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Stacy's Secret is Discovered

Stacy and Rich's affair is revealed when Stacy's half sister finds their sex tape.
Michelle and Stacy had been half sisters for 10 years since Michelle’s mother had married Stacy’s dad. Michelle had always looked at Stacy as more of a friend than a half sister and now that she was 19 and Stacy was 25 Michelle looked forward to Stacy dropping round for a coffee or heading over to her place for a chat. Although they didn’t look alike there were enough similarities between the two girls for people to believe they were actually full sisters. They had a similar build, both slim but with nicely curved hips, slender legs (Stacy’s from good genes, Michelle’s helped by her love of running). Michelle, at 5’3” was a couple of inches shorter than Stacy but they both had pert, firm breasts although Michelle’s were actually a little larger and her hair was a slightly lighter brown than Stacy’s.

Michelle always thought that Stacy’s boyfriend, Brendan, was okay, if a little dull. He didn’t always have a lot to say and he wasn’t particularly funny and as far as looks were concerned she thought that Stacy could do better. She thought Stacy was fairly happy with Brendan but just recently she’d seemed a little distance and when she’d asked if she was alright Stacy’s face had flushed a little and she’d stumbled over her words but said she was fine so Michelle hadn’t thought too much of it.

Michelle had called Stacy to ask if she could borrow some shoes. She was going out with her friend Tina on Saturday night and needed some heels and seeing as how they had the same size feet she gave her a call and asked if she could drop round on Saturday morning. Stacy had said it was fine but as she had to go out Michelle would have to let herself in.

Michelle turned up at the house around 10am and used her key to get in. She was wearing a cute short pleated skirt that always reminded her of a cheerleader’s uniform, a thin blouse and flat shoes.

The house was quiet and she felt a little strange about being in someone else’s house alone. She went straight up to Stacy’s room and opened the closet door. All Stacy’s clothes were either hanging up or on the shelves and all her shoes were on the floor below the hanging rail. Michelle knelt down so she could see them in the half light. As her eyes became accustomed to the dark she saw the black heels she wanted. Michelle smiled to herself as she picked them up. They were perfect for her night out, not too high but strappy enough to be worn with a dress or jeans. As she pulled them out into the light she saw some grass and what appeared to be mud on the heel and sole. She frowned but didn’t think too much of it, pulling it off and dropping it into the waste basket by Stacy’s dresser. She walked back to the closet just to check that there wasn’t a dress in there which would go better with the shoes than the one she had planned on wearing. As she reached into one of the shelves her hand hit something hard and metal. She picked the object up to see what it was. It was a digital camera. Michelle held it in her hand. She didn’t have one of her own and it might be good to borrow it to take on the night out and she was sure Stacy wouldn’t mind if she took it for the evening. A thought popped into her head. What if there were pictures that Brendan had taken of Stacy on it? Pictures of them together, in the bedroom? She laughed to herself, she was pretty sure that Brendan wasn’t that adventurous. She took the camera out and closed the closet door. She was about to leave the room when she stopped, looking at the camera. She was going to just borrow it then bring it back but what if there were some pictures on it Stacy wouldn’t want anyone to see? If there were and she borrowed it, it would be awkward bringing it back. She decided to check, that way if there was anything “incriminating” she would just put it back. She hit the power button and screen lit up. Michelle studied the buttons, trying to see which one would scan through the pictures. She pressed a button with a small, left pointing arrow. Suddenly an image appeared on the screen but it was blurry and she couldn’t make out what it was. Michelle looked at it suddenly realizing that the reason she couldn’t make out the picture was because it was the still image from a video. Michelle’s finger poised over the play button, unsure if she should press it. Was it something that she shouldn’t look at? But she was sure that Brendan wasn’t the type of guy who would agree to making “that” kind of movie. She hit play and as the movie started Michelle froze as her half sister, Stacy, stepped into view. She was naked and as she stepped fully into frame Michelle heard her voice.

“And. Action.”

Michelle watched as Stacy moved across the room, revealing a bed with a guy lying on it. The thing was the bed wasn’t the one in this room and the guy on the bed wasn’t Brendan.

