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Since you asked

Telling my man about my past
You keep asking. You really want to know. How many men, how many times, how good were they? Do I still masturbate thinking about precious sexual experiences? What was the best ... Until now, you add hopefully.

So I will tell you. I can't tell all, there is too much. I have fucked about 30 men I think, I don't keep a tally but between 20 and 30. Not all full sex, there have been blow jobs and fumbles and fiddles, but at least 20 cocks have cum inside your girlfriend's pussy. Don't worry, most of them wore condoms! And I have touched more than 20 hard cocks and made lots of men cum with my hands and mouth. And my words more recently.

So just some edited highlights, a top 5. You're not in it, not because you aren't a great fuck, but because this is about the past...

In fifth place, Josh. A one night stand who was supposed to have a huge cock. He did have a huge cock, though I have seen bigger. His was just right. He was a bit clumsy with his hands, but goodness me when his cock slid up inside me it felt perfect for my cunt. I came almost immediately and then another three times. It was an incredible fuck and an amazing cock. I would have seen him again just for his cock but it didn't happen.

In fourth place Asif. He was a stroker like you, he kissed me all over, went down on me for ages, made me really wet and made me feel fantastic. We saw each other for a while. The best I remember was 69ing on his bedroom floor, I can still remember the taste of his cock and how it throbbed in my mouth and the way he got the angle of his mouth and tongue just right on my clit. Fantastic.

In third, I am afraid I don't know his name. We ended up snogging in a nightclub then he took me outside, started sucking my tits and literally ripped my knickers. We were up against some bins and he slung them in one of the bins which was somehow hot and dirty. Then he fucked me fast and furious, pounding my pussy like it had never been pounded before or since tbh. I came really loudly and then realised there were loads of people walking past who would have seen us.

In second, you won't like this, but my ex. He was just a great fuck. Really good hands too. He lasted ages and I rarely only came once. I think the best was him doing me doggie style upstairs at a party and calling me filthy names as he did. I never realised till then how I got off on being called a filthy slut, but I really do. Hint hint.

In first, well you will like this even less. When you were away, I went out for a drink with Tom from work. You know I fancy him I think. Well I drank too much and ended up sleeping on his sofa. At least I was sleeping until I felt his mouth on mine, then on my tits, then all over me. He went down on me and I masturbated right in his face. I said I wouldn't fuck him but I could hardly leave him in that state. So I licked his balls slowly, then wanked him into my mouth. He said it was the best blow job of his life and I still masturbate thinking of how he exploded in my mouth with this sexy, sexy groan.

Did you want to know all that? Will you masturbate to it? Maybe not. But I do and I think some Lushies might!

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