She Masturbates too Much She Thinks

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Having the girl brings a smile to her face.
My name is April. I'm an addict in many ways. Through life I've managed to straightened up some but still, I indulge in the vices I can't give up. Addicted to sex, I wonder if the obsession will be my down fall, and sometimes sadly, I think, it's the only good thing in my life. I'm with my man everyday and masturbate to much I think. Fantasizing about all sorts of things I laugh when I think about it, toys of all kinds, sex furniture, men and women and much more, it consumes me. It's a good thing I control the addiction. Knowing first hand the consequences for people living out their sexual fantasies, I won't make that mistake again. My man has gone fishing and I'm alone in bed.

Touching myself I fantasize and see two women in bed with me. Tasting the young one is what I think about as I slip my fingers in my cunt.

They're naked and with me. They are for me...

In my mind, I tell the young one to lie on the bed. Pushing the girl's legs apart, I go down on her. Reaching up stroking and touching the sweet tummy and tits, stretching up reaching the pretty face, I sink my face in her cunt. Yumm the pussy lips are soft and pretty. I want to bite but there's no need, they're tender enough. Just the touch of tongue brings her cunt up to meet my mouth. I know I'll eat until my lips are numb. Having the girl brings a smile to my face.

There's another with us...

She rubs her tits along my backside as she comes over me. Looking over my shoulder, she sees me eating the girl and slips her fingers along side my tongue in the girl. Her fingers are pretty. I suck them and then return to the pussy. Aroused, there's a wet ache between my legs as I eat the one beneath and am covered by the other above. The woman breathes faster as she fingers the girl pressing herself into me, she bites my ear. The girl makes a sound when I suck her harder. Squirming up and away, I take her back gently. Spreading the girl's legs wider, I slip my tongue in her ass and taste the sweetness. The other removes her fingers from the girl's and slides back down my back, pushing her wet hand in to me. I push back welcoming her and cum a little. I tell the woman to eat me first and then, I feel her mouth on me. More comes from me. Reacting, I bite down on the girl. She moans.

I speak to the girl and say, "Remember this, next, you'll do it to the other."

Finding the girl's mouth, I kiss her, giving her a taste of herself. She likes it. Skillfully, the woman fucks me from behind. Kissing the girl harder, I think to myself, there's no way out of this now.

Fingering myself off, I feel better but the other two are still on my mind. On my knees, taking a dong that's attached to a blowup ball and holding it between my feet, I sit down on the 8 inch dong. Moving back and forth, I fuck a while dreaming about being fucked by the woman.

Closing my eyes I see the woman...

She is not tender but she is beautiful. The girl is there too and I go down on her again. She is lying there quietly. The woman is in me with her fist fucking hard. I push back and tell her to fuck harder. She has me opened as the fist glides in and out of my wet pussy easily. She fingers my clit knowingly as she fucks.

I tell her she is good, and then say, "Go deeper and harder."

She does what she's told and I bite down on the girl again. The young one tries to push away. I pull her closer. Smothered in pussy and fucked from behind I cum again.

Rising from the wet dong and then sitting back down, I put it in my ass. Reaching for my vibrator placing it on my clit I cum. Fucking slowly with the dong and working the vibe harder and harder on my clit I still see the women.

Closing my eyes again, I open my mouth and taste the sweetness of the girl...

Turning the girl on her belly, I lie down beside her and run my hand over her body. The other is still fucking me as I suck the sweet tits. Removing her fist from my cunt, the woman begins to work fingers in my ass. Wrapping my arms around the girl's round ass, spreading it with my face, I suck. Holding on tight, I suck harder as the woman's fingers turn in to a hard fuck in the ass. Sliding up the girl's back, pressing her between the bed and myself, I reach beneath and find her tits and kiss her mouth. The woman's hand is completely in my ass now. I tell her she has me but she doesn't stop but keeps fucking me harder. I struggle to slide down the girl's body again. Finding and spreading her ass, I kiss it muffling my cries. My tongue slips easily inside the girl. So sweet, it's all so sweet. The woman slows and watches me eat the girl.

The bed is wet. I turn to the woman and tell her to open the girl.

The dong has worked good in my ass. The vibe on my clit helped me cum. I want more, always more. Sticking the vibrator in my cunt, I begin again, double fucking.

I want the girl fucked...

The girl has not had it in the ass before. Lying down on the bed, I pull her over and on top of me putting her tit in my mouth. From above the other lifts her on to her knees. Holding the young one in my arms, the woman enters the girl's ass with a finger.

The girl freezes.

I reach up and spread her sweet ass as the other opens the girl gently. Shock runs through her body. I hold and kiss her mouth muffling her cries as the woman works. Knowing we must go slow, we soothe and massage, slowly, sweetly, fucking, not going to deep. Caressing, I hold as the girl still resists. The other doesn't stop but doesn't wound as she opens the ass. Placing the young one's mouth on my tit I feel the cum between my legs. The woman smiles down on us wanting some for herself.

The ball has been pushed against the mirrored wall. The dong attached is shoved deep in my ass. The vibe is hot from the heat of my pussy. Dripping, there's a mess on the mirror and in my bed.

