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Shower For Two (Stuart and Joanne pt2)

In my story "Two hands are better than one" I told about how I helped out Joanne with her essay and ended up getting a beautiful hand relief from her - not as a thank you - but to take my mind off her so that I could concentrate on the work.

I hoped that would be the start of something between us but it was not. She continued to treat me almost like her little boy and had such a motherly way about her it was hard to insist that I really wanted something romantic.

One night I was at her place and we had watched a very long film. It went on for four hours and was rather good. It was an oldie called "Away with the wind" or something like that. It was a bit cheesy in places I must admit but we liked it all the same. Joanne went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea and I watched her, drooling over her womanly curves. She was short with large breasts and full rounded hips, shoulder length brown hair and dark smiling eyes.

"Oh no" I said.

"What is it Stuart?"

"I missed my last bus."

"Don't worry sweetheart," said Joanne, "you can kip here on the sofa."

So that's what I did!

Of course I was hoping for an invitation but it just didn't happen and Joanne yawned and went up to her warm bed, leaving me with a pile of bedding on the lounge sofa. I tossed and turned the whole night and in the morning felt bloody awful.

It was eight when Joanne came down in her nightie, stretching, yawning and asking if a cup of tea and toast would be okay for breakfast.

I felt so bad I asked if I could have a shower to wake myself up properly.

"Yes darling of course you can but we'll have to share."

"Pardon?" I said.

"It's a terrible system. The landlord keeps promising to get it seen to. You see it takes all night to heat the water and there's not much so if you want a shower we'll have to share."

"Right." I said, trying to stay calm and casual.

"Let's go then Stuart." She said and I followed her up the stairs and into the bathroom.

"Get in then!" she said. "but don't touch the controls."

I was still half asleep and not altogether sure if I was dreaming or not. I took off my underwear and vest and got into the cubicle. It was so small for one let alone two. Oh my god! I thought as I looked down in horror. I had a massive erection and tried in vain to hide it with my hands as she got in fully naked which intensified my problem.

Her large round breasts and thighs pressed up against me and I felt my dick sticking out against her body.

"Oh my god Joanne!" I gasped. It was so sexy and erotic to have her next to me naked. She turned to draw the shower curtain and my hard on was sticking against the goose bumps on her arse.

"There's not much room is there?" she giggled and turned on the water which came down cold before getting warmer.

"Open your hands" she said and squeezed shower gel into my palms. I couldn't take my eyes off her body but I was embarrassed about my erection.

"I'm sorry about this." I said.

"What darling?"

"That." I said, nodding downwards at my erect cock.

"You silly sausage!" she giggled and began to wash herself and I rubbed the gel into my wet hair.

Her soft slippery body touched mine as she washed herself. Joanne turned from me and let the water flow over her lathered hair. I wanted to jerk my cock and shoot my load on her bum but dare not. My balls were bursting. She turned.

"You're not doing a very good job! I don't know, you need looking after." she tutted and washed me with her hands, touching my legs, belly and my sides which was all very pleasant and pleasurable. The odd thing is I felt like a little boy being washed by his mother, on the one hand, on the other, my hard horny dick felt like it was about to explode against her belly. The contrast in emotions was quite amazing.

"Joanne I feel so ashamed." I moaned.

"Don't be silly. There's not much water left." she said and rubbed lather under my arms and on my chest and groin.

"Oh Joanne" I said weakly.

"Nearly finished." she said and washed my scrotum like it was any other part of my body and then rubbed lather onto my throbbing erection. My head went back against the tiles as she washed my soapy cock with a rapid milking action which brought about an incredible ejaculation and made me groan. My knees shuddered and I gasped sharply as the intensity of pleasure overcame me. She did a beautiful job, cleaning under my foreskin and then she washed the spunk off her pubic hair. The water ran cool and we got out together.

Joanne quickly put on her bath robe and towelled me down, rubbing with much friction my tingling body.

"Joanne" I said.

"Yes darling?" replied Joanne.

I wanted to kiss and embrace her but shyness got the better of me. Joanne shook her head.

"You're a strange one. Feel better?" she said, not with any suggestive cheeky grin but in her plain chirpy cheerful way.

"Yes" I said, "much better" which obviously was true. The release of sexual tension was particularly beneficial and my head felt clear.

We had toast with marmalade for breakfast washed down with tea and laughed about the film.

"Oh Ashley I love you I do!" she said in hilarious fashion, mimmicking the heroine of the film.

"Let's watch it again!" I suggested.

"Oh yes, let's!" replied Joanne with enthusiasm but I was not thinking of the film.

"Eat lots of toast." said Joanne, "It'll keep you going until lunch."

It was odd how she mothered me like that and I began to think we would never be a couple as such. There were no girlfriend vibes coming from her and I honestly think she did not see anything sexual in what had happened in the shower. I was confused but what did it matter? I decided to keep it casual and hope for more such experiences from her and one day, if she ever decided to allow me more advanced privileges, I would be ready and willing.

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