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Sophie's Revenge Part 3

Tags: cheating, oral
"Do you think I'm a slut?" Sophie asked, her head resting on Rich's chest.

She felt his arm wrap around her a little more tightly.

"No," he replied.

She paused.

"But we just had sex," Sophie said, "and I'm your friend's girlfriend."

Rich shrugged.

"I guess it's just one of those spontaneous things that happen. You were upset with Jon and, let's be honest, I kissed you first."

"But only because I said I thought you were sexy."

Rich paused, looking for something to say which would help to alleviate her guilt. But before he could speak Sophie broke the silence.

"I don't think we can do this again," she said, finally turning to look up at him.

Rich nodded. He had guessed this conversation was coming but he couldn't deny that he was upset by it. Although he had never admitted it to himself, he had always had feelings for Sophie and it always made him mad when Jon flirted with other girls. To him Sophie was the perfect girlfriend and he would have treated her like a princess if he'd had the chance.

"I know," he said resignedly. "I understand that this was kind of a release for you after what Jon did, but I want you to know that I'll never hold it against you and I'll never tell him. I would hate it if you and I couldn't be friends anymore."

He kissed the top of her head.

Sophie closed her eyes, sadness suddenly sweeping over her at the thought that this would be the last time she would be this close to Richie. She'd been attracted to him for years but she had kept her feelings hidden. That was until she'd found that Jon, her boyfriend, had been flirting with some girls on his Facebook page. Actually, that had only been his latest indiscretion; there had been other times he had flirted with and possibly had affairs (although she had no real proof) with other girls.

After she had confronted Jon about this latest time and he had made it clear that he didn't see what he had been doing as a problem she had decided to give in to her feelings for Richie. And so one morning about a week earlier while he was over at her house, she had followed him upstairs to her bathroom and masturbated while she watched him shower, unaware that she was there.

At the time she thought that was going to be the end of it, but after another fight with Jon over what she saw as his infidelity, she had asked him to leave. Then, that afternoon Richie had come round to collect some clothes for Jon and...well, and here they were, in her bed, naked, sweaty and, to her frustration, still horny for him.

But it didn't matter, she knew she couldn't let it happen again, she knew that she had to give Jon another chance to change...even though she questioned if he was capable of it.

"I guess I'd better go," Rich said, starting to move. "I've still got to take that stuff round to Jon."

Sophie nodded, sadness washing over her again.

She lifted her head from his chest, catching sight of his cock, still semi erect and glistening with her juices from her pussy, which, only minutes before he had filled with his come. She sighed inwardly, knowing that she would never see or feel that cock again, she would never again experience the shuddering orgasms he had given her. And that thought brought back to her mind a question she'd wanted to ask right before Richie had slipped his hardness inside her.

"Can I ask you something?" She said, all at once feeling embarrassed.

"Sure," Rich replied, sitting up. She turned to face him, pulling the sheet across her exposed breasts.

"You remember when you...," she paused, her embarrassment stopping her from saying the words. "Well, y'know, when you...," she sighed, closing her eyes. "When you licked me."

Rich smiled. "Yes, I remember."

"Well....what did you do?" Sophie pulled nervously at the sheet, her eyes open again but, with her question still floating in the air she was finding it difficult to look at him.

Rich smiled again. "Oh that," he replied. "Well I was reading this online blog by a lady who writes about her sexual experiences and she told a story about when she went down on another girl and she traced the letters of the alphabet on her clitoris. So that's what I did to you. Was it okay?"

Sophie looked up at him, surprise unmistakeable on her pretty face.

"Was it okay?" She repeated. "You heard me come right? I don't think I've ever come that fast before."


"Really. Can you remember which letter you got to?"

Rich shifted his position, pulling at the part of the sheet that wasn't wrapped around Sophie, trying to cover his lower half and she realised that he was getting hard again. Sophie felt a familiar twinge between her legs and she knew that she should change the subject but she needed to hear Rich's answer.

"I think it was around P or Q," he said, adjusting the sheet to hide his now very erect penis.

