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Sister Sarah and Alec

Nun has an old friend help her masturbate.
He is and was the most “enterprising” young man in his class. They all appeared to like him back then. He went on to college along with his friends and that included Sarah who he was dating. She dropped out but not after spending a semi-intimate evening with him. The two of them were “in love” kind of.

“Ohhhhhh come one Sarah,” he said.

He recalled it and remembered how he shrugged his shoulders as the shy and quiet young lady, of 19, sat on his bed.

“We’ll take these pictures. I’ll keep them forever private. I guarantee you that I will.”

As he said that way back then, way back right after they graduated he looked right at her, never taking his eyes off hers.

“I promise you that,” he added which he always did.

She allowed him that one singular pleasure. She did not know why she did but she allowed it nevertheless. That day, when she finally decided to let him take pictures of her, she showed up wearing that dress. It was soooo cute, she told herself, that he’d love it. Heck he’d love anything she wore. She knew him that well and she was right.

When she walked in, the variable low cut dress displayed some of her slightly bulging cleavage. She smiled when she saw his eyes bulge as she walked in and he saw that cleavage of hers allowing a stamp of approval in his eyes.

The dress itself seemed to follow all her curves starting at the shoulders, around her breasts, down through her thinning waistline, and then how it opened up as that dress opened at her hips. It spread out, expanded as it “zoomed” around those hips. She wore pumps. She looked phenomenal he told her. She smiled and her eyes sparkled as she did. Add in her boobs and she had a life he hadn’t ever known ever before.

He had taken pictures of her in that blue flowered dress and in what she had on beneath it too. However, she did not get totally naked but adorning a bra and underwear said more then enough or so he thought it did. And getting her to get undressed for this, this photography shoot was a miracle he thought.

He was able to do shoulder shots while she held the dress over her boobs. He loved her shoulders. Hers, he thought, were so darn soft looking, and as she smiled finally he told her she was taking some great pictures. That eased her a little and made her smiled even more. He recalled how that comment, that compliment alone allowed him to take more pictures then he ever expected to get.

After a while, he finally got her to get undressed, but saw how shy and a little evasive she was about doing any of that. However, over a little time that one day, and as she lay on the couch even the bra came off. And here she was, boobs out, and she was playfully picking at her tits and even her nipples.

He said nothing as she did it for him and him only. She lay there, tits hanging off her, and her fingers toying with her nipples. But seeing that she felt she loved him she agreed to do this for him. She looked adorably lovely as her retiring face looked down at her nipples as she played with them and got them harder and even harder.

“Wow Sarah,” he recalled saying to her. “I can’t believe how… How gorgeous you look.”

And she did look cute. She looked more then that. But he left it at that as she turned and laid this way or that way for him and his camera. Those tits were immense looking against what at the time looked like a petite figure. In truth it wasn’t but at that time, to him, it did not seem like it was.

Finally, he took some others, and he smiled along with her. She got comfortable and took off her undies. Once she did that she sat up and let him take picture after picture of her. Man could she smile or what he thought.

He had stopped working altogether. He was staring out into space as she walked by. He still didn’t know she left college to become a nun but when he saw this face, the one who he thought could be her, it made him wonder.

He jumped on the cart. They had walked on ahead. Was that her he wondered?

"No way, uh uhhh," he thought.

However, then he heard it. That laugh, that giggle. He knew that even though it had been what? Seven years ago possibly he told himself. It couldn’t be. No way it could be Sarah could it? But he followed the two nuns. One was tall and slender while the other one, his Sarah, was shorter, and slightly thicker.

“Uhhh Sister, uh, Sarah?” he called out. “Sister Sarah?” He said again.

She stopped and turned around, looking at the other nun before she did. Then she looked back at him. She squinted her eyes as if needing to focus on whoever it was. Her mouth opened. It opened wide. He could tell she couldn’t believe it was him.

“Alec?” She said. “Alec is that you?”

She told the other nun to go on ahead. Alec drove on up next to her. She had on her habit. She smiled. He got out of the cart.

“Ohhhhhhh Alec,” She cried out softly. The other nun stopped and watched.

Sarah and Alec hugged one another. The hug lasted forever.

“Wow Sarah,” he said. “I can’t believe it. You’re a nun, really? Gosh it’s soooo good to see you again. I’ve really missed you. I really have,” he told her as they kept on hugging.

“Me too,” she said as she finally let go of his big, tall, and seemingly muscular body.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere all those pictures he’d taken of her, all those naked ones he’d taken of her settled inside his thoughts. As they hugged, he saw all of her without any of her clothing on. He saw her naked and soft and succulent while holding her in his arms. Yes, she was as naked as ever and he knew one thing for sure. Alec wanted Sister Sarah and he wanted her passionately. That is if he could have her.

They pulled away. She knew what she wanted right then and there. She wanted to be at her parent’s old house where she kept something special for times like these.

“Soooo, you’re working here?” she said, as she looked right into his eyes.

He nodded and said, "Yes," as he smiled and asked her all about her being a nun.

