Stress Relief

By saucywildcat

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Unwinding after a hard day by pleasuring myself...
I was so completely stressed. The day, hell, the week had been brutal. I just wanted to relax, quietly. I found my room, locked the door behind me and removed my clothing. First, my top, then my pants, followed by my bra and panties. I paused a moment in front of the mirror admiring some curves, like my ass, begrudging others, like my tummy. Ultimately, I still feel sexy, even with a few extra pounds and no matter what, I know I have great tits. That means a lot, right?

I took the lotion from my bag and began with my long legs, spreading it all over - from the very top of my thighs, all the way to my toes. I smoothed it over the roundness of my ass, wishing someone was there to do my back. From there I went to my arms, up my neck, down to each breast, full and firm. I replaced the top on the lotion bottle and opened the tanning bed. Just before I sat down, I noticed my nipples in the mirror, hard, maybe from the coolness of the lotion on my naked body, maybe from me touching myself. The moment I remembered the vibe was in my bag, I broke into the biggest smile. I turned the music up in the room, laid down in the bed and closed the top.

I began by just touching myself all over, where I'd put the lotion, my sides, my tummy, up to my breasts. Gently I began tugging on my already hard nipples, twisting, pulling, and eventually pinching harder and harder. My back arched from my own touch. Heat was building in my body and in the bed from the lights.

The vibe I keep in my bag is small, just a little bullet vibe, maybe 4 or 5 inches long. With the vibe still not on I rubbed it just on the outside of my pussy lips. It was cold, but I liked that feeling. Hard and cold. Mmmmmm. I reached and barely turned it on with my left hand, while holding it with my right.

After it was on, my left hand returned to feeling my soft skin and taking turns from one nipple to pinching and pulling. At first, I just rubbed the vibe on the outside, barely grazing my clit from time to time. I found a nice rhythmic motion from my clit to my opening. I thrust it in a few times, covering it in my wetness. It was very tight, which is amazing to me really. How can a tiny vibe feel tight and yet I can also take a big, thick cock? I don't know, but I do know I could feel all around the vibe. I squeezed my pussy hard, feeling it contract around the vibe and then decided I wanted to cum very fast.

I reached down, turned the vibe up a bit and pressed it hard against my clit. I bucked a bit against it, arching my back and then leaning into the pleasure. Within seconds I felt the build up inside of me, the tingle and then the release. I let out a gasp, but bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out. I felt myself get instantly wet all at once. I felt my pussy contract from the inside out and outside in. I purposely held the vibe in place continuing to stimulate my clit and then started riding the waves of the orgasm until my body fell back down. My body felt sensitive all over. I released my clit and reached to turn the vibe off. I was exhausted and satisfied, laying there with those bright lights on me, wondering what interesting tan lines I'd created.

The pressure of the day melted away and I fell asleep laying there wishing I had a cock to ride slowly. Soon. Very soon.