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Straight Camp

The start of something truely wonderful.
The canteen filled with the hustle and bustle of sagging figures, broken thoughts and repressed relationships. Bog-standard nourishment was supplied and tables were monitored closely; we weren’t allowed to fraternise or talk about any subject they deemed as prohibited. I picked at my shepherds pie just hoping that one day they’ll listen to me when I say I’m a vegetarian.
I look around hopefully; to see if someone might come and sit with me. Nobody does though, nobody ever does. I bite into a piece of bread and wonder how I’ve survived the past two months on the meagre crumbs I can get my hands on. I try not to think about it really. “Is this seat taken?” A small, shy looking girl asks; indicating the chair opposite me.
“Um…no, please sit with me,” I blurt out, cheeks going red. She giggled and set down her tray; tucking into her pie. I couldn’t help but watch her, she was quite pretty between mouthfuls. She had gossamer curls of light orange and her complexion was pale. “I’m…um Siona,” I told her, trying to make conversation. She looked up, mouth fit to burst, and swallowed quickly.

“Uh, I’m V-Violet,” she spluttered, choking slightly. She drained her cup of water quickly and smiled “sorry, I’ve got a big appetite…are you gunna eat that?”

“No, you can have it. I’m a vegetarian.”

“Oh bummer! Tell you what, have my bread: you must be starving.”

“Ravishing…” I whispered as I bite into her slice.



“You were eating…I made sounds effects,” she grinned. Her face contorted into a mixture of giddiness and embarrassment. I smiled, gazing at this odd little thing. As she shoved even more food into her mouth I couldn’t help but wonder how she stayed so thin. She must often eat her weight in food during the course of a day. “How old are you Violet?” I ask.

“…I’m sixteen, what about you?” She replied, continuing to wolf down her meal.



“Can I ask you something kinda private?”


“Are you cured?” She stared at me, almost fearfully as the words escaped my lips. She glanced around quickly before stammering quietly.

“Uh, um…of course I am.” She set down her fork and stopped eating, shrinking nervously into her chair.

A full five minutes passed silently, we both tried, and failed, to make conversation but it was difficult. I resorted to playing with my long, dark locks and simply waiting out the clock. I shouldn’t have asked her that. I’d seen her looking over at me for the past few weeks and when she finally mustered up the courage to talk to me; I scare her off. “I’m sorry Violet…I shouldn’t have…”

“It’s fine, I just…wasn’t expecting that kind of question. I mean; it’s prohibited.” I grinned, a strange urge washed over me. I leaned forward and took hold of her cheek and kissed her lips.

“Now…that is prohibited,” I whisper. She beamed at me and at that moment my heart melted. However, I couldn’t enjoy it for long: a ruckus began. I was grabbed roughly by “nurses” and shoved out of the door. I didn’t struggle and I didn’t fuss. I let them drag me to the Confine and lock me inside. If I was lucky I’d be out in a few days but I wasn’t holding my breath.

I sat down, my back pressed against the hard wall. The cell, as it were, was only just big enough to hold a bed and a toilet. I think the fact a person might have to live here was a later thought. However, that didn’t matter to me: all I could think of was Violet. I wanted to know and explore every inch of her body; her mind and her soul. I’d watched her for as long as she’d watched me and just the thought of her made me wild. I listened nervously for the sound of others before I unbuttoned my jeans and reached down to my soft, hairless vagina.
The thought of the beautiful redhead fuelled my fingers into vigorous fury. I rubbed my clitoris and continued to mentally shag Violet. I kiss her soft breasts and caress her smooth skin. I flick my tongue at her nipples and run my tongue around them. I pressed two fingers inside my sex, continuing to rub my clit with my palm. Rubbing and fingering simultaneously. I bit my bottom lip to repress my whimpers and moans.
I run my tongue across her cleavage and up along her neck. Tasting her flesh and her sweat. I used my other hand and reached further down my trousers and pushed a finger into my tight anus. “Oh Violet,” I sigh, lying on the floor. I begin to stimulate myself harder and faster, I’m pressing my sex against Violet’s. Fucking her feverishly, holding her panting, naked form in my arms. She may be a small little thing but she screams like a banshee and so did I. The feel of my vagina contracting with the onset of my orgasm paralysed me with please. I couldn’t help but beam as I let my orgasm wash over me. My tenth orgasm thinking about Violet.

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