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Stacy's Secret is Discovered Part 2

After the girls watch each other masturbate to Stacy's sex video they decide to continue...
Michelle lay on her bed, her eyes closed. She could feel the muscles in her damp opening still gently contracting against her fingers. She knew that if she opened her eyes she would see her best friend’s face; her best friend who had just watched her masturbate until she’d cum; her best friend whom she had just watched have an orgasm herself. Michelle kept her eyes closed, her breathing starting to slow. The only other sound in the room was the sex video she had found of her half sister and her lover playing on her laptop. She couldn’t help but enjoy the sounds.

Suddenly Tina spoke.

“That was delicious,” she whispered.

Michelle opened her eyes and looked at her friend. Tina was lying on her back, her head turned to face Michelle.

“Really?” Michelle asked nervously.

“Yes. It really was”.

Michelle went to speak but paused.

“What is it?” Tina asked.

Michelle closed her eyes again before she spoke.

“Does…does this mean I’m a lesbian?” She asked.

Tina sat up and, leaning forward, she hit the pause button on the laptop which was on the bed between them. She looked at Michelle. Michelle opened her eyes.

“No, I don’t think this means that WE’RE lesbians. I don’t know about you but I still like boys and I still want to have sex with a boy. All we did was watch and listen to each other cum. We didn’t do anything to be ashamed of.”

Michelle looked at her friend.

“Yeah, I still like boys and I really enjoyed…” She paused. “What we just did.”

Michelle saw a smile appear on Tina’s face.

“And what did we just do…?” Tina asked, raising her eyebrows slightly.

Michelle giggled. She knew what Tina was doing.

“I just listened to you…climax,” she said, shyly.

“No. Tell me more,” Tina insisted.

Michelle looked at her friend and took a breath.

“I just watched you masturbate until you came,” Michelle said. Despite the flushing of her cheeks she had enjoyed saying it.

“And…,” Tina prompted. “And, be more specific”.

Michelle thought for a moment. She wanted to say what she was thinking because she knew it would make her feel like she did while she had been watching Tina.

“Then I masturbated in front of you while watching the video of Stacy and Rich having sex. Then when I was about to cum I told you”. Saying the words started to turn Michelle on again, the butterflies returning to her stomach.

Tina looked more serious.

“I don’t think we’ve done anything wrong and…..and I’d like to do it again”. The final part of the sentence came out a little faster.

Michelle looked at her friend. She was surprised by her friend’s words but she found herself glad that she would get to experience this again.

“Okay. I’d like to do it again too,” she replied.

Tina rolled onto her side, her head propped on one hand.

“Good. How about now? Because I’m still horny,” Tina said, smiling cheekily at her friend.

“Okay,” Michelle agreed. “Who goes first?” She asked.

“You go first,” Tina answered. “I want to tease myself a little before I cum again. I want you to do whatever you do when you’re on your own”.

Michelle agreed. Closing her eyes she started to move her hands towards her nipples but before they reached their destination Tina spoke again.

“Look at me,” she whispered.

Michelle’s stomach jumped a little but the thought of making eye contact with her pretty friend turned her on more. She turned her face toward Tina, their eyes making contact as she began to trace her fingers tips over her flat stomach and up to her breast, gently taking her nipples between her fingers. The sensation caused her to breath in, the scent of her friend’s skin and their combined dampness wafting over her. Suddenly Tina sat up. Leaning forward to the laptop, Michelle watched her draw her finger across the track pad, rewinding the video to the point where they had both been too distracted to watch it. She pressed play and the sounds of Stacy and Rich began again. Michelle sighed, pinching her nipples harder, her right hand sliding back down over her stomach towards her vagina. As her fingers moved down over her clitoris she moaned, licking her lips which were suddenly dry from excitement. She watched Tina’s face as her eyes followed her hand as it reached her wet opening. She dipped her fingers inside, her palm pressing again her clit. Tina’s lips were open, her breathing getting heavier as she watched Michelle begin to pleasure herself again. Tina spoke, her voice a soft whisper.

“Can I touch you?” She asked

Michelle looked into her friend’s eyes, already becoming lost in the pleasure around her pussy.

“Yes,” she replied, nodding gently.

The sounds of Stacy and Rich coming from the laptop were creating images in Michelle’s mind as Tina’s hand moved to her stomach; the sensation feeling alien and erotically comfortable all at once. Michelle gasped quietly again as she felt Tina’s hand start to slide down until it reached her own, sliding over it, matching its movement. Their eyes were still locked as Michelle started to move her hips against their hands, her fingers pressed deep inside her. The thought of her friend’s hand only millimeters from her soft folds was driving her crazy. Suddenly she wanted more; suddenly she wanted to feel her friend’s fingers join hers inside her. But despite her excitement she was too nervous to say the words. Instead she took her hand from her breast and, placing it over Tina’s, she pressed down pushing her own fingers deeper, her hips rising as she felt Tina’s follow them between her pink, wet lips. Tina gasped.

Michelle pressed down onto Tina’s hand, increasing the pressure on her clit, her hips grinding against their hands, their eyes still locked. Tina had moved closer, their naked bodies almost touching. Suddenly Tina leaned toward her and for a second Michelle thought she was going to kiss her, but instead of Tina’s mouth moving to hers it moved down, her warm lips gently encircling her erect nipple. Michelle gasped at the sensations her body was experiencing. Her back arched, the movement offering her nipple to her friend’s mouth and allowing their fingers to dip deeper inside while increasing the pressure on her clitoris. Tina gently sucked on Michelle’s stiff, pink nipple; her tongue flicking at it. She moved to the other, leaving the first one wet with her saliva. The pressure on her clit was bringing Michelle close to cumming and Tina’s attention to her nipples was about to tip her over the edge. The sounds coming from the computer told Michelle that her sister was experiencing similar levels of pleasure and she could only imagine what was happening. In her mind Rich was on top of Stacy, his mouth pressed to hers while her legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper into her. Her back was arching, her fingers digging into his back as she came.

Suddenly the combination of her friend’s mouth teasing and sucking her nipples, the depth of their fingers inside her, stretching her lips and the pressure of their hands on her clitoris made her body tense as her orgasm flooded through her. Before Tina could say anything Michelle called out.

“Tina, don’t stop. I’m cumming. I’m cumming!!”

Her voice, louder this time soon gave way to moans of pleasure.

Her back arched even more, lifting her buttocks off the bed as wave after intense wave washed over her. Michelle’s legs closed, trapping their hands between them and their fingers inside her wet pussy, coating them with her wetness as Tina kept her attention on Michelle’s nipple, sucking it gently between her lips, her own pussy wet with excitement, her fingers wet from Michelle’s.

Michelle could feel Tina’s body pressed tightly against hers now. The feeling of her breasts pressed against her shoulder adding to her own pleasure.

Tina’s mouth had moved from her nipple as if she’d known the sensitivity would soon be too much and she could now hear and feel her breathing close to her ear, the sounds of her best friend’s pleasure somehow keeping her climax lasting longer. She whispered her name, telling her she was still cumming. Suddenly she felt Tina’s leg move over hers as she pressed her pussy against Michelle’s thigh, spreading some of her wetness onto her soft skin as she began to grind against her…

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