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Swimming Pool Surprise

A fantasy based on fact
Behind my house I have a 16x32 foot in ground swimming pool.

I planted vegetation around the pool to make it almost totally private so nobody outside the immediate area of the pool can observe what goes on inside the area because I enjoy skinny-dipping ether alone or with females.

One of the things I planted was a muscadine (that’s a wild natural grape, if you don’t know) arbor about 30 feet long along one side of the pool.

In the Summer months the arbor provides total privacy along that side and in the Fall it provides delicious fruit I can eat fresh or make wine or jellies and jam from......or give away to anyone who wants to come and gather the fruits and use it as they desire.

Every December the vines should be cut back to within 4 or 6 inches of the primary limbs of the vines. As a result, until the new vines are fully grown the next season, there are gaps in the foliage that people can see through.

I keep my pool covered during the colder months with what’s called a winter cover. It’s just a large tarp that is black on the bottom side and a different color on the top side. It helps keep debris out of the pool while the pool isn’t being used. That way, the pool pump and filter can be turned off to save on the electric and water bills during the off season.

Now that I’ve covered the basics for people who don’t have pools and may not have known, on to my story about opening my pool recently and the surprise I got.

The winter cover was removed from my pool, the pool cleaned, and the chemicals in the water balanced a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday I decided to, for the first time this season, go skinny-dipping in my pool.

I got naked inside my house, wrapped a large pool towel around myself and went to the pool. I removed the towel and then stuck one foot in the water to see how warm or cold it was, and it was cold, cold, almost frigid cold. So rather than just plunging into the water I chose to be timid (call me a sissy if you want to) and enter the water very slowly…..only by a few inches at a time until my body could withstand, and adjust to, the coldness of the water.

I put my other foot in the few inches of water on the top step at the end of the pool.

Soon, I put both feet on the second step and sat my butt above the steps on the concrete facing that surrounds the pool on all sides.

A minute or so later I put both feet on the bottom step, and put my butt in the water on the top step. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… nutsack almost disappeared up inside me. The water was that cold, and my prick shriveled and almost vanished.

Not wanting to lose my cock, I grasped it before it disappeared and began to stroke it, hoping to make it larger again and warmer. Almost immediately it began to feel better and my pussy-pricker responded by growing to an impressive length and as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar, so I began pleasuring it with one hand while, as most females say they do, playing with my nipples, which had become quite rigid, with the other hand.

I was immensely enjoying myself in what I thought was my privacy when I heard a gasp and some groaning and moaning from somewhere close by.

I looked around to try to determine where the sounds had come from, and who had made them.

Finally, when I looked through a small opening through the growing leaves of my muscadine arbor I saw her.

It was Heather, my next door neighbor. She isn’t what you might say is lovely, but she has kept her body in good shape. She’s slim, and she seems to have nice relatively small tits from what I’ve been able to see of her.

Several times in the past, through their bedroom window I had seen Tim, her husband, and Heather enjoying sex with one another

Heather has been married to Tim for many years, but they have no children. They have had many dogs over the years that they treated as their children. When the dogs died Heather and Tim buried them in their back yard just across the fence that separates their property from mine. It’s like a pet cemetery that they keep well maintained.

She was as naked as the day she was born, and when she saw me looking at her she winked and gave me a quick “high five” before feverishly continuing to pleasure herself.

She was stretched out on a lounge chair, obviously knowing that I was watching her, twitching her nipples, fingering her snatch, working on her clit, and moaning and groaning in ecstasy…..perhaps for my enjoyment as well as hers.

Should I attempt to become better acquainted with Heather and perhaps join her in jacking and jilling sessions?

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