As Michelle watched she saw her half sister reach into a toiletry bag and pull out a pink vibrator. She hit the stop button. She couldn’t watch this. Not only was it her half sister and friend, but she was obviously with another man. Michelle sat on down on the bed, staring at the camera in her hand, an uncomfortable feeling in her stomach. But the feeling wasn’t because she’d just discovered that her sister was cheating on her live in boyfriend it was more because that the image of her sister had started to turn her on. She tried to rationalize what she had felt over the image. She’d never felt the urge to be with a woman, she had always liked men and had had a couple of boyfriends although she was still a virgin, but on the other hand she had always been able to say when she thought another girl was pretty or sexy and up until this point she had thought this was normal. But now she wasn’t so sure. Michelle looked back at the screen; the movie was paused and she could still see the image of Stacy, naked, holding the vibrator, the unknown guy, also naked and erect, on the bed. She knew she should put the camera down, put it back where she had found it and try to forget the movie but she couldn’t, she didn’t want to. She continued to stare at the image. She wondered how much more there was to the movie. The timer in the bottom right hand corner of the screen said that she had watched 5 seconds of two hours of recording. Two hours! They had filmed themselves for two hours? She wanted to watch it. She wanted to know what else was on the camera.

She looked at her watch but she didn’t know what time Stacy or Brendan would be home and she didn’t want to get caught with the camera. Michelle’s heart was racing and the heat she had felt between her legs when the movie had first started was still there. She had to see the rest of it. She knew it was wrong; she knew it was a betrayal of her sister, her friend but the feelings she had from those few seconds of recording were too much to fight. She had to watch the rest of it. She looked around the room, wondering where Stacy would have kept the USB cord which would allow her to connect the camera to her computer. In the corner of the room was a computer desk which had three drawers in it. Moving to the desk she opened the each of the drawers in turn until she saw a box which a picture of the same camera on it. Opening the box she saw the lead and quickly pulled it out, dropping it and the camera into her purse. Grabbing the shoes she headed out of the room and down the stairs. She decided that she would take the camera home, hook it up to her laptop, make a copy then drop the camera back before Stacy realized it was gone.

Michelle’s heart was pounding in her chest the whole drive home. There had been two occasions where she had almost changed her mind and turned her car around but her growing lust was too much.

Opening the front door to her house Michelle called out to see if her mother or step father were in. The house was silent. Michelle ran up to her room and closed the door. Pulling her laptop off her dresser she turned it on and plugged in the power cord.

As the laptop started up, Michelle connected the camera to it via one of the USB ports. An information box popped up on the screen telling her that the laptop was downloading the drivers needed for the camera. Michelle looked around nervously, as if at any moment someone might burst into the room like a SWAT team. After about a minute the box on the screen changed and she read the message. The drivers had been installed. She was ready. Michelle double clicked the camera icon which had appeared on the screen, allowing her access to the files on the camera. There was only one file. Michelle highlighted it with the mouse, then, pressing the right hand mouse button she hit COPY. Following the instructions on the screen she saved the file to her own folder, watching the green bar creep slowly across the screen.

Once the file was saved onto her laptop, Michelle quickly unhooked the camera and headed back to her car. On her way back to Stacy and Brendan’s house she called their landline, hoping that they wouldn’t be in. If they were it would make putting the camera back difficult and if Brendan was in she risked giving her sister’s secret affair away to him. To her relief no one picked up the phone. Letting herself back into the house she rushed up to the bedroom and walked to the closet, opening the door. As she looked inside she suddenly realized she couldn’t remember which shelf the camera had been on. She paused for a second. She was sure it had been the third shelf down but she had also put her hand into the others. After another few seconds of indecision she put the camera at the back of the third shelf, closed the closet doors and left.

When she arrived back home the house was still empty. She went up to her room and opened her laptop. It was 1pm and Tina wasn’t coming round until 7 so she had a few hours. Opening the laptop she sat on the bed, her legs crossed, the computer in front of her. Leaning forward she found the movie file and opened it. Suddenly the screen was filled with her half sister’s naked body. Once again she heard her voice.

“And. Action”.

