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Schoolgirl Millie and Mr Jenkins - Ch. 2

Millie comes home from school after catching Mr Jenkins' naughty moment. It's her turn to be naughty
It was after her school ended when Millie went home alone. She was glad it was the end of the week. She needed to think about her feelings, especially the part where she wanted to touch him. Did she want to blow his mind? Fuck him?

“Maybe..” She muttered to herself, biting her lip as she entered her bedroom and falling onto the bed before bringing her mobile phone out of her pocket. She scrolled down to find the picture she wanted to see. On the screen, a picture of her homeroom/maths teacher and examined his face. She thought he was really young but man, was he hot?

Her chest heaved slightly, inhaling deeply as she looked at his ‘special weapon’ and chewed on her lip.

‘Do I want him?’ She asked herself.

It was nearing 4pm, her parents were still at work and she had an hour until they came home. She pondered over what to do and glanced at the picture on her phone.

Millie quickly pushed herself off the bed and began to strip her school clothes off; kicking her flat shoes off and sliding the skirt down her creamy pale legs, leaving her white cotton socks on. She jumped back onto the bed and unbuttoned her white blouse before shrugging it off and throwing it onto the floor. She was in her underwear on the bed.

Getting comfortable on the pillows, she took a slow deep breath before sliding her shaky hands down her legs and back up to her inner thighs where she spread her legs open and cupped her warm pussy. She could feel her panties were heavily wet. Was it because she was turned on from when she saw Mr Jenkins masturbating in front of her?

She slowly wet her lips by licking them, her arms reached to back where she unclasped her bra and freeing her c cupped perky breasts. Her body shivered as the cold air hit her warm skin earning her a shaky breath. Millie was so turned on that she repeated the video that ran in her head.

Millie was walking to his desk to see what was wrong with Mr Jenkins but then his lips changed to ‘o’ and let out a low sexy groan. Her eyes caught something in his lap, his hand was gripping his thick penis and creamy white cum shot out that made Millie cover her mouth. She was in shock. But she was turned on. It was her first time seeing a dick. Then she saw his shocked face when he saw her.

“Oh boy…” She whispered to herself, a hand palming her left breast and squeezed it roughly. Her nipples getting harder against the cold air. She let out a small hiss and decided she had enough of foreplay, so Millie slid her soaking wet panties off and cupped herself intimately.

She whimpered softly, her eyes glancing to the picture on her phone and looked at his handsome face then looked at his dick. She wished she experienced sucking him off and maybe a fuck. Her stomach tightened at the thought. She was a virgin. Maybe not a fuck. Not yet.

Her fingers slid inside her hot wet core, causing Millie to moan out softly and buckle into her hand. She gasped a little. Sliding down the bed and bringing her legs up, she had two long fingers inside and started to finger fuck herself. Millie imagined it was Mr Jenkins fucking her, it was close enough to bring her climax over.

Soon she was playing with her hard nipples with a hand, roughly pinching and pulling them. With a loud cry of pleasure, she could feel her wetness dripping down her fingers and inner thighs. She was worried that her wetness could wet the bed but she didn’t care, she needed to get herself off.

Things heated up. Millie pulled her fingers out and gasped at the wet sticky residue on her fingers. She put them in her mouth and imagined it was his dick she was sucking. Her wetness tasted sweet but so good. Millie felt energetic so she turned herself over on her face and knees, her hand neared her pussy and roughly slid 3 fingers inside her. She never had 3 fingers inside her before.

She cried out loudly, mewling like a porn star as her fingers stretched her inner wall in a good delicious way. Millie’s body was trembling with pleasure, finger fucking her tight pussy harder and a thumb stuck out as it rubbed her hooded clit. Using her free hand, she spread her pussy lips open and her clit flowered. Millie pressed her thumb on it firmly and an animalistic cry escaped her mouth as her body buckled on the bed with her thumb rubbing furiously on her clit. She came onto her fingers, her inner wall clenching ever so tightly around them as she screamed into the pillow.

Her body stiffened. Her hand stilled. Millie couldn’t take it anymore. She laid still on her front, panting loudly. It was about 5 minutes later when she started to move. Millie pulled her fingers out, they was sticky with her cum so she licked them off one finger by one. 'It tasted good,' Millie thought as she licked her lips.

She got off the bed, her body feeling stiff and sore in a good way. A mirror caught her eye. She looked at herself. Her shoulder length brown hair was very messy, so bad that she will need a shower soon and then her cheeks were blushing red. Her blue eyes were slightly widened, sparkled with excitement. Millie grinned to the girl in the mirror and decided she would need to fuck Mr Jenkins.

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