"Wow," Sophie said, trying not to look down at his hard on. "I would have thought it would take a couple of passes through the whole alphabet to make me come like that. But then I was really turned on."

Rich smiled.

"Have other girls liked the alphabet thing?" Sophie asked, a sudden pang of jealousy coursing through her.

"Actually, you're the first girl I've tried it on," he answered, still looking down. "I only read about it last week."

Sophie nodded, relief spreading over her at the knowledge that he had done something with her that he'd never done with anyone else.

Silence fell across the room.

"Okay, so I guess I'd better go," Rich said, turning slightly, obviously not wanting to stand up and reveal his erection. But since Sophie had wrapped the sheet around her breasts he knew he had little choice. For a moment Sophie almost looked away, giving him the chance to leave without showing her how aroused he was, but she felt she couldn't, she knew that she wanted to see him again, just once more. And so she held on to the sheet and watched as he moved.

After a moment of hesitation he seemed to lose his self consciousness and slid out from under the sheet, his hard cock bouncing as he moved.

Sophie groaned, her pussy twitching again as she watched Richie stand up.

"So...," she suddenly blurted out, the words leaving her mouth before she knew what she really wanted to say.

Rich stopped, turning back to her, his cock standing straight up, the swollen, purple head two feet from her lips. He looked at her, waiting for her to finish what she wanted to say.

"So...," Sophie said again, "I guess we should just, y'know, keep this between you said."

Rich nodded. "Yeah, I think that would be best." Then after a brief pause he went to turn away.

"Unless...," Sophie blurted again, stopping him, making him turn back. "Unless you want to....I don't know....I mean I don't think we should sleep together again but....I.....I.....I just can't stop thinking about those orgasms you gave me." She looked up at Richie as he stared back at her. "Do you want to do that part again?" She asked, feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment. Richie looked back at her, his cock bouncing as she spoke.

"I thought you'd never ask," he said leaning forward, kissing her lips. Sophie fell backwards across the bed, the sheet falling away, revealing her breasts.

"I can't have sex with you again," she whispered as they kissed. "I know it's selfish but I want you to make me come again. And then I'll make you come too."

She felt Richie sigh, his tongue sliding into her mouth and as he moved up onto the bed she opened her legs, inviting him between them.

Richie's hand moved to her breasts, thumbing her nipples and she slid her finger nails along his sides, leaving goosebumps in their wake and it took all of her self control not to ask him to fuck her.

Richie's head dropped, sucking her nipple between his lips, making her back arch and as her resolve dissipated a little more Sophie reached down, wrapping her fingers around his cock, causing him to bite down on her.

"Fuck," she whispered, his teeth driving her to falter on the line between pleasure and pain, but never quite tipping her over the edge. And for a moment she almost pulled his cock towards her opening.

But she managed to refrain from giving herself over to her true desire and instead she began to slide her hand along his length, increasing the pressure as she reached the tip, the sensation making Richie's tongue flick faster over her stiff bud; and if someone would have made her tell the truth she would have told them that right then she wanted him to come. She wanted him to groan, just as he had when he'd come in her pussy, and fire his hot come all over her, splashing onto her tits and stomach. And as her pussy dripped at the thought, she glanced down, hoping to see him spurt onto her.

But he didn't. He wasn't yet ready to come and for that she was grateful because even more than wanting to make Richie come, she wanted him to do that to her. She wanted to feel the release as her orgasm ripped through her.

And almost as if he had been reading her thoughts Rich let go of her nipple, sliding down between her legs, his movement making her lose her grip on his cock and for moment she felt guilty that she was going to be receiving all the pleasure. But as she felt his lips meet the velvety flesh which surrounded her clitoris her mind went blank in anticipation.

Sophie's hip bucked and her knees lifted as she felt Richie's tongue enter her, and she gasped as it slid up to her clit, only to be replaced inside her by first one then two of his fingers. And as they began to massage her g-spot and his tongue began to once again trace the letters of the alphabet across her already sensitive button, her hands clamped down on his as it massaged her breast.