Michelle watched transfixed as her sister removed the pink vibrator from the bag which was next to the naked stranger on the bed. To her amazement she saw Stacy begin to run the toy over her clitoris and down to the lips of her vagina. Beneath her t-shirt Michelle’s nipples began to harden, the sight of her sister pleasuring herself with the sex toy while the guy on the bed watched turning her on, making her hot. The guy moved, his hand moving to his hard penis but he was halted by her Stacy’s voice.

“No. That’s for me to do later”, Stacy’s voice said.

To her disappointment the guy obeyed her sister’s command. Even though she was enjoying watching Stacy she would also have liked to have watched the guy masturbate, watched as his cum spurted from his hard cock, covering his stomach and chest. Her eyes moved back to Stacy. Suddenly she heard Stacy’s voice again. She said the guy’s name, Rich. Michelle listened as Stacy continued, her nipples pressing through her bra and top, her pussy beginning to become damp with excitement. Stacy was telling Rich that she was fantasizing about him even though he was there. She was telling him that she played with herself and fucked herself with the vibrator and thought about him. She even told him that she fantasized about him when she was fucking Brendan. She was asking Rich to fuck her after she’d cum. Michelle was transfixed as Stacy’s body moved in pleasure. Michelle moved her hand up under her skirt, tracing the opening of her vagina over her panties, pushing the sheer material against her damp opening.

Suddenly Michelle saw her half sister’s body convulse, her legs closing around the vibrator. Her voice emanated through the small speakers as she told Rich she was Cumming.

Michelle couldn’t stand it anymore. Her nipples were hard and were pressing against her clothing, her panties were wet. She hit the pause button before pulling at the buttons on her top, ripping it off and throwing it to the floor. Her bra followed so that she was now topless. She lay back onto the bed and kicked off her shoes. Reaching up under her skirt she pulled her panties down, aware that they had been sticking slightly to her wet lips. She lifted her skirt so that it was bunched up around her slim waist, not wanting to waste time taking it off.

She sat up again, this time with her legs either side of the laptop. It felt good to be almost naked, it made her even more aroused. She looked at the window, aware that the blinds were up and so she could be in view of the neighbors across the street. She didn’t care. She stroked her nipples, looking at the frozen image in the screen of her half sister, naked, in the middle of an orgasm, her slender legs clamped around the vibrator that was pressed against her clitoris. Slightly to the side of her she could see the image of Rich, his eyes fixed on Stacy as she came, his penis hard, lying back on his stomach.

Michelle hit the rewind button, moving the movie back past the point where Stacy had been speaking. She hit play with her right index finger, her left one already exploring her wet pussy. As she watched her half sister masturbate, listening to her most intimate thoughts Michelle slid her finger into to her wet opening, her juices making the penetration easy. Her other hand moved to her clit and began to press it and move in a circular motion. As she watched Stacy’s body react to the force of her orgasm Michelle slipped a second finger inside herself, moving them around, stroking her g-spot. Her movement s on her clit becoming faster as she watched her sister let the vibrator fall to the floor before collapsing forward onto the bed. Suddenly Michelle’s head dropped forward as her own orgasm exploded through her, her pussy contracting on her fingers as she continued to rub her clit. She was leaning forward, gasping, her mouth open, and a tiny bead of perspiration falling from her forehead and onto the bed between her trembling legs.

Michelle looked back at the computer screen. Her fingers were still deep inside her vagina while her other hand continued to massage her clitoris. On the screen she could see Stacy crawling up the bed, her legs either side of Rich as her lay watching her. For a moment Michelle thought she was going to see her sister lower herself onto her lover and ride him but as she watched Stacy move over his body she saw that she was moving past his hard penis until she was positioned over his face. Michelle’s fingers were moving inside her again, the fingers on her clitoris continuing to make small circular movements as she watched Stacy’s tight, round ass lower onto Rich, her pussy pressing onto his mouth. Rich’s hands were on Stacy’s breasts and Michelle knew his tongue was working her clit just as her own hands were rubbing her firm, pink nub. On the screen Stacy was riding Rich’s mouth while his hands caressed her breasts. Michelle began to match their movements, sliding her wet fingers from her pussy, using them to pinch and roll her nipples, her other hand still concentrating on her clit. She stared at the screen as Stacy began to cum again, the sound of her voice telling Rich that she was cumming almost tipping her over the edge again but she wanted to tease herself while she watched them. It was something that often she did when she masturbated; she would stroke her clit until she could feel her orgasm approaching then she would slide her finger down into her opening until the feeling backed off. She would do this until she could not longer stand it then she would rub her clit until she exploded. She enjoyed this most when she had the house to herself because knew she could be loud and she didn’t like having to hold back. She managed to keep her climax at bay, wanting to see what would happen next in the movie.

