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Surprise – I Almost Got Caught By Brother's Buddies...

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A time of sharing and becoming close to one another…

I’m only seven months older than my stepbrother. I had often seen him naked and he had seen me, in the same way, many times as we grew up together. As we reached our mid-teens, we would both masturbate in our own rooms, privately.

One day, however, I was home from school in my room, naked, lying on my bed masturbating and had forgotten that I hadn’t closed my door. I was in the heat of passion and moaning when my step-brother arrived home. He was standing in my doorway watching me deeply engaged in my moment of pleasure with my eyes shut tight, engrossed in getting myself off.

He came in, closed the door and, not making a sound, he started to get undressed. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there, naked, with his rock-hard cock in hand, stroking it hard and fast.

I said, “What in the world are you doing?” He answered me saying, “The same thing you were, only in my own way!” We both then knew that we masturbated and after that, we would do this in private many, many times, and on a few occasions after getting home from school in the afternoon, and before the folks got home, we would get together in either my room or his to masturbate in front of each other.

We both came to the conclusion that we really enjoyed spending time together and when I went away to college, I got my own apartment with a very private balcony where I could sunbathe in the nude anytime I wanted and not be caught or seen by anyone. Most of my girlfriends would come over quite often to join me on my balcony so they too could also sunbathe in the nude. We gals liked all this total freedom we could enjoy while nude, walking around naked, even spending time on my balcony in the nude, able to sunbathe without anyone coming in or bothering us.

My brother would often visit me in my new apartment to watch my big screen TV where he could stay overnight. We did, however, have a clear understanding that if he were coming over with, others, he would always call before dropping in, especially if he was with his friends to make sure it was okay or to check that it was a good time.

One Saturday in early September, my stepbrother, along with several of his buddies, came over to watch the Nebraska football game being televised that day which they wanted to watch.

We gals were all out on my balcony, naked, soaking up the sun’s rays with the stereo playing, talking, laughing and cutting up as we usually did, I did not hear my phone ring (if it indeed did), so he probably thought I was out with some friends or had gone shopping. The boys all came into the den putting on my TV to watch their game.

The curtains which separated the balcony from the den were closed so it was not possible for us gals to be seen from the den by the guys or for us gals to see them in there either. I got up to go back in and get us some more ice and a freshly-brewed pitcher of tea. I screamed as I opened the sliding glass door seeing my brother standing there and I could hear his buddies inside talking just as I started to open those curtains coming back in totally naked.

He stopped me from coming in naked in front of his buddies and asked me who else was out there with me. I told him and he instructed us all to stay outside while he went to my bedroom getting us some robes to wrap around us so we could get to my bedroom to get dressed.

As we entered, the guys, in amazement simply said, “Hey ya’ll, just stay as you are and we’ll get comfortable also. We can then have some real fun if ya’ll are game - how about it?”

My girlfriends and I were already somewhat aroused by the fact we were almost caught in the first place so we all said, “Why not!” Sandra already had the hots for my brother, Barbara really wanted to get to know Dave, and I’d secretly wanted to spend some time with Steve, so we stayed. As the guys stood up then began to get naked, we removed our robes, letting them just fall to the floor.

We all stood there staring at each other and began to masturbate alone and then quickly moved on to masturbate with each other. In no time flat, we were all moaning and Cumming. This went on for some time as the guys fingered our wet pussies and then gave each of us some great oral, eating our pussies as we gals, in turn, jerked, stroked and sucked their big hard cocks for them.

We all came several times that Saturday when I can say for sure that the guys paid no attention to the game being televised, but they certainly paid a lot of pleasurable attention to us, our boobs and our pussies and in turn, we gals paid some very close and enjoyable attention to the guys’ wonderful cocks. None of us actually fucked, but we really enjoyed the mutual masturbation going on there in my apartment.

That fall, we all got together on several more occasions for repeat performances and we continue, even to this day, to get together for some good clean fun. Dave and Barbara graduated from college and were married shortly afterward in late June 2002, while my brother and Sandra also married a few months after graduating from college.

As for Steve and I, we went our separate ways, each marrying others shortly after we both graduated, but we all remain good and close friends. Even my husband and Steve’s wife have both joined in with our group sessions. The eight of us get together occasionally and have some really great and wonderful times together as a group. 

There has never been any fucking in any of our gatherings, just the fun, and games we all enjoy playing. There has really never been any desire to start screwing each other, outside of our own marriages that is.

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