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Shea's Dream, A True Story

Shea has a good dream that changes her life.
Shea’s Dream

The 25 minute bus ride after school was always an annoyance for Shea. The adrenaline from the final bell ringing was always drowned out by the sight of the bus. Even as a 17 year old senior in high school, she didn’t have a car. If only she had a car, Shea would be able to get home in about ten minutes.

Plenty of boys had offered her rides home, but she knew they only wanted to get into her pants. One boy had tried to in the past, which had made her cautious from that point on.

On this particular day, Shea was sitting in one of the two back seats, knowing that she would be the last one off the bus. However, she was not alone. Some younger boys were sitting in front of her, talking about how two students managed to hook up in the locker room.

While Shea was growing up, her parents had never told her anything about sex. This caused her to blush as the boys went into greater, rumored detail.

Even though she had learned about sex in health class and her girlfriends had brought it up from time to time, Shea had never truly understood why so many people were obsessed with the topic. She found it repulsive, especially since one guy had tried to stick his hand up her skirt a year ago.

The boys sitting in front of Shea continued to talk about the hook up until they got off the bus. Considering the close proximity, it was impossible for her to tune out the conversation.

Normally, Shea would simply scoff and forget about the conversation she overheard, but the overwhelming details that the boys had discussed made it impossible not to think about.

Hooking up in a locker room? The thought of that alone made Shea become confused about why the two would risk getting in trouble just for sex.

Eventually, Shea was dropped off and the rest of her evening was spent doing homework and talking to a few friends. The topic of the hook up came up again with one of her friends, but in far less detail. This was enough to get Shea thinking about it again.

It was almost impossible for Shea to fall asleep that night with her thoughts about locker room sex keeping her awake, but after what seemed like forever, she finally fell asleep.

When Shea awoke at 3:00 AM, she noticed that her hand was in her panties, with her fingers wedged as far into her pussy as they could be.

What was going on?

After a moment of panic, she realized that her entire hand, as well as the lower half of her bed, were soaked in juices.

It was then that Shea remembered what the last part of her dream was. She was being taken as hard as she could on a locker room bench, fully exposed in front of one of the boys she had a crush on.

Shea ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She felt disgusting. Why did the thought of having sex suddenly sound appealing instead of repulsive?

As the shower heated up, Shea stripped out of her pajamas. She stared into the mirror as her top came off, revealing a set of large breasts that didn’t seem to fit on her skinny, petite body. She massaged them gently to find that they were very sensitive and felt good when she touched them.

Shea asked herself again, “What is going on?”

She stepped into the shower and began to wash her legs of the sticky fluid that covered them. As she moved up and began to rub her pussy, she almost jumped at how tender it was. Touching it again revealed the same feeling, with overwhelming pleasure.

Shea had no idea that she was massaging her clit, but the feeling felt so good that she couldn’t stop.

She laid down on the shower floor and continued to stroke herself, getting faster and faster as she began to almost become numb. Suddenly, her muscles locked up and a clear fluid began to shoot out of her pussy. Somehow she continued to rub herself through the orgasm, making it last about 30 seconds.

After catching her breath, Shea realized that this is what must have happened in her bed while she was asleep. She realized that what she did must have been what some girls were talking about at school, masturbating.

Even though she didn’t know much about it, she continued to take showers after school and play with herself. After a few months of this, Shea finally had the courage to ask out the boy she had a crush on and have sex for the first time, which was even better than she imagined all those days in the shower after school.

Years later, Shea wondered what would have happened if she never had a dream about vigorous sex in a locker room.

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