What did happen surprised her. Michelle was expecting to either see Stacy collapse onto the bed or better yet, start to fuck Rich and so she couldn’t believe what she was watching as she saw Stacy slide the cock sized vibrator into her vagina and another smaller one into her ass. At first Michelle was shocked but the sight and sound of her half sister giving herself so much pleasure in order to please her lover continued to excite her. Michelle’s body was a mass of pleasure zones; her nipples were hard and her wet fingers were sending electric shocks through her body while her other hand stroked her clit, almost bringing her to orgasm but each time she managed to hold back. A bead of perspiration was running down between her breasts and over her stomach until it mixed with the wetness from her vagina. Her legs were still either side of the laptop and on the screen Stacy was about to cum again, her body shaking as she pulled the small vibrator from her ass. The sight of her sister’s exquisite release was too much for Michelle and she could no longer tease herself. Letting her fingers work her clit while she pinched her nipples she let out a low moan as she came again, her juices seeping down between her ass cheeks and pooling on the bed between her legs. She gasped again, reaching forward to hit the pause button, her unsteady fingers finding it difficult to line the cursor up on the button on the screen. When she looked at the screen again the paused image was of Stacy lying face down on the bed, her mouth open and her eyes closed while it looked as though Rich was moving to position himself behind. Michelle felt butterflies in her stomach as she realized she was finally going to see her half sister fuck her lover.

Suddenly the front door banged shut downstairs and she heard her mother’s voice.

“Michelle? Are you home?”

“Shit!” She whispered to herself. She didn’t want to stop now but she knew that her mother would have things for her to do.

“Yeah, I’m upstairs,” she called. “I’ll be down in a second”.

She quickly closed the laptop and picked up her underwear. Her panties were still damp and she was about to put them in her hamper to be washed but she changed her mind, thinking that it would be fun to feel the wetness of them between her legs.

She dressed quickly and ran downstairs, images of her half sister having multiple orgasms still in her mind.

Downstairs her mother was unpacking some shopping.

“Hey,” Michelle said as she walked into the kitchen.

Her mother looked up.

“Did you go to Stacy’s today?” She asked.

“Yep,” she replied, reaching into the refrigerator for a bottle of water. Her excitement and the fact that she had been so hot had made her thirsty.

“Did you see her?” Her mother asked her head half in one of the kitchen cupboards.

The question made Michelle smile.

“Oh yeah,” she said in a whisper which was louder than she meant it to be.

“Oh really? How’s she doing?” Her mother asked.

Michelle jumped at the question.

“What? Oh, I, uh, I meant no. Sorry, I wasn’t really listening”.

Her mother rolled her eyes and continued to unpack the shopping.

Michelle helped, if a little half heartedly, unable to stop thinking about what was on the rest of the movie. She wanted to go back and watch again but her mother had other ideas.

After helping with a few chores around the house Michelle told her mother that she had to start getting ready for her night out.

She went up to the bathroom. She had an hour before Tina would arrive and she could do her make up while she was there so as long as she was showered and dressed by the time her friend arrived she was good.

She stepped into the shower, letting the hot water cascade over her body. She knew what would happen if she let her mind wander but it was hard not think about the video. She washed herself, running her soapy hands across her breasts, her fingers playing with her nipples until they started to stiffen again. She closed her eyes, allowing the image of Stacy in the throes of pleasure, masturbating with a vibrator come into her mind. Michelle leaned back under the shower head, letting the powerful jets play over her nipples. Her legs opened and her fingers moved down, quickly finding their way to her clit. She didn’t want to tease herself anymore, she needed to cum and quickly. Her fingers stroked her clit and within seconds she was gasping under the water, her knees buckling as the last waves of her orgasm faded away.

