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Strawberry Lips

Strawberry Lips

Carley and Beth lived together in a small town house in North London. They’d met whilst travelling around Australia a few years ago. Beth was a diving instructor from Sydney and Carley and her boyfriend Tom were a young couple experiencing everything the beautiful country had to offer. Carley and Beth stayed good friends and when Beth said she wanted to come over to Britain, Carley and Tom were happy for her to use the spare bedroom in their house.

It was a sunny bank holiday and Tom had left early that morning to drive back to his parents house in Wales. Carley slept in and let the warm glow of the sun gently wake her. She began to get out bed, her long black hair flowing over her skin tight top.

“You up yet babe?” Beth called for outside her door.

“Yeah, come in. I’ve just woken up now” she replied, stretching satisfied after a long sleep.

Beth walked in, already in her bikini. Her beach tan and surfer blonde hair made her look like the archetypal Aussie girl, and she loved to play up to the stereotype. Beth was petite, her body was small and curvy. Her D cup breasts looked perfect in her red bikini top, and Carley knew Beth loved the attention.

“Coming out for a sun bathe?” Beth asked.

The top of the house had a flat roof on one side, where it looked out over a small park. On hot days, the girls would sometimes sneak up without the caretaker knowing, and use the flat roofs to keep their young, trim bodies tanned.

“I’ll meet you up there in a bit. Let me just have a shower and some breakfast first.”

“Ok babe, I’ll see you later.” Beth turned and left Carley’s, her peachy little behind seemed to wink at her as she walked away.

Carley felt a little tingle as the image of her friend’s body stayed in her head. She walked down stairs and into the kitchen, still in her thong and tight little top. She felt sexy walking round in her underwear. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and compared her body with Beth’s beach body lying in her red bikini on the roof. Carley was a little taller, her boobs were smaller, but firm and perky. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her top, but the shape and lift of her breast, with her dark nipples showing through, made her look wildly sexy. She took a bowl of strawberries from the fridge and took them back upstairs. She lay on the bed, looking at her body in the mirror. She touched her nipples through her top and felt them harden. She felt incredible turned on, and out of nowhere, wanted to be touched by her frisky friend.

Carley sucked a strawberry and allowed the juice to run down her chin and drip onto her white top. She cupped her breasts and rubbed them softly through the thin material. The top was so tight you could see every inch of her body underneath. She slipped off her thong, closed her eyes, and began to slowly touch herself. Small circular stokes over her sensual clit. She picked another strawberry, drew it to her lips and mouth and ran her tongue around it, as if teasing herself. Her warm pussy invited her back and her fingers ran down her inner lips and she collected the nectar with her index finger, brought it back to her mouth, tasting herself. She felt so horny, slowly building up her lust with little moans of delight. She took the fruit and ran it over her cunt. Rubbing the berry against her clit, dipping it into the vagina and biting into its sweet, soft flesh. She took another, and another, scooping up her sticky cream with the juicy red strawberry, mixing the flavours in her mouth.

Carley felt shots of excitement fire around her body. She began to massage herself with two fingers, working her fingers back and forth, increasing the speed and the pressure. She gasped as a wave of pleasure swept over her body. She flung her hips in the air, still masturbating like a machine, her pelvis thrusting in time with her pussy pounding fingers. Faster and faster, her arse banging back on the bed, her tits pushing through her top. Carley screwed shut her eyes and screamed out as he came all over her hand. The orgasm blew her away, and she lay silent on the bed, out of breath, touching her inner thighs. Images of Beth dominated her thoughts, and she wanted to see her sunbathing friend in her hot bikini.


Carley was in luck. She opened her eyes to find Beth staring at her. Carley jumped with shock. She felt horribly embarrassed until she noticed the look on Beth’s face. The Aussie babe gave her half naked housemate a dirty look, licked her teeth and took off her red bikini. Carley instantly felt relieved and smiled.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Carley asked.

“Just close you eyes” Beth instructed, and Carley complied. With her pussy still moist, Carley lay back down and let Beth have her fiendish way.

“Strawberries!” Beth said with glee, “Let’s see how good you taste then!”

She kneeled down next to the bed, Carley’s legs ajar, her sweet smelling love box anticipating more fun. Beth slowly moved both her hands up Carley’s legs until her thumbs touched the outer lips. Beth pulled them apart and stuck her tongue deep inside. Carley let out a satisfied sigh and opened her legs wider. She ran her foot down Beth’s brown back, and felt her soft warm body begin to gyrate with her enthusiasm. Beth’s expert tongue pleasured Carley’s cunt and with every lick came louder moaning until Carley was climaxing again. Beth jumped on top of her Carley’s orgasmic body and kissed her passionately, grabbing the back of her head and grinding herself against the English sweetie’s swollen pussy.

Beth’s big tits pushed up against Carley’s pert round breasts as they rubbed against each other, their hearts racing. Sitting up, Carley reached around and began to finger Beth’s beaver from behind, allowing Beth to bite her earlobes and suck her tits.

“You want something big and hard inside you?” Carley asked Beth, and to Beth’s surprise, her friend opened up the bedside draw and pulled put a huge black vibrating dildo.

“You dirty slut!” Beth gasped, “I had no idea!”

Carley turned the giant cock on, and pushed into Beth’s tight hole. Inch by inch she pushed in more and more until Beth had taken the full 9 inches and screamed out to be fucked. Beth wanked her friend hard, pulling the dildo up and down, stimulating her clit and pounding her throbbing pussy with the thick black stick. Carley had never been with a girl, but had never ad so much fun. She loved thinking about her sexy friend eating her out and she loved the thrill of giving so much pleasure.

“Yes, YES, YES…. Aaaaaaagghhh, FUCK!” Beth shouted! “FUCK MU PUSSY”

She black vibrator was covered and jizz and thrusted one last time before Beth’s hand pushed it away, her clit so sensitive she could take no more.

The lovers lay on the bed, silent, legs entangled, breasts together, sharing delicate little caresses. Eventually they got up, put their bikinis on, and left the bedroom for the hot roof, to warm their seductive skins and let their beautiful bodies recover. “Great fuck Carley!” the Aussie said smiling, putting on her sunglasses, and lying down opposite her new fuck friend so they could both secretly stare at each others barley clad bodies.

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