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I finally find my release
For this story, as my first, I thought I’d start with a reallife experience. I have left out names, in order to avoid further humiliation.

As a teenager of 16, just finishing my final year of high school, I am an odd character. I have many friends and I’m reasonably popular, being the big guy of the year. Despite this, I had never had a girlfriend, or even a drunken kiss. The slightest thing can turn me on: a tight skirt, a girl sucking a lollipop or most annoyingly, the sheer mention of sex by an attractive girl. I am quite an intelligent person and have no problem talking to girls, but my lack of experience and low self-esteem always seem to let me down all too often.

I have always preferred my own company, being quite shy and I tend to resort to masturbation too often, as my hormones get the better of me. All day at school every day, I spend time with my friends, most of them hot, by my own admission. Ashamedly, I have masturbated to many of their Facebook pictures. I feel I enjoy myself more when I know the person is more than just a pretty face and I know that a lot of my mates feel the same.

A few months back, I was working through some particularly easy religious study questions, last lesson on a Thursday. It was hot by English standards and I had been playing football at lunch. I looked up from my trance-like concentration and immediately laid eyes upon 4 or 5 beautiful girls, with tight shirts and short skirts, showing just a little too much skin for any teenage boy to be able to keep a clean mind. Until this point, I had, remarkably, not realised exactly what I was surrounded by. The girl I sat next to, the goddess of the year, with an astounding mind and a figure to match, was shuffling around, desperately trying to get comfortable, in the less than ideal situation. Another girl sat in front of me, my friend in fact, who has the best boobs I have ever seen. Now granted, I haven’t seen many, but catching a glimpse of her ever-so round 34 dd’s through her shirt, was almost enough to make me climax there and then.

What really caught my attention though, were two of my other friends sitting to the left of me. Both blonde, one of them taller than the other with curves to die for and the other more petite, who’s beauty I can never fully comprehend. Having known each other for a long time, these two knew each other intimately and were both pretty hyper girls, to say the least. The petite girl was writhing around on top of the other, in a humorous fashion that only she could have executed, without fear of a sharp telling off. As she moved, they both giggled, clearly having a laugh as they looked forward to returning home after a long day. I couldn’t help but notice a slight slip every so often, granting me a brief view of a pair of beautiful pink knickers, as well as a flash of bra from the smaller girl, who’s breasts never failed to amaze me. Clearly still joking, the girl underneath gently nibbled the other’s earlobe, leaving them both giggling and a tingle running south down my body. Now thoroughly distracted, I took one more look around before settling my gaze on the astonishing sight that beheld me.

I’m not sure whether it was the setting I was in, or the sheer beauty of the girls, but before too long I began to develop a little stiffness, which turned into a full blown erection as I tried to tuck it into my pants. I sat forward in my seat, as the girls continued their torturous frolicking, which only increased my already engorged state, as I felt the warmth of my stomach on my penis head. I have never been large in that area by any comparison, but there was still an unmissable bulge.

I felt overwhelmed by lust as I imagined slowly sliding into the bustier girl’s mouth, as her friend looked on in awe. Not once did I allow myself to admit to myself what I was doing, but as my thoughts turned to the all so clear behind of the now gently bouncing girl on top, I managed to slip a hand under the table. As I imagined being underneath this beauty, as she bounced up and down playfully, I slowly began to rub my now throbbing penis through my school trousers. The wave of pleasure I felt hit me and I was now alert and aching for more touch. Being careful to only move my wrist, I anxiously brushed my fingers over my trousers faster and faster until I felt a drop of pre cum seep out and my breathing increasing. As I built higher and higher, the thought of getting caught spurred me on, until I broke out into a light sweat. The girls had now switched places and were having an almost whispered conversation about boys, which my heightened senses could just pick up.

I was staring into the emerald green eyes of the petite blonde now facing me, ever so close to finding my guilty release as a high pitched squeal erupted from my left. I turned around to see three red-faced girls staring at me, with a look of shock or humour in their eyes. I looked quizzingly at one, irritated at being dragged out of my blissful world of fantasy.

She giggled, “You're wanking! You’re going at it like a gearbox!”

Laughter erupted from her two friends, as I pulled my chair in to hide my arousal.

“Shhhh, seriously shut up, I’m so sorry, god this is embarrassing!”

To my surprise, I received no reply, except for a look of apparent disinterest, as the teacher asked for silence. Still reeling from the embarrassment, I found that the two girls were still draped across each other and some skin revealed by the innocent slip of a shirt was enough to return my now slightly flaccid penis to full attention. Why the teacher failed to notice the loud squeals of these two for almost 30 minutes, is as much of a mystery to me as you, but this did not bother me, as I slipped by hand back under the table, now intent at finishing what I started. Pleasuring yourself through thick school trousers is no easy task and I received a few funny glances from the girls to my left, as I desperately tried to put my embarrassment out of my head.

I felt the familiar build up again, as I teased myself closer and closer. The two blondes had now taken to their work, but still draped over one another and intently focused, I could make out the insides of their mouths. Oral sex is something I am yet to experience, but the mere thought of being warm and comfortable inside a pretty girl’s mouth drives me crazy.

In my mind, the busty girl had her top half undone, as she took me deep in her mouth, while the other continued to slowly stroke me whenever her friend came up for air. It was all I could do not to moan out loud as I felt the impending orgasm. Now totally absorbed in the beauty before me, I stifled a small grunt as the thought of blowing my load all over the girl’s faces, an ending I had previously only envisaged in porn, tipped me over the edge. A wave of overwhelming passion and pleasure hit me as my penis convulsed, desperately trying to contain my composure as I admired the softness of the girls smiles, imagining they were smiling at my climax. At least 3 or 4 spurts of hot, sticky cum erupted from me, each one bringing with it its own feeling of ecstasy.

As the last few dropped cascaded down the now loosening skin of my penis, still safely hidden in my trousers, I allowed myself a glance around the room. To my surprise, I was greeted not with 32 disgusted faces, but the sound of the end of lesson bell and a wry smile from the girl on my left, whom less than 5 minutes ago had made her exclamation of shock at my activities. And… wait… no…

Hopefully more to come! Comments and feedback more than welcome!

(This story is a true event. All characters were 16 or over at the time)