She answered his questions all the while thinking of going to her parent’s home, which was close by, and going to get the one thing she used here and there so she didn’t “feel bad” any longer.

They talked some more but he took her back to the buildings and left. It was becoming cold and snow was starting to fall. There was some ice and the grounds were getting icier making it more difficult for walks like they had been taking.

Here she was, all alone in her room, and she “felt” it. She recalled those days way back when. When she was alone, that one day when he took his pictures of her, she thought about how happy she was as he snapped naked picture of her. In her room at the convent she was naked. She hadn’t changed a bit she thought. Her body was the same as it always had been. Same hair, same eyes, same shoulders, same breasts she thought as her hand touched them too, and as her hands smoothed out a trail down her body she looked at her waistline and hips.

“I wonder if he’d still think I’m a pretty woman or not?” she asked herself. “Ohhhhhh I shouldn’t be doing this. Oh god, please forgive me.”

Then she closed her eyes. She needed it. She needed that “instrument,” that toy she told herself, but it was at her mom and dad’s house which was a mile away from where she was at.

“Should I?” she said.

It was only seven at night. She had a key. The house was empty. Her mom and dad lived in Florida. She could go and she could be all alone, all by herself.

"Ohhhhhh Alec! I need you. I need you soooo badly right now."

She got dressed and put on a coat. She left and headed for her parents house. It took her a while but she got there safely and unlocked, then locked the door behind her. She knew the place well. She felt comfortable as ever and took off her coat and boots.

She headed to her old room and turned on the light. She looked right at it. A picture on the wall of Jesus Christ and walked over to it. She lifted the picture of him off the wall. Beneath it was a compartment. She opened it up and removed it from inside the wall.

Holding it in her hands, she closed her eyes, and felt its size and weight as she fingered its shape as well. It was long. It was kind of thick. It had slight creases along its shaft. It was around 9 inches or so long. Sarah smiled as she held it in her hands. She reached into the wall and pulled out some batteries. She replaced the old ones seeing as it had been ages since she had done this before.

“I sure hope you enjoy this, Alec. I’m going to,” she said quietly.

She pulled off parts of her habit once she laid down on her old bed. A small light was on but she didn’t let it bother her as she laid there and listened to the sounds around her. It was quiet. She thought about him and as she did she smiled.

Alec still seemed to be the same she thought. He hadn’t changed and wished he could be there that evening. But he wasn’t so she went about doing this alone. With most her clothing off, she got started, and licked her fingers to start the “festivities.”

“Lick your fingers alright Alec?” she said as if he was there beside her.

“Mmmmm,” she added.

“Now, go down inside my underwear, and well run your wet fingers… Oooooohh that’s it. Just like that! Ohhhhhhh ahhhhh, like that Alec,” she said.

“Oh god, do that again,” she said as her fingers rolled along her clitoris.

“Again alright?” she murmured.

As she fingered her clitoris, she turned it on. She heard the buzzing noise. It vibrated in her hand as she held it. It felt powerful. It was powerful. It was thick and this one had strength like nothing ever had. She separated her legs and as she lowered down inside them she felt it hit her thighs. Sarah smiled as she closed her eyes and moved the vibrator up and against her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she cried out softly. “Uh oooooohh mmmmmm,” she uttered as she began sliding it inside of herself.

Her back rose up off the bed ever so slightly. Her eyes closed again as her ass rose up too. She pushed the vibrator up further into her pussy.

“Ohhh my lord yes oh yes Alec. Just like that, my old friend. Just like that. Slowly uhhh oooooohh slowly.”

Then she screamed out very loud. “Ohhhhhhh oh my freaking lord! Yes oh god yes ohhhhhh god yes, that’s it. Again Alec, do that again.”

Her eyes were pinched closed as her ass again rose up off the bed but this time, as her one hand pushed and played around with the vibrator, her other hand moved up towards her boob. She rubbed it. She moved it around and rubbed it again and as she did that her body moved about and rose off the bed again. All that time she cried out and called out for Alec to be with her while she masturbated that cold stormy night.

She was starting to cum. She felt the wetness leaking down out of her pussy and down her thighs.

“Ohhhhhhh, God, yes! Yes, Alec, yes!” She cried out.

“I want you. I soooo want you with me. I soooo want you on me and feeling me like this Alec!”

And suddenly, out of nowhere, she heard something. Was that the doorbell? It couldn’t be. No one knows I’m here, do they? She shook her head and thought about it. The doorbell rang again. She hid the vibrator beneath the sheets. She was wetter then ever but began pulling herself together. This, then that, and then the next thing and she was put back together although her pussy felt sopping wet. With her habit all back together, she sat up.

There was some knocking on the door.

“Who could that be?” She said.

She got up, double checked herself in a mirror, and headed for the door. She looked out. Alec, really she told herself. She smiled even though he didn’t see it. She liked that Alec was there. Her heart thumped as if she was excited about that.

She opened the door.

“Hiiiii,” he said. “I wondered if you were here?”

“Uhhh hi Alec,” she said. “Umm what brings you by?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t uhhh know. I saw the light on as I drove by. I know how your parents, you know, go south each year so it kind of had me wondering. And look, here you are. At your parent’s house.”