I can't leave her alone...

I lie the girl down on her back and kiss her. The other is still in the young ass. I know what's next. Reaching down and fingering the girl, I work my hand in to a hard thing and begin to fuck her pussy as the woman fingers her ass. Gently, I hold the girl down by the neck and tell her to be still.

Bending down to her ear I whisper,  "Remember this for me, my sweet."

The girl is spent and opened. The woman fingers the ass as I fuck the swollen cunt. I look up at the woman. She's beautiful. We kiss as the girl is motionless except for the slow push and pull we are giving her. Finally fucked, the clear fluids run from the girl like a river. Taking my hand from her throat, I bend and kiss her and then turn to the woman.

Tossing the vibe aside, I pull the dong from my ass and shove it in my pussy. Over and over shoving in deep and then pulling out to the tip, the dong feels almost real. The hard fuck feels good.

I see the girl eating the woman...

It's the woman's turn. She smiles and I kiss her. She trembles as I tell her what's next. Pushing the woman down on her back, I spread her legs and have to touch. Her pussy is wet and waiting. The girl is watching us. I speak to her and tell her to go down on the woman. She hesitates from shear exhaustion. I pull her up with a finger in her mouth, fingering the pretty lips and teeth. My other hand is fingering the woman.

Taking the girl by the hair of her head, I put her face in the woman's cunt and say again, "Eat her."

Reaching for the woman's hands I find them and place them on the girl's head. The woman is ready as she pushes the face between her legs. Looking at them, for a moment, I can't decide which one I want.

I kiss the woman's tits and watch her work her cunt in the girl's face. The young one is awake and wide eyed.

I leave the woman and go to the girl whispering, "Remember what we taught you. Eat the woman with your mouth and fuck with your hand until she cries out."

The girl does what she's told. The woman releases her grip on the girl.
"Fuck her harder again and again."

The girl is tired but she must do what she's told. With a strong whack I come down on her ass and with my other hand shove fingers up her feeling her cum spilling out.

Pushing the girl's face in the cunt, I muffle her as she cries. She loses what she's supposed to be doing to the woman.

Stopping, I reconsider and say to myself, "It's the woman's turn."

Helping the young one from between the legs, I place her down on the bed with a pillow beneath her head.

I can't stop fucking myself. My pussy is closing around the dong. It hurts but is so good...

I ask, "Are you ready?"

I turn to the woman and lie over her. Kissing her, I whisper promises and tell her what I want. Sitting down over the girl, straddling her her with my legs, I wake her with a kiss. I watch the woman bring her cunt down over the girl's face. The woman is bent over in front of me. I kiss her ass as she begins to fuck the face. Holding the ass, I guide it over the girl's mouth.

Bending down to the girl, I say, "Chew on the cunt sweet one."

The girl is comfortable and responds. She pulls the cunt closer and eats it like it was candy.

Watching them, I'm close enough to see and hear the cunt and mouth together. Getting to my knees, I finger myself off as I suck the girl's tit. The sweetness of the girl under me makes me reach for her again and finger her some more.

Spreading her legs, I get between them and come down on her grinding our pussies together shoving my fingers up my cunt. Knowing I must leave the girl alone because it's the woman's turn, I find the woman's mouth and kiss her.

She bites me back as she lets the girl chew on her. I ask, "Are you ready?"

The woman doesn't answer but I can see that she is. I sit back down over the girl and caress the woman's ass in front of me. Entering the ass with my tongue it has a sweet taste. Kissing it, I rock it pushing it down on the mouth working my fingers in to the ass. The girl struggles to breath.

Reaching in with the other hand I begin to double fuck the woman, pulling her up and off the girl. The girl finds the clit and bites. Deeper and deeper with both hands, one and then the other, I fuck the cunt and ass.

The woman speaks for the first time. She is begging, begging for more.

I fuck, filling her ass and cunt, stroking, pumping harder. She goes wild on the girl's face. I can barely hold her up and fuck at the same time. Feeling the ass and cunt convulse tighter and tighter over my hands, I hear the woman cry out and moan sweetly. She relaxes. I know have only a moment, fingering the tight cunt the woman gushes. There's so much wet everywhere. It runs over the girl's face and over the pillow on to the bed. 

Tightening over the dong, I shove harder. Crying out when the dong pushes out, it's hard to get back in my tight pussy. Shoving it back in, I tremble. Melting into my bed, I'm not able to move.

I see and taste the two women again...

I move the woman and find the girl's face. There's no resisting licking the wet from the pretty face. I bite her lips, tasting the raw skin that's been fucked.

Helping the woman on to her back, I tell the young one to kiss her.

They are kissing sweetly as I open the woman's legs and taste the fucked cunt and ass. The woman cums again as I suck swallowing what she's giving me as my own spills on the bed.

Still with them, a hand on each...

April knows that for as long as she lives this will never be over. Pulling the dong from her pussy, in the mirror she sees white cream follow it out. Scooping it up with her fingers, she tastes the sweetness of herself.

Closing her eyes, she touched her nipples wanting the two soft mouths on her tits...