"Shit," she moaned, all three of her most sensitive spots being concentrated on, and she tried to feel which letter Richie was drawing.

When Sophie came it was with an intensity like she had never experienced. Usually when she climaxed she could feel it building like a storm before it washed her. But this time it seemed to explode through her, catching her off guard, so much so, that when her back arched and her head pushed down onto the mattress, her usual moan failed to come and she was left breathless and panting, her legs clamping around Richie as her body shook.

"Oh my gosh," Sophie whispered as Richie lifted his tongue from her clitoris and slid his fingers from between her slippery folds. "Oh my gosh...that was....amazing," she continued between gasps for breath. "I think I almost kinda blacked out for a moment."

Rich moved quietly up the bed bedside her, his arms wrapping around her, pulling her closer.

They lay there in silence, their arms and legs entwined as Sophie's breathing began to return to normal.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Sophie asked, her heart suddenly fluttering at what she was about to admit.

"Of course," Richie said, stroking her arm.

She paused for a moment, unsure if she should continue but knowing that she had come to far not to.

"You remember the day, just over a week ago, when you and Jon came here to shower after the gym?"

"Uh-huh," Richie replied.

"Well, that morning, after Jon left, I followed you up to the bathroom, and while you were in the shower I laid on my bed and masturbated while I watched you in the shower."

"Really?" Rich asked, his cock twitching at the thought.

"Yes," Sophie replied, but before he could ask for any more details she gently cupped his balls in her hand and moved her head down over his stomach. He watched as she moved closer to his hard cock, then, just as she reached it she rose to her knees and lifted his shaft, taking his tip between her lips.

Richie sighed as her lips encircled the head of his cock and Sophie began to suck, her tongue swirling deliciously around the head before running up and down the underside. Richie moaned as his fingers gripped the sheets and as he looked down he saw Sophie watching him, never breaking eye contact and she sucked and licked his cock.

"Give me your pussy," Rich whispered, his voice hoarse with pleasure.

Without taking her mouth off his cock, Sophie moved around, straddling his face, lowering pussy over his mouth. Taking her butt cheeks in his hands, he guided her into position before reaching down to take her breasts, thumbing her nipples.

Sophie moaned at the sensation on her nipples, her voice muffled by Rich's cock, but as his tongue met her clitoris she jumped.

"I can't," she sighed. "I'm still too sensitive from when you made me come just now."

And without a word Richie slid his thumb between her lips, rotating is gently inside her. Sophie groaned, her lips moving back to the head of his cock, sucking and licking.

With Rich's thumb inside her she began to grind against him, her hips matching the movement of her mouth as she took him deeper, focusing her attention on the tip until she could feel his balls begin to tighten. But she wasn't ready for him to come yet. Lifting her mouth off him and turning to look at him.

Rich groaned.

"Not yet, honey," she purred. "I'm not done with you yet."

Moving off him she turned, straddling his legs, her fingers sliding up and down the length of his slippery cock, watching his face.

"Are you mad at me for watching you in the shower?"

"Of course not," he said, his fingers sliding along her thighs.

"Would you like to hear about what I did?"

"Yes," he whispered.

"What would you like to know?" She asked mischievously, squeezing the tip of his hard on.

"I want you to tell me what you did. I want you to tell me what you were thinking, how it felt. I want to know everything."

"Well," Sophie began as she slid closer to his cock until the shaft was almost touching her clitoris, his balls nestling at her wet opening. "I snuck up here and watched you while you were turning the shower on. Then, as you started to get undressed I moved into the middle of my bed, turned over onto my front and, as you stood naked in front of me, unaware that I was there, I slid my hand inside my sweats and into my panties, slid my fingers into my pussy and pressed my clit down onto my hand. Then I put my other hand inside my tank top and played with my tits."

"Show me."

And without hesitation Sophie took her free hand, cupping her breasts in turn before beginning to pull and tease her nipples. Her eyes fluttered and she increased the speed of her hand on Rich's cock.

