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Single male looks for creative way to get off with unexpected results
I lean back and sip my morning coffee as the familiar sound of the computer coming alive fills the space where I sit. I am at home not at work. It is a Saturday and I am even hornier than usual. I should point out that I am a single male in my mid-thirties. I have a high sex drive and the last few months of being single have been hell on my poor cock. A co-worker who is a female once told me a joke. Why do men masturbate? So they can have sex with someone they love. I didn't see the humor at the time, but maybe there is something to that after all.

I am about to check my e-mail when I see a banner on my home page. It is an adult dare site. This is different. Taking dares online over a web-cam. I am curious and decide I will give it a try. My kink level is high today, so a little diversion seems to be just the thing. I quickly set up an account and log on with the screen name, “Shooter.”

I select the option that I would prefer to play with a female and in no time I am talking to “Bitch.” This don't sound good, but what the hell. We have some idle chit chat as she explains the rules, which basically is me promising to perform any dare she enacts, then she moves in for the kill.

“ Unzip your pants and pull out your cock. That will tell me if I even want to proceed with you.”

What is this? Am I auditioning for a porn movie? Oh well, here goes. I aim the camera to my crotch, unzip my jeans and pull it out as directed.

“ I have seen worse. Take off the rest of your clothes. I want you naked.” she tells me.

I do it. To be honest there is a sort of decadent thrill in it all. I am soon butt naked in front of the web-cam talking to Bitch.

“ For the rest of our conversation you will remain completely naked.”

“ Ok.”

“ Now get yourself hard,” she tells me.

This is the part about the whole cyber thing I have never figured out. How do you jerk yourself off and type at the same time? I simply aim the camera to the correct angle and begin stroking my cock for her.

“ Adjust your frame rate. Your hand is blurry. This is not the Indy 500. Slow down,” she remarks.

Bitch has a sense of humor that is good. I tinker with the frame rate and resume the task at hand (no pun intended) my cock is now fully erect and I am hornier than ever.

“ Take a picture of your cock and send it to the site. No facial shots, just your cock. It will be online for all to see in minutes,” she informs me.

Hundreds of people are about to see my stiff prick. I feel kind of sexy as I send the pic in. Sure enough it pops up on the screen along with other fools sitting naked playing with themselves. A few females too, that is hot.

“ Go to the bathroom and get a towel.”

This is getting weird now. I am entertaining the idea of logging off and leaving Bitch stranded in cyberspace yelling obscenities at me, but some twisted sense of adventure has me heading for the bathroom. I return with a towel and tell her so.

“ Spread it out on the floor in front of you.”

I am feeling light headed. I just want to empty my balls; she is into a Dominatrix mood. I spread the towel.

“ Aim the camera appropriately, get on your knees and jerk off onto the towel.”

“ Say what?”

“ You heard me. Don't get up until you cum on the towel.”

“ Can we talk about this?”

“ No!”

I rise from the chair questioning my sanity and lower myself to my knees. I begin stroking my still hard cock ensuring I am over the towel. A glance over to the monitor shows the action. I am a porn star now. Ron Jeremy would be so proud. My cock is engorged and my cum-laden balls are screaming for release as I stroke harder and harder. Any minute now and the flood will erupt.

“ Who is that behind you?”

What the hell is she talking about? I pay no attention and ready for the cum shot. I shoot one thick glob of cum after the other onto the towel before I hear a sickening crash behind me.

What the hell?

I turn around to see my mother passed out on the floor. How nice. The parents have come for a visit. I forgot to lock the door.

"I have to go now. I have some explaining to do."

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