Michelle dried off and went to her dresser. She chose her underwear, a red lacy thong and matching bra which she liked a lot but which she knew would allow her nipples to show through her dress if she got cold. She decided to go for it as it was summer and she wasn’t expecting to feel the cold tonight.

She was just putting on the shoes she had borrowed from Stacy when there was a knock on her bedroom door.

“Yeah,” she called from her position on the bed, bent forward buckling the shoes. The laptop was still on her bed but the screen was still closed.

The door opened and Tina walked in carrying a bottle of wine. They exchanged greetings and commented on each other’s choice of clothing.

Michelle had been best friends with Tina since school and they had shared all their secrets; boys they liked, girls they didn’t and she knew that when one of them lost their virginity that information would be shared too. Tina was a little taller than Michelle but they had similar figures, toned and firm with similar sized breasts which was good as they liked to share bras on occasion. Tina’s hair was long, blonde and straight and always shiny. She looked at Michelle sitting on the bed.

“Ooh, cool shoes,” she said. “Are those the ones you borrowed from Stacy?”

Michelle said they were. Tina had brought the bottle of wine to drink before they went out so Michelle went to the kitchen to get some glasses and the bottle that she had bought. They opened the first bottle and before they knew it they were talking, laughing and drinking.

Michelle opened the fresh bottle of wine, the first one had given her a buzz and she was nicely relaxed. She poured them a glass each as Tina spoke.

“Hey, do you mind if I check my email? I’m expecting an ETA for that dress I bought online,” she said, reaching for the laptop that was still on Michelle’s bed.

Michelle panicked, knowing that if she opened the computer the first thing she saw when she hit the power button would be the frozen image of her half sister, naked, about to be fucked by the guy she was cheating on her boyfriend with.

“No!” She shouted.

Tina looked at her, a shocked expression on her face.

“I’m sorry, I mean….”

Tina continued to look at her.

“What’s going on? What’s on here that you don’t want me to see?” She asked, picking the computer up and putting it onto her lap, the screen still closed.

Michelle didn’t know what to say as she looked at her best friend.

“What is it?” Tina asked.

Michelle stayed silent.

“Michelle, we’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember. I can’t believe there is something you would hide from me,” Tina said, sounding a little hurt.

Suddenly, the buzz from the wine, combined with the stressful atmosphere caused her to giggle. Tina stared at her, a quizzical look on her face.

“Okay, I’ll let you see it but you have to promise me that you’ll NEVER EVER tell anyone. ANYONE. EVER”.

Tina looked at her friend for a moment then replied.

“Of course. You know that I’d never do anything to upset you”.

Michelle reached out and took the laptop from her friend. Opening it she hit the power button and waited for the screen to come to life. When it did she could see the image she had paused with trembling fingers a few hours before. She looked at Tina.

“When I went to Stacy’s place to borrow her shoes I found her camera and there was a movie on it”.

Tina giggled.

“Wow, you found a sex movie of her and Brendan? I can’t believe you watched it! Can I see?”

“It’s not her and Brendan,” Michelle said, looking serious.

Tina looked at her open mouthed.

“She’s cheating on Brendan?”

Michelle nodded.

“And from the date on the file it looks like it was last weekend”.

They stared at each other for a moment before Tina spoke.

“So how much of it did you watch?” She asked.

“It’s about two hours long and I’ve watched about 15 minutes,” Michelle answered.

Tina looked at the back of the laptop.

“Hey, she’s your half sister. If you don’t want me to see it then don’t show me. It’s cool. Really. But can I ask something?”

Michelle nodded.

“Is it good?” Tina asked with a wicked smile on her face.

Suddenly they both collapsed into fits of laughter.

“Yes,” Michelle said through her giggles. “It’s really good”.

They looked at each other for another moment then without saying another word Michelle turned the laptop around and as they picked up their wine glasses she hit play.