"Fuck," he groaned. "That feels amazing and you look so good sitting there."

"Really?" Sophie asked, looking down at him. "Do you like my tits?"

"Oh fuck, yeah," Rich said, reaching up to cup them. "I look at them whenever I'm over here."

"You do?" Sophie asked, remembering how she thought she'd caught him looking at her the day he came in to shower. "What do you think about them?"

"I think they're perfect and kissing and sucking on them today has been amazing. I'm just sad I won't be able to do it again."

Sophie sighed at the thought too.

"When you were in the shower I saw you stroking your cock," she said, brushing past the thought that this would be the last time they would be together. "What were you thinking about when you were doing that?"

"I was thinking about you. I was thinking about you downstairs in your sweats and tank...with no bra on."

Sophie smiled. "You saw that?"

"Of course I did. Your nipples were hard. Just like they are now," he said, rolling them between his thumb and finger.

Sophie's eyes fluttered under the influence of Rich's attention and she whispered.

"That's because, before you came in I had been planning to get myself off. I was planning to strip in front of the mirror in my bathroom, playing with my breasts, teasing my nipples until I couldn't stand it any more. Then I was going to lay on my bed and play with my pussy, stroking my clitoris until I came. And all the time I had planned to be thinking about you."

Rich groaned as images of Sophie naked, making herself come came into his head.

"Do you know what I was thinking when I was watching you stroking yourself?" She asked, continuing her movement on Rich's cock. "I was wondering if you were thinking about me and I was hoping you were. And I was hoping that you would make yourself come because I wanted to see it, and if I'm honest, if Jon hadn't pulled up just after I'd finished coming I think I would have walked in to the bathroom, took your cock in my hand and stroked it for you, making you come all over my tits."

She felt Rich's cock tense in her hand and for a moment she thought he was about to come. She looked down, wanting, needing to see it happen. But he didn't come, instead a bead of clear pre-come appeared at the tip of his cock, seeping out and down onto Sophie's finger.

"I would love to come on your tits," Richie sighed, his hands caressing her breasts, feeling their weight, massaging them.

"You would?"


"I'll make you come," she whispered, her own juices flowing again, seeping down on to his balls as she continued to jack him off.

"Talk to me," Richie groaned.

"Oh baby, I've wanted you be with you for so long," Sophie said in compliance with his request. "I've watched you when you've been here but I've always stopped myself because I thought it was wrong. But now that I've allowed myself to I can't stop. Seeing you in the bathroom, undressing, showering, masturbating, it made me so wet and I made myself come so hard."

Her hand began to move faster. "That afternoon, after you left, I told Jon I was going to take a bath and when I did I laid there and masturbated, teasing my clit as I thought of you. I imagined you fucking me hard and fast, I thought about you making love to me, slowly, gently. I thought about how you would feel when you came inside me. And now I know. And now I want to see it. I want to see you come. I want to make you come."

Rich groaned, his buttock tensing, his balls tightening against Sophie's pussy.

"Are you ready?" She whispered. "Are you ready to show it to me?"

Rich nodded, opening his eyes, needing to see himself come as much as Sophie did.

"Tell me," she said gently, her hand keeping up the steady movement on his cock. "Tell me when. I want you to come for me. I'm going to make you come...all over my tits."

Rich's hips tensed and she knew he was ready.

"Come for me, baby," she coaxed. "Come on me."

And then he moaned again, his hands moving to the silky skin of her thighs, and as he came Sophie pushed her breasts forward, angling his cock towards them, watching as he spurted, a stream of come bursting upwards to land on the top of her firm tits.

The second stream splashed lower down, the hot liquid moving inexorably towards her nipples. The third shot landed on her flat stomach, rolling down to her pussy.

As she slowed her hand movements Sophie looked down at the come which had landed on her breasts and her hand, lifting it to her mouth, licking it off as Richie watched her. Then, holding his gaze she gently leaned forward, her lips circling his tip sucking the remaining come from his cock, desire for him mixed with sadness that this would be their last time together.

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