yes, I go home now. Thank you,” she walked by at a jogger’s pace, already out of the door before any response could be offered. 

As terrified as I was by the unexplainable power that he had had over Maria in the classroom, curiosity got the better of me and I went to meet her tormentor in the library. It was a place that I had gone to study after school in the past, so I knew that it was easy to sneak in once the librarian left. It was quiet, a well-kept personal secret, and I was surprised that this boy would know about it.

I took my place to wait, sitting cross-legged on a desk chair away from a window. As I sat, I began calming myself down. 

‘It might be a good idea to keep my cell phone in my hand in case the boy tries anything when he shows up.’ 

I had already set up a speed dial for 911, all I needed to do was press it to get help. Confident, I grasped the bar-shaped phone in my hand, running my thumbs across the keypad.

As more time passed, my eyelids began to droop, a combination of the warm, quiet atmosphere and my recent difficulty sleeping. Against all my efforts to stay alert, I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, resting on my arm, the other falling loose and letting my phone drop to the floor…

Rob looked at the beautiful girl he held in his arms, bending down to pick up her cell phone. 

“Sweet, innocent Sam. So smart, but so stupid. So you want to know how I got Maria to put on that little show? Ha, why don’t I show you?”

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