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Solo Experience in Santa Cruz

A true story from several years ago
Author: Gus - Sorry for the length, but this was a very erotic and unusual event that I still often masturbate to. There is no dialogue because this entire incident took place without any conversation.

Several year ago when I was in my mid 40's, I was traveling to the west coast and had a chance to visit Santa Cruz. There was a spa that features massages, but also has hot tubs, cool tubs, sunbathing, and sauna among its services - all clothing optional. Many, even most, people go there and never get a massage; usually they enjoy the hot tub, sauna, socializing outdoors or reading in the quiet areas indoors. What a wonderful place and it is only blocks from downtown.

Santa Cruz is a small resort and university town on the Pacific coast between San Francisco and Monterrey. One of its qualities is that it has drawn an abundance of former hippies and other avant-garde types. One of the things that I like about Santa Cruz is that it is, indeed, a very liberal place. The spa I visited is clothing optional, but nobody wears clothes in it and men and women of all ages, sizes, and types use the facilities quietly and respectfully. No children are allowed, ever. There is always quiet, calm, eclectic music playing in the background. It is loud enough to know it is there, but often it is hard to truly hear distinctly. Sometimes a CD as mainstream as Enya is played, but usually not.

During my visit, there were about 3 dozen men and women of all ages using the facilities, mostly in the hot tub. I needed to sauna for a bit and entered the redwood dry sauna. It was about 8 feet across by 12 feet deep. A few very small lights gave it almost a candlelight ambiance. I took the bench on the left wall and sat nude on my towel; there was a man on the far wall nude, sitting on his. After my eyes became adjusted to the near darkness, I noticed he was mostly hard and that he periodically would touch himself to squeeze a bit more hardness into his erection as it went from half to completely erect.

It feels good to sit with an erection, so feeling I had the green light to do the same, I began to stiffen with the occasional squeeze, pull, or brief pump of my own cock. But, just as we both achieved very full erections, a woman entered and took the right hand bench directly across from me. Neither of us guys moved or did anything to hide or increase our arousal. The woman looked to be about five-ten and one hundred, fifty pounds. She had long hair that looked like she’d just showered. Her breasts and other curves were those of a lithe, trim woman in her mid thirties. At first it had to be too dark for her to see us, having come through the elongated entry tunnel into the teepee-shaped sauna.

As her eyes adjusted and she noticed we both had full erections, she parted her legs and brought her left foot up to the bench level and leaned back so all of us could plainly see each others genitals. She then spread her labia and moved her hand so each of us men had unobstructed view to her outer lips, inner labia, clitoral hood, and vagina. She was not shaved, in fact she had underarm hair, but her hair pattern was sparse around her vulva and concentrated on her mound.

The other guy took the initiative as he resumed touching and now holding and pumping his cock. Pumping slowly, but openly pumping nevertheless. The lady watched him with interest and after a few moments, looked openly at my cock. So, following his lead I held mine and slowly pumped it. In response, she took one hand and began to circle her mound at the top of her slit, obviously stimulating her clit. The woman watched both of us.

This continued for several minutes until the other man sped up pumping rapidly and came out onto the floor and into his towel. The lady looked at me and I at her. As she sped up her movements, I did the same. When she took her free hand and inserted her middle finger into her pussy, I held my free hand in front of my cock and came into the palm of my hand while she began to shudder and cum.

I looked at her and she watched as I took my hand and licked the cum off my palm, her eyes as big as pie plates. She smiled and caught her breath, then stiffened in orgasm. All three of us sat for maybe two or three minutes and recovered our normal breathing.

We each left in the same order we had come in (the same order we had cum in, as well) and went back to our normal lives. Still not a word was spoken.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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