He said, “Soooo, uh, what brings you here?”

What do I tell him? That I’m masturbating?

"Uh uhhh, nooooo way!" She told herself.

“Umm, well, umm, just doing some, umm, personal stuff,” she told him.

Then told herself, "You know, girl things, but I’m not going to tell you about any of that."

“Oh okay,” he said. “If you’re busy I’ll leave you alone. See you later on?”

He turned and started to head back to his car.

“Alec no!” She called out.

“Uhhh don’t leave,” she said, shaking her head and knowing exactly what she wanted.

“Come on in. Please stop,” she told him.

“Come on,” and she closed her eyes as she thought of what they might do together.

“Come on in and stay with me, please?”

He whipped around and he was inside in seconds. Or so it seemed he was. And he wore a smile which stretched from ear to ear. They talked. He was the most talkative of course but she did not want him to leave.

“I was in my room looking for something but couldn’t find it,” she said.

She temporarily forgot about her bed being a mess and had forgotten about the vibrator as well.

“Come on back while I look for it.”

He followed her and stood by the bed and watched as acted like she was looking for what it was she had lost. He stood by the bed and continued talking. They conversed. She acted out as if she was looking for it when he asked her about the bed. She told him she was laying down. That was how it got all messed up. And then he sat down.

He felt something. It felt odd. He looked down as she looked into her closet, not noticing that he looked down at her bed. He felt around the sheets. He felt it. He pinched his eyes as he reached underneath the sheets. It was relatively long. It was tubular. Huh, he asked himself as he started to reach underneath the sheets.

He grabbed it. He pulled it out and his mouth and eyes reacted to what they saw.

"Sarah has a… She is using a… Vibrator? Ohhh, my God, really?" he thought.

He looked at the toy. He looked at her. He looked at the toy before looking at her again.

“Sarah, you can stop it now. I found it,” he said.

She didn’t know at first what he meant and turned around. She saw it in his hands and her mouth dropped open wide. Sarah did not know what to say.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I think I understand.”

“No, no you don’t Alec,” she said, as she shook her head.

“Sure I do. Even I have needs, Sarah. Even I feel the need to masturbate. I would have to believe that even nuns do too, I guess.”

She felt embarrassed. She felt bad. She felt terrible. He looked at her and saw the facial looks she was giving him.

“I don’t know what to say Alec.”

He smiled, “In all the time we’ve known each other there is one thing I’ve always known.”

She asked what that was.

“That I’ve always thought that of all the people I’ve known you have to be the prettiest and sexiest woman I’ve ever known.”

And then he asked her if she recalled all those pictures he’d taken of her.

She said, "Yes."

“I still have each and every one of them Sarah.”

“You do not!” Sarah was shocked.

He had all those naked pictures of her body. “Ohhh my lord! Oh my god,” she said as she shook her head and began crying.

“Come here Sarah,” he said as he patted the bed. “Sit down. Come here and sit down.”

She walked over slowly and sat down. He put an arm around her and pulled her towards him. He comforted her. She laid her head on his shoulder. He pulled her closer. She looked up at him. He kissed her cheek. She smiled.

“Lay down, alright. Let’s finish what you started. Let’s make this evening a great night."

She didn’t quite understand but he laid her out and she allowed him too. He pushed up her habit and she let him. He pushed aside her undies and she permitted it. He lowered the vibrator and she spread out her legs.

It went into her pussy. Before she knew it she was moaning. She was crying out. She was bouncing all over the bed. She took hold of her boob and either caressed it or squeezed it firmly. Her hand slid upwards, as he fed the vibrator into her pussy, and she rubbed her neck. He smiled and then she would too. Her eyes would close and then they would open as her body danced about her bed.

“Ohhhhhhh, God! Ohhh, my God, Alec!” She cried out repeatedly as her body began to convulse.

“I’ll… I will always love you for...” and her words cut off.

Then she said “I will… Ohhhhhh, my God!” Her eyes pinched closed.

She yelled out, “Come down here! Kiss me! Kiss me hard Alec! Oh God, kiss me hard! I need you and I want you soooo badly too! Ohhhhhh, oh wow, Alec, my body really needs you…” but she didn’t say what I thought she’d say.

He was expecting her to tell him to go in her, but she didn’t. It was left at that and the women, this nun, left it at that.

She had orgasmed again. It was her second time and she loved it. He knew that. She loved him a lot. Eventually, she relaxed and pushed his hand, and the vibrator, away from her pussy. Sarah pulled and held him close. She held his body tightly as she snuggled against it. They laid late into the night and didn’t move as he listened to her breathe and felt her chest rise and drop affectionately.

Later on that night and he didn’t know the time he heard her say “I love you Alec. I will always love you.”

Then she was silent. When he got up around five in the morning she was gone but she left a note for him.

“I had a wonderful time Alec. It was great. I love what you did for me. Can we do some more of those pictures? And soon too?” she added in her note to him.

"I’ll see you soon.”
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