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Friends getting friendly whilst watching a film
I'd slept with Sam the first day I had met her. Well, shared a tent with her. It was her 16th birthday and we were camping, so I had drunk a bit.

But, being 17, and having a girlfriend, and not being a bastard, we talked and then fell asleep; separate sleeping bags, but next to each other, just the two of us in the tent. God, it took some restraint not to try anything. But I'm not one for messing around with girls, and managed to stick to my guns.

It was over a year later now, and we had grown really close as friends. We had both been through relationships and were single. Well, she had set me up with a friend who I was supposed to be meeting the next day, but that's another story.

So, that night, Sam and I, and a few others were all sleeping over at a friends house.

We were watching a film, everyone cramped onto sofas, over the floor etc.

I was sat next to Sam, the lights were off and the film was on, and, whilst nothing had ever happened between us, there had always been chemistry and, despite living miles apart, we had spent many hours on the phone, talking about pretty much everything.

During one of these phone calls, she had told me that she found having her neck touched was a guaranteed to turn her on.

So, sat next to her, with my arm round her I moved my hand and started stroking her neck.

I don't know what reaction I expected, maybe for her to move my hand or tell me to stop. I hoped she wouldn't stop me. As a 17 year old, with a little experience with girls, even getting to touch a girl in this way was a massive turn on.

After a few minutes of me gently stroking the nape of her neck, up and down, up and down, the odd figure of eight I heard Sam let out a low moan.

I loved the feeling of her soft hair on her neck and I could smell her perfume which was adding to the moment

I kept on stroking her neck, all the while with people sat all around us, not knowing how turned on we both were.

Sam moved closer to me, almost hugging me, but with her head turned towards the screen so as not to give the game away. Another restrained moan drifted up to me. I started changing speed, sometimes going faster, sometime really slowly, all the while my cock was getting ready to burst.

I decided to try something, so started to whisper to Sam, "I want you to focus, focus all the energy and feeling to one part of your body," I told her.

"Mmmmmmmm" came the response.

I kept up the stroking, tickling her hair as it joined the nape of her neck, making sure my fingers never stopped moving, covering every millimeter of her neck.

She started to squeeze my chest every now and again, letting me know she was enjoying what she was feeling.

Still no one in the room had so much as glanced at us.

I slowly edge my stroking closer and closer to her ear, until I was softly rubbing her earlobes and the delicate, sensitive skin around the ear.

I heard her try and withhold a gasp, fortunately something loud happened on the tv at the right moment.

"Are you still focusing all the energy to one place?" I whispered to her.

"Mmmmm" came the positive moan.

"Put my hand there," I told her.

Without waiting a moment, she took my hand and slid it down her top, inside her bra so that I was cupping her right breast with my left hand.

So now my right hand is stroking her neck, and my left is stroking and squeezing her breast.

I slid my right hand down and unhooked her bra. One thing I had learnt was that undoing a bra strap with one hand was never received badly.

I could now move my left hand more, and started playing with her hard nipple whilst I moved my right hand back to her neck.

I could feel the pre-cum getting my shorts wet.

I slowly started to moved my hands and fingers quicker and quicker, increasing the intensity of the stroking and synchronizing the movements on her neck and chest.

Over a period of about five minutes, I had got faster and then slower with my caressing and stroking many times when Sam grabbed my left hand to her chest and started squeezing it.

I kept up the stroking on her neck as she started to shake.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Sam moaned as she bit down on her lip to stop any more noise come out. Again we were lucky with the film having a noisy part.

I kept the pressure on her breast constant, not too hard, not too soft as she shuddered keeping my other hand stroking her neck round and round and round and round.

After what felt like forever, with my cock engorged and dribbling like crazy, Sam stopped shaking.

"Wow," she whispered to me, looking up at me with her big eyes and kissing my neck gently.

That was enough to make me cum right then, and she could tell as my body tensed and then relaxed.

We held onto each other for a few minutes, watching the end of the film, but had to jump up before the lights came on to sort ourselves out.

"Great film," I said, as if I had been gripped to it (to this day I have no idea what it was.)

"The best," said Sam and the other started to chat about the bits they enjoyed.

It took over an hour of stroking, touching, rubbing, squeezing and caressing to make Sam come, without touching her pussy once.

Me and Sam never spoke about what happened, although there was the odd comment and the odd occasion where things went further and I was able to make full use of her pussy to make her come.

I still get hard thinking about it.

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