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Shopping with a Twist

A lingerie shopping trip turns into naughty fun.
We couldn’t have timed it more perfectly. An hour before closing time on a very rainy evening and the shop was deserted. The only member of staff – a pretty, blonde, leggy girl in her early thirties - looked bored, but hadn’t shown the slightest interest in helping us. We selected several sets – all black with gold trim – and made our way to the counter.

“May I try these on please?” you ask of the girl.

Glancing up from her “O.K.”magazine the assistant smiles.

“Of course. Let me give you a ticket." She shows us to the changing area at the back of the store. There are three regular small cubicles and a larger disabled one with a door instead of a curtain. As the assistant is pulling back the curtain of the nearest cubicle I interrupt her.

“I don’t suppose we could use the larger one – as there is nobody else around it would save my wife from traipsing in and out to show me?”

I know she isn’t buying the “my wife” line for a second, but she smiles knowingly anyway.

“Of course," she grins.

Once we are inside I take your coat and hang it over the top of the door. We hear the assistant’s heels clicking away towards the counter and the adventure begins. You lift your dress over your head, unfasten your bra and let it fall down your arms. You stand in front of me wearing only a tiny thong in black lace and high heels. You grin your naughtiest grin.

“Oh my God, baby, you look breathtaking. Are you going to try these on for me?”

“I would love to, but I want you to take your cock out and start stroking it – I want to see which outfit you like the most by how hard you get."

I unzip my trousers and pull down my shorts and sit down on the armchair in the corner. You shimmy out of your panties and I see you are freshly shaved. Naked except for your heels you look so sexy. As you step into the first outfit I am getting hard already. Your eyes drop from my face to my cock as I stroke up and down my length.

The first outfit consists of a tiny thong – similar to your own – and a push-up bra that makes your already large and firm tits look incredible. Looking at you I stroke a little faster as you watch me.

“And?” you ask.

“Do you really need to ask?” I retort, glancing down at my swollen cock.

“No, not really – I can see you like it. A lot, by the look of you. I like watching you stroke yourself."

Slowly you kneel in front of me and start to lick the underside of my cock. I gasp as I feel your slippery tongue lapping at the trails of pre cum oozing from the tip, then have to swallow the inevitable loud groan as your lips close around the head and start to suck gently. I can’t tear my eyes away from you as you suck and stroke me, and the sight of your pretty face sucking on my hard length is so incredibly hot.

Suddenly you let my cock fall from your lips and stand up. I hear the clicking of heels approaching. “Yes, it looks great,” I manage, in a slightly-too-loud voice.

“But let’s see the first one again please. I think I prefer the style of the other bra."

The heels stop near the door.

“How are you getting along?” asks the assistant, her tone of voice betraying the grin on her face.

“Great thanks,” you reply, “by the size of the bulge in his trousers it looks like we will be buying something this evening,” you laugh.

The assistant laughs too and her heels click away again. You slip out of the first outfit, once again naked except for the heels. I stand up and pull you towards me, kissing you hard and deep, our tongues wrestling and writhing. My hands cup and squeeze your gorgeous full, heavy tits and your nipples harden instantly to my touch. As I gently pinch your nipples I feel you tilting your pelvis towards me, rubbing your mound against my cock then you reach down with your right hand and start to stroke me again, my cock still slippery with your saliva. My right hand drops to your pussy and as I part your smooth shaven and slightly swollen lips I can feel you are dripping wet. You moan involuntarily into my mouth as my first two fingers slip inside you, reaching up inside you to caress the sensitive rough-spot inside your front wall as my thumb massages your clit. 

You break our kiss, gasping for breath and I sink to my knees taking your nipple into my mouth and continuing to work my fingers inside you. I squeeze, lick and suck, soaking your tits in my saliva and rubbing your clit firmly. After just a couple of minutes of this I can feel your legs start to tremble. I take my mouth from sucking on your nipple and look up at you, my voice a low, almost threatening growl.

“When I get you back to the hotel I am going to get on my knees between your thighs and devour this tight, wet little pussy. I am going to finger you and eat you and make you cum over and over on my tongue and my face. I am going to make you scream my name as you cum, but right now I need you to be really quiet while I make you cum with my fingers, OK?”

Your eyes are wide, your mouth open and breathless, and you nod, eagerly. Your hand presses my head back down to your bullet-hard nipple and I feel your pelvis starting to rock in time with my fingers, which are now buried deep inside you. Your juices are flowing deliciously now and I feel them flowing down my fingers into my palm and over my cupped wrist. My thumb is circling your slippery, swollen clit ever faster and you are bucking against me. I cast my eyes up to you and see your eyes are very wide. I let your nipple fall from my mouth and whisper to you.

“Cum for me, baby, come on my fingers. I can’t believe how naughty you are, sucking my hard cock and letting me finger-fuck you in a store-changing room. And now you are going to cum for me, you bad girl. Then I am going to take you back to my hotel room and treat you like the filthy little slut that you really are."

I keep looking up at you as I lick and circle your erect nipple and I feel your hand leave the back of my head and cover your own mouth. My fingers are gliding quickly now, thrusting deep and hard. I know you love it like this; you love to have your tight, wet cunt pounded and if my hard cock isn't available I know you love my fingers almost as much.

I pull on your nipple with my lips, squeezing firmly as my fingers stab into you.

“Cum for me, baby,” I whisper, “right now”.

Your hand is clamped over your mouth, nostrils flared and eyes wide as though fighting some unseen assailant. I know I have you now and I rub my thumb over your clit hard, side to side. You thrust and buck, your whole body shaking as your pussy clamps down on my fingers and you shudder to your first orgasm of the evening.

My fingers slide from you slowly and I lick your sweet juices from my fingers with relish. You sink back into the chair, suddenly looking embarrassed and your face flushed as you pant.

“That was….fuck…that was incredible….I can’t believe….Oh God….”

I force my erection back into the confines of my shorts and fasten my trousers, then I pick up your underwear from the floor and push it into my coat pocket.

“You will get these back later – you can go naked under your dress. I want you to feel your juices running down your thighs all the way back to the hotel."

I slip out of the fitting room while you dress and make my way to the counter. I hand the first outfit to the assistant together with my platinum card.

“We’ll take this, please. But we didn’t get around to trying the other one on. We got….distracted!” The assistant smirks.

“Yes, I can see you are still a little …distracted…” her eyes dropping to the bulge in my trousers.

You come around to the counter and sheepishly hand the assistant the unwanted underwear. You are blushing but I know you are still very aroused.

“Shall we?” I ask, motioning towards the door. As we step out into the rain the assistant calls after us.

“Have a lovely evening. Don’t get too wet."

Too late for that, we both think, and suddenly burst out laughing.

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