They both watched as Rich climbed on top of Stacy, his hard cock disappearing between her closed thighs. The image of her half sister, face down on the bed, being fucked by Rich started to make her panties damp again. She looked out of the corner of her eye at Tina whose eyes were fixed on the screen, the wine glass still in her hand. Neither of the girls said a word as they watched Rich thrusting into Stacy from behind. Suddenly they heard Stacy’s voice telling him she wanted to watch him and they watched as she turned on her back, exposing her firm breasts before allowing Rich to lift her legs over his shoulders as he entered again.

Tina hit the pause button. Michelle looked at her.

“What’s the rest of it like? Before this?” She asked.

“It’s Stacy making herself cum with a vibrator. Then she sits on his face and cums again and then she puts one vibrator inside her vagina and another in her butt and cums again”.

Tina looked at her in disbelief.

“No way,” she whispered. “Can we watch that too?”

Michelle ran the time line back to the start but before she could hit play Tina spoke again.

“Can I ask you something? Did you get off to this?”

Michelle’s face flushed and she looked away.

“Oh, shit! You did,” Tina said, her eyes wide.

The two friends were silent for a few seconds. Then, without another word Michelle reached forward and pressed play.

Sitting side by side on the bed in their dresses the two girls watched as Stacy brought herself to orgasm in front of Rich. As they watched her climb onto the bed Tina pointed at the screen.

“Check out her shoes!” She exclaimed.

They both looked at Michelle’s feet and at the shoes she was now wearing. Once again they both began to giggle.

“Oh shit. That is so hot. You’re wearing her fuck shoes,” Tina gasped.

Michelle looked at her friend.

“Do you really think it’s hot?” She asked.

Tina stopped laughing and, looking at Michelle, nodded.

Michelle looked down at the bed and Tina pressed pause on the laptop.

“I have to tell you that watching this really turns me on,” Michelle said, not looking up. “I wish I had a guy I would do all this for”.

“Would you really do stuff like this for him?” Tina asked.

Michelle nodded, still unable to look at her friend.

“Tell me something,” Tina said. “Was it good getting off watching this?”

Michelle giggled as her face flushed again.

“Yeah, I came really hard. Then I came once more in the shower before you got here”.

Tina looked at her.

“It’s making me horny too,” she said as she hit play again.

The two girls sat there and watched. They watched as Stacy rode Rich’s mouth, they watched as he fucked her from behind while she was face down on the bed then as they saw him fucking her while she lay on her back with her legs spread wide they gasped as they saw him pull out of her, her hand grabbing his cock and his cum splashing over her face and body.

“Oh, crap! That was awesome,” Tina whispered, looking at Michelle. Michelle nodded still watching the screen. Then she spoke.

“Did that make you wet?” She asked.

“Yes,” Tina replied quietly.

“Me too”.

They looked at each other and as if reading her friend’s mind Michelle spoke again.

“I want to get off again”.

Tina nodded.

“So how are we going to do this?” Michelle asked.

“Well if you don’t know I can give you a few tips but after that you’re on your own, baby,” Tina replied with a giggle.

Michelle rolled her eyes.

“You know what I mean. Do we just get undressed and do it? Do you want keep your clothes on? Or shall I wait in the bathroom then when you’re done we’ll switch?”

Tina thought for a moment.

“Fuck it. Let’s drop the blinds so it’s a little darker, get undressed and just go for it. We’ve been friends forever; I don’t think that hearing each other cum is going to affect that. What do you think?”

Michelle nodded. Standing up she dropped the blind so that the room was bathed in a half light; then, standing on opposite sides of the bed they undressed. They had seen each other naked before at the gym and when they’d been getting ready to go out so neither of them found it awkward. Tina looked over at Michelle as they both stepped out of their underwear.

“You’ve got great tits, you know,” she said. “I wish mine were a little bigger.”

“Yours are nice,” Michelle replied as she dropped her panties to the floor. “And besides, if yours were bigger we wouldn’t be able to share bras”.

Both girls stood and looked at each other. Michelle noticed that Tina had also shaved her vagina, something that they had discussed before trying it for the first time a couple of years ago.

“So are we really going to do this?” Michelle asked.

