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Soon To Be More Than Friends

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Could this really be it?
My best friend, Kelsey, was the love of my life and she knew it too. For three years I had been dying to get my hands on her and now was my perfect chance. For days we had been catching up on things since we'd last talked. With her now living two hours away, we rarely talked but still maintained our tight friendship.

Last night I was home alone and feeling pretty lonely. Sadly the weather was horrible and my friend just couldn't make the trip to see me no matter how much I begged. She promised she'd come the following day since it was her day off.

Morning rolled around and I awoke with more energy then usual. I paid more attention to my personal grooming, taking extra time to wash and making sure I was smooth everywhere. My shower caused me to become more aware of my body as I fantasied about what the day might bring.

I glanced at my nipples hardening under the hot water as I slipped my hand between my legs and grazed my hard clit. A moan escaped my lips and I couldn't resist giving into the pleasure. Cupping my mound, I slipped a finger into my tight cunt, surprised at the wetness inside.

I leaned over, placing one hand on the shower wall to give me stabilization for what was to come. I brought my finger to my mouth tasting my sweet nectar, wishing she was here to enjoy my taste. Slipping two fingers inside this time, I started my pace slow but deep. It didn't take long for my breath to quicken as I sped up my speed, an orgasm quickly approaching.

Curling my fingers inside my cunt, I moaned louder. Soon my walls were squeezing my fingers and as I pulled them out, I squirted all over the wall behind me as I screamed her name. Not knowing for sure how long I was in the shower, I quickly cleaned off, jumped out and got dressed.

As the morning rolled into afternoon, I hadn't heard from Kelsey yet. I sent her a text and jumped at her quick reply.

“Sorry hun, but my car ran out of gas and I'll have no way over there.”

“Fuck!” I screamed as I slammed my phone down. I sent her a sad reply.

“Isn't there anyway for you to come today?”

Minutes passed and I decided to go on with my day trying not to worry. But every time I even thought about her, I could feel my pussy getting moist and I could see my nipples sticking straight out through my thin shirt. It took a lot of will power to not give in to my needs and finger myself whereever I may have been standing at the time. Finally after two hours my phone went off. It was Kelsey!

“I tried to find a way darling but I honestly could not. Can't you just come visit me instead?”

Knowing my short supply on cash, I had to do plenty of math before I even replied. I knew my car was great on gas but the toll I had to pass would be the killer. So I replied, “I'm low on funds but I can always see what I can do.”

Her reply was what set my decision in stone. “I will make it worth your while, I promise.”

Instantly my cunt was dripping wet and I could feel the wet spot forming on my panties. “Why does she have this much effect on my pussy...” Trying to ignore the wetness, I headed upstairs to change. Slipping of my shorts and panties, the wet spot was bigger then I imagined.

I finished getting naked, lay back on my bed and slowly spread my legs apart. Pinching my nipple, I gasped from the sensitivity I had never experienced. I pinched the other one and I could feel my juices dripping pass my puckered hole and down to the sheets.

Slowly I moved my right hand down my stomach and left my left hand on my breast. Slipping my hand over my smooth mound the wetness of my lips and cunt was obvious. Instantly my fingers were covered and I brought them to my mouth to lick my juices off.

Moaning at my increased arousal, I moved my hand back to my dripping mound and lightly rubbed my hard clit. My back arched in approval and I rubbed a little harder. It became harder to keep my moans quiet and soon I was moaning her name too. Slipping two fingers into my pussy, I began to imagine it was her doing everything.

She had her two fingers buried knuckle-deep inside my cunt as she licked and sucked on my clit. I had my hands pushing her face harder into my mound as I screamed for more. 

"Mmm, you like that, baby girl? You like my tongue pleasuring you? I won't let you cum till I say so,” she said in between eating me out. 

Speeding her pace up, I moaned louder as I tossed and turned from the pure pleasure she was giving me. “Ohhh fuck... Please... I need to cum..” I began to beg. 

“That's it, beg for it and I might let you cum. Tell me what you want me to do to you to make you cum, baby.” 

Slowing her pace, I knew she wasn't going to start again without me telling her what I wanted. “I..I.. I need you to fuck me... I want you to suck my clit as you finger my pussy hard...I want to cum now... Please..” 

“That's all I needed to hear.” And with that she started sucking my clit and began pounding my cunt hard with her fingers. In no time I was on the verge of an amazing orgasm. 

“Ohhh god... Fuck.. I'm about to cum!” I screamed. 

“Cum in my mouth, baby! I wanna taste all that amazing nectar coming from this beautiful cunt.” 

With that I snapped out of my dream and felt the walls of my pussy squeezing my fingers tight as I orgasmed. Quickly I removed my fingers before my orgasm faded and squirted all over my bed sheets. My breath slowly decreased and I hoped that later that night would be just as amazing.

To be continued....

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