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Solo Adventure

A real life solo experience.



I slam the door shut, my head spinning wildly.  Finally!  I'm home, away from school where I'm verbally attacked by a drunken woman who has no idea who I am, away from my stalker ex-girlfriend, away from everyone who looks at me and thinks, "Oh, just another clumsy, heavy, weirdo."  Yeah, okay.  Suck my dick.  Okay, I don't have one.  So suck my strap-on.


I make a very short call to my parents to let them know that I'm home and safe.  Of course, my dad takes a very long time to answer and say "Okay, see you after work."  How difficult is it to say?  Was he figuring out which language to say it in?  He only speaks English!


I try to get a hold of myself, I tell myself that spontaneous combustion is not a good idea.  I call my friend Amy.  The phone rings five times and then goes to voicemail.  "Fuck!" I say, hanging up the phone.  I take off my clothes, deciding that maybe a hot shower will calm me down after an abnormally awful day.  There's no one in the house, so I ignore my bathroom and walk naked into the bathroom down the hall.  I quickly realize that I can take a bath instead of a shower, and plug the drain.  I adjust the water temperature.


I drop a jasmine scented bath salt ball into the tub and watch as some of it dissolves.  I walk out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, and grab as many candles as I can find.  I group them in the bathroom, away from my head, but make sure I have enough to fill the room with gentle light.  I flick the light switch to the OFF position and slide into the bath.  I adjust my towel-pillow, turn off the faucet, and lay back.  I watch the steam undulate in flickering patterns caused by the candles and inhale the jasmine fragrance.


I uncap my favorite strawberry-scented shampoo and lather it richly into my hair, massaging my scalp, taking my time.  I slide under the water to rinse it off and when I resurface, I lay my head back against my towel pillow again, moving my stomach-reaching hair to my shoulder.  I feel more relaxed already, all my problems are fading.  I focus on the feel of the water against my body, the caressing warmth of the steam.  I glide my hands over my neck, down my chest, stopping at my stomach.


I'd never before masturbated in a bath.  At least not as slowly and sensually as I am planning to now.  I close my eyes as I massage my breasts and play with my already erect nipples.  Pinching them slightly and pulling them out.  I rub my inner thigh with my other hand, teasing myself.  Usually when I masturbate, I fantasize about someone or a situation that I find arousing.  But not tonight.  Tonight I would live in the moment, and pay attention to every detail.  I felt my chest rise and fall slowly, deeply.


I'd shaven my pussy down to a very small landing strip, I allow one finger to run up and down this strip, feeling myself become wet.  I sigh in pleasure.  I squeeze my hood and press on my pelvis with the heel of my hand.  I am avoiding my clit, I know it will torture me, but I am sure that my efforts will not go unrewarded.  Finally, after long minutes of this, I allow my finger to graze my hard clit and gasp in surprise.  The warmth of my finger, the water, and the pressure combined almost makes me come immediately.


I graze it again, and allow a moan to escape my lips.  I insert a finger into myself, still playing with my clit using my thumb.  I use the other hand and pinch my nipples.  After doing this for a very short time, I feel the building pressure suddenly release, and I come hard, moaning.


I quickly drain the tub and blow out the candles.  I'm not even close to done.  I quickly clean the bathroom, and walk naked and dripping into my bedroom.  My lilac-colored bedspread has recently been cleaned.  I press my nose into my pillowcase to smell the soothing lavender and vanilla I've sewn into the pillow.  There are two crates next to my bed, the top one holds books, and the other has a shoe box.  In the shoe box is everything I need for pleasure.


I select the bottle of lotion I prefer, and pour swirling lines of it on my body, giggling a little as it moves against my skin.  I inhale the aroma of it, willing my body to relax.  I close my eyes and focus on the feeling of my warm hands smoothing the cool lotion into my body.  I start at my shoulders and arms, massaging away the tension that rests there.  I move to my chest and neck, slowly gliding my fingers over my smooth breasts.  I continue down to my legs, but avoid touching anywhere between them.  There's heat there, I'm desperately needing to be touched.


I rub my shaven mound, careful not to touch my throbbing clit.  My legs part on their own, without a real command from my brain.  My body is acting on its own now.  I continue to tease myself, bringing my fingers closer to my outer labia and clitoral hood, but just as I'm getting close, I bring my fingertips in another direction.  I moan in desire, and realize that I won't be able to keep up this teasing for very long.  I squeeze my inner thigh and finally allow myself to graze my clit lightly.  I jump, and nearly come.


I reach into the box and grab the blue, bumpy vibrator that I've quickly become very fond of in the short time I've had it.  I turn it to it's lowest setting and hearing it hum excites me more.  I place it above my clit, not quite touching.  My clit is extremely sensitive when it's wet, making it easier to make me come, and I want to make this feeling last.  My body immediately responds, and I allow a moan to escape my lips.  I gently move it around the skin near my clit, and my hips begin to roll.  I play with my nipples briefly with the other hand, before reaching for my other toy.


I gaze at the eight and a half inch, red-ribbed beauty before I slide the tip into my mouth.  I find it makes insertion easier and more enjoyable.  I turn off the vibrator for a moment, and place it next to me on the bed.  I focus my attention on the dildo in my mouth, treating it as though it were a man instead of a toy.  Something about this gives me more pleasure.  I alternate swirling my tongue around it's tip and then taking it as far into my throat as I can.  I'm able to get it a little further each time until finally I'm able to accommodate it all.


I reach down and slide one figure inside.  I'm so wet, I know I'm ready for something bigger than my fingers.  I remove the dildo from my mouth, and press the tip to my entrance.  I insert it as slowly as possible, though my body is begging for me to hurry up.  When I have most of it in I begin slow long thrusts, feeling it rub up against the walls of my dripping pussy.  I continue this and play with my nipples for as long as I can stand it.


My body's desire overwhelms the control over my hand, and I begin to thrust the toy harder and faster into myself, letting out moans and whimpers of pleasure, feeling the heat build until it was almost unbearable.  I've almost reached my peak, but I slow down, enjoying the torturing pleasure and pain that is begging to be unleashed.  I play with my nipples once more before I grab the vibrator beside me, and turn it onto the highest setting.  The thrusts I'm making with my red dildo are getting faster and harder, my breath is ragged and fast.  I feel my hard pounding in my chest, the blood pulsing in every inch of my system.  I'm getting closer!


I press the humming vibrator against my pulsating, needy clit while I thrust the dildo in and out so hard and fast, my hand is a blur, and send myself over the edge!  I squeeze my eyes shut as my hips buck wildly and my back arches in ecstasy!  I scream and moan with every last thrust as I ride the waves of pleasure to the end.  My entire body tenses tightly, and I feel myself explode!  I remove my dildo and feel the affects of my efforts fully in extreme pleasure.


When the waves pass over me, I turn of the vibrator, and place both toys back into their box.  I slide my finger over my wetness, numb and tingly everywhere, enjoying the aftershocks.  Maybe today wasn't such a bad day after all.

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