“You bet,” Tina replied climbing on to the bed and laying down.

Michelle lay down next to her friend before speaking.

“So are we going to watch the same part or shall we fast forward to past the cuddling?”

She was referring to the fact that the image on the screen now that it was paused was Stacy and Rich laying together, Stacy having just told him she wanted to know what it looked like when he came inside her.

“Fast forward,” Tina replied nodding.

The images skipped forward until they saw Stacy’s hand reaching for Rich’s cock. Michelle hit play and lay back her head next to Tina’s. Both girls watched the screen through spread legs.

On the screen Stacy’s hand was sliding up and down Rich’s penis and as the girls watched it become hard again they began to touch themselves. Michelle’s hand slid to her wet opening, her fingers slipping inside. From the corner of her eye she could see Tina playing with her breasts, her other hand between her legs, the sensation causing her knees to bend slightly. Michelle could hear her friend’s breathing becoming deeper and she knew that she wanted to see her friend cum. She turned her head to look at Tina. Tina’s eyes were fixed on the screen as she watched Rich who was now fucking Stacy, their moans coming from the small computer speakers.

“Are you watching me?” Tina asked.

“Uh huh,” Michelle replied. “Is that OK?”

“Of course. If I can watch you after”.

Michelle nodded as she turned onto her side so that she could see her friend better, still gently rubbing her clit but not wanting to cum yet.

Tina watched the movie, listening to the sounds of her friend’s half sister and her lover fucking. Their bodies writhed as they changed position; first Rich thrusting into Stacy then Stacy riding him while he massaged her breasts. The look of concentration on Tina’s face, combined with the sight of her hands stroking her breasts and her clitoris was driving her wild, causing her to increase her movements on her own clit. Suddenly, from the computer Michelle heard Stacy exclaim, telling Rich that she was going to cum again, Rich telling her he was going to cum too. She quickly looked at the screen to see that Stacy was on all fours, her breasts swaying in time with Rich’s thrusts. Rich was behind her, his hands on her hips, pulling Stacy back onto his cock. As both of them exploded in the ecstasy of another orgasm Michelle looked back at Tina. Her friend’s eyes were still fixed on the screen but her mouth was open and her chest was moving rapidly. With a sudden burst of courage Michelle spoke.

“Tell me,” she whispered to her friend.

Tina moaned, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit. The computer was quiet as Stacy and Rich lay together catching their breath but the room was filled with Tina’s breathing. Suddenly Michelle heard her friend’s voice like she’d never heard it before, whispering, and husky, filled with pleasure.

“Oh, Oh, I’m going to cum,” she called as her back arched and she pushed her head down into the pillows, her fingers slipping deep into her wet vagina.

Michelle’s movements on her own clit were more frantic now and she knew she was close but she wanted to keep to her side of the agreement, she wanted her friend to watch her just as she had. She slowed her movements, pulling back, her nipples stiff and aching, needing the release of cumming.

As Tina’s movements and breathing slowed Michelle’s quickened, reigniting the fire around her pussy and thighs. She gasped once. Tina looked at her.

“Are you close?” She asked.

Michelle’s reply was breathy and barely audible.


Then louder, she groaned, falling onto her back, her legs opening wider.

“Watch me” she moaned.

“I am,” Tina replied now laying on her side, taking in the full view of her best friend laying beside her, teasing her nipples and with her fingers pushed inside her, the palm of her hand pressed against her clit, rubbing, massaging, bringing her climax closer.

“Tell me,” Tina said simply.

Michelle could feel her friend’s eyes on her. She felt exposed, on display just as her half sister had been on the screen but she liked it. She had known Tina for so long and she knew she could trust her, she knew this would never leave this room but at the same time the lust she felt, the insatiable need to cum made her wonder if this would be the first and last time they did this. And right then she hoped it wouldn’t be.

Michelle opened her eyes to see Tina watching her intently, a half smile of appreciation and amazement on her face. As Michelle looked into her friend’s eyes she felt the warmth of her orgasm spread outward from her clitoris, flowing down into her thighs and up into her stomach.

“Oh, I’m cumming. Tina, I’m cumming,” she called their